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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 60

The Instrumentalist

August 2005-July 2006, vol. 60

Interviews and Profiles
Adapt and Survive With Any Schedule, An Interview with Brian Anderson by John Thomson (1/06, p. 18)
A Band As Big As Texas, An Interview with Anthony Gibson (6/06, p. 18)
Better Music Every Year, An Interview with Greg Snyder by James M. Rohner (7/06, p. 19)
Born to Play the Trumpet, An Interview with Rolf Smedvig by Dan Blaufuss (1/06, p 12)
A Career Filled with Laughter, An Interview with Trevor Wye by Victoria Jicha (4/06, p. 31)
A Conversation with Quincy Hilliard, An Interview by John Thomson (9/05, p. 14)
Different Drummer, A Profile of Composer Daniel Bukvich by James McCrann (3/06, p. 38)
Dreams Come True Under Pensacola Stars (7/06, p. 26)
From Band to Strings, An Interview with Roger Rocco by Dan Blaufuss (11/05, p. 13)
Ilya Kaler: Premier Violinist and Teacher by Elaine Fine (5/06, p. 26)
John Locke, A Profile by David Kish (3/06, p. 22)
Persistent Curiosity, An Interview with Walter Hartley by Laurence Marks (2/06, p. 36)
Alfred Reed Remembered (11/05, p. 70)
Students Are Everything, An Interview with Roy Holder by John Thomson (4/06, p. 20)
Tips on Teaching Middle School, An Interview with Charles Jackson and Erin Cole by Scott Stewart (8/05, p. 13)
Warm Summer Nights with the Lawrence City Band by Dan Blaufuss (6/06, p. 34)

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Brahms and Buehlman, A Conductor’s Analysis of “Blessed Are They” (5/06, p. 32)
A Conducting Analysis of Eric Whitacre’s October by Rob Franzblau (9/05, p. 26)
Everyone Loves a March by Victor Bordo (9/05, p. 32)
Joseph Willcox Jenkins’s American Overture for Band by Mark Fonder (12/05, p. 30)
Mozart’s Inspiring Works for Chamber Winds by Vincent Rufino (8/05, p. 22)
Music for Band and Choir by W. David Richardson (3/06, p. 26)
Ways to Fix Poor Conducting Habits by Michael Doty (6/06, p. 30)

Articles on Teaching Music
Adjust, Embellish, and Delete, How One Band Wrote Its Own Music by J. Franklin Horn (1/06, p. 22)
By the Book: What to Include in a Student Handbook by Anthony Pursell (5/06, p. 16)
Defining Success for High School Directors by Russel Mikkelson (3/06, p. 17)
Don’t Try to Fix Everything by Marshall Forrester (11/05, p. 30)
Educational Trends change Every 10 Years by Charles R. Groeling (10/05, p. 26)
Finding Success in the First Year of Teaching by Elizabeth Peterson (10/05, p. 20)
In Praise of Scales by Eileen Mayer Russell (5/06, p. 42)
Keep Selling the Program by Barbara Lambrecht (2/06, p. 12)
Life in a Small School by Jeffrey Wenz (1/06, p. 44)
Making the Best of School Mandates by Darin Schmidt (2/06, p. 16)
Middle School Tips: The Rehearsal Begins at the Door by Barbara Lambrecht (11/05, p. 36); The First Concert by Heather Pettit-Johnson (12/05, p. 96); The Hunt For Great Music by Erin Cole (1/06, p. 72); Changing the Concert Mix by Heather Pettit-Johnson (2/06, p. 62); Festival Preparation by Erin Cole (3/06, p. 88); Right from the Begin-ning by James Shaw (4/06, p. 64); Daily Rudiments by Joseph D’Alican-dro (5/06, p. 62); Seating Without Stress by Randy Kulik (6/06, p. 64)
One Year Later, Reflections of a First-Year Teacher by Eddie Briskey (4/06, p. 26)
The Reasons Behind the Rules in Student Handbooks (5/06, p. 19)
Selected List of String Methods by Shirley Strohm Mullins (12/05, p. 38)
Sightreading with a Purpose by James Shaw (1/06, p. 30)
Start Practicing for the College-Bound by Merrie Siegel (12/05, p. 70)
Tips for Making Better Recordings by Ross Walter (9/05, p. 22)
Warm-up Objectives by W. Harry Clarke (12/05, p. 26)
Ways to Fix Poor Conducting Habits by Michael Doty (6/06, p. 30)

Woodwind Articles
Piccolo Pointers by Nan Raphael (9/05, p. 52)
Scoring Parts for Contra Clarinets by Dan Blaufuss (4/06, p. 44)
Sticks, Swabs, and Piccolo Bores by Cynthia Ellis (6/06, p. 56)
Teaching Oboe by Bennett Reimer (2/06, p. 44)

Brass Articles
Fingering Choices with a Double Horn by Gary L. Reeves (11/05, p. 46)
Horn Transposition by Gayle Chesbro (5/06, p. 38)
In Praise of Scales by Eileen Mayer Russell (5/06, p. 42)
Weighty Matters for Low Brass by Thomas Bough (6/06, p. 54)

Percussion Articles
Consistent Drum Set Notation by Fred Selvaggio (6/06, p. 40)
Let Bach Be Your Guide by Eric Renick (2/06, p. 25)
The Marching Band Drum Section by John P. Noonan (9/05, p. 84)
Middle School Tips, Daily Rudiments by Joseph D’Alicandro (5/06, p. 62)
Percussion on a Budget by Gene Fambrough (1/06, p. 36)
Percussion Tips for Better Sound by Gene Fambrough (4/06, p. 36)
Snare Comes First by Murray Houllif (12/05, p. 48)

Orchestra and String Articles
The Basics of Walking Bass by Gordon R. Lewis (5/06, p. 44)
Choosing Strings for Student Instruments by Burke Sorenson (11/05, p. 42)
Selected List of String Methods by Shirley S. Mullins (12/05, p. 38)

Jazz Articles
The Basics of Walking Bass by Gordon R. Lewis (5/06, p. 44)
Jazz Sound Begins with the Setup by Bob Lark (7/06, p. 34)

Marching Articles
Adjusting the Balance of Marching
Bass Drums by Gene Fambrough (7/06, p. 40)
The Marching Band Drum Section by John P. Noonan (9/05, p. 84)
A Marching Postmortem by Mark Hosler (11/05, p. 24)
On the Field with Greg Bimm and Patrick Dunnigan (10/05, p. 100)
Pitfalls in Hiring a Marching Arranger by Thomas Bough (8/05, p. 50)

Miscellaneous Articles
2005 Directory of Music Schools (10/05, p. 59)
2005 Survey of School Budgets (8/05, p. 32)
2006 Guide to Camps and Clinics (3/06, p. 56)
The Band that Paynter Built, The Northshore Concert Band Turns 50 by Dennis Montgomery (1/06, p. 38)
The Best Fundraisers (10/05, p. 14)
The Boston Pops – An American Tradition by Arthur Fiedler (12/05, p. 91)
A Chance Meeting With Kevin Mixon by Dan Dietrich (7/06, p. 44)
Check Out Instruments Before School Starts by Ronald Saska (8/05, p. 42)
Choosing a Music School by Steve Peterson and John Lychner (10/05, p. 56)
The Dangers of Loud Music by Bradford Meyerdierks (11/05, p. 17)
Enduring Memories (4/06, p. 60)
Everyone Loves a March by Victor Bordo (9/05, p. 32)
Famous Composers, Then and Now (2/06, p. 64)
Going to the Show, Four Directors Get Ready for Chicago (12/05, p. 16)
Holiday Reading by Linda Hartley and Eric Wiltshire (12/05, p. 58)
Lessons from My Father by Joseph Alessi (4/06, p. 50)
Life of Reely, Lost in Chicago by Trey Reely (12/05, p. 93); Spell Check (1/06, p. 69); Fear Factor (3/06, p. 8); An Arkansas Legend (4/06, p. 6); Independence Day (5/06, p. 8); Graduation Day (6/06, p. 8); Lies My Students Tell (7/06, p. 72)
Long Island Sound by Alfred Stuart Townsend (3/06, p. 34)
Love Bein’ Here With You by Ron Modell (8/05, p. 64); (9/05, p. 88); (10/05, p. 102); (11/05, p. 79); (12/05, p. 95); (1/06, p. 70); (2/06, p. 60); (3/06, p. 86); (4/06, p. 62); (5/06, p. 63); (6/06, p. 62); (7/06, p. 72)
More Award Winners (5/06, p. 48)
Mozart’s Inspiring Works for Chamber Winds by Vincent J. Rufino (8/05, p. 22)
My Favorite Websites by Christopher Knighten (2/06, p. 32)
Ojoi Music Festival, 60 Years of Music in Southern California (6/06, p. 60)
Photo Gallery: From Growing Cane to Finished Reeds (12/05, p. 88)
Reviewers Choices Revisited, Top-Rated New Music Reviews (1983-2005) for Concert Band Grades 5-6 (9/05, p. 38); Jazz Band Grades 5-6 (10/05, p. 31)
A Sousa Statue at Last by Kenneth Force (1/06, p. 42)
Steer Clear of Legal Tangles by John Dayton and David Kish (9/05, p. 77)

Personal Perspectives
A Solo, But Not Alone by Benjamin Godfrey (11/05, p. 80)
Concert Choices by Gregory B. Rudgers (9/05, p. 87)
My Wonderful Parents by Kendall Feeney (5/06, p. 64)
Not the Fans I Expected by Joshua DiStefano (10/05, p. 104)

Notes from Northfield
In the Service of Freedom by James M. Rohner (10/05, p. 4)
Insight in an Instant by James M. Rohner (11/05, p. 4)
The Magic of Midwest by James M. Rohner (12/05, p. 4)
Memories in Every Box by Dan Blaufuss (5/06, p. 4)
Missing New Orleans by James M. Rohner (4/06, p. 4)
No Clarinetist Left Behind by Nancy Marzec (9/05, p. 4)
Olympic Flame Brightens the Winter by James M. Rohner (2/06, p. 4)
Radio Days by John Knight (1/06, p. 4)
Remembering Mr. Brandon by John Knight (3/06, p. 4)
Two 60th Anniversaries by Dan Blaufuss (8/05, p. 2)
A Triumph of Teamwork by James T. Rohner (6/06, p. 4)
Wisdom From Down the Trail by Barbara Lambrecht (7/06, p. 4)

Author Index
Alessi, Joseph, Apr./50 (X)
Bimm, Greg, Oct./100 (M)
Blaufuss, Dan, Aug./4 (N); Nov./13 (I); Jan./12 (I); Apr./44 (W); May/4 (N); June/34 (I)
Bordo, Victor, Sept./32 (C, X)
Bough, Thomas, Aug./50 (M); June/54 (B)
Briskey, Eddie, Apr./26 (E)
Chesbro, Gayle, May/38 (B)
Clarke, W. Harry, Dec./26 (E)
Cole, Erin, Jan./72 (E); Mar./88 (E)
Dayton, John, Sept./77 (X)
D’Alicandro, Joseph, May/62 (E, P)
Dietrich, Dan, July/44 (X)
DiStefano, Joshua, Oct./104 (PP)
Doty, Michael, June/30 (C, E)
Dunningan, Patrick, Oct./100 (M)
Ellis, Cynthia, June/56 (W)
Fambrough, G., Jan./36 (P); Apr./ 36 (P); July/40 (M)
Feeney, Kendall, May/64 (PP)
Fine, Elaine, May/26 (I)
Fonder, Mark, Dec./30 (C); May/32 (C)
Force, Kenneth, Jan./42 (X)
Forrester, Marshall, Nov./30 (E)
Franzblau, Rob, Sept./26 (C)
Godfrey, Benjamin, Nov./80 (PP)
Groeling, Charles R., Oct./26 (E)
Hartley, Linda, Dec./58 (X)
Horn, J. Franklin, Jan./22 (E)
Hosler, Mark, Nov./24 (M)
Houllif, Murray, Dec./48 (P)
Jicha, Victoria, Apr./31 (I)
Kish, David, Sept./77 (X); Mar./22 (I)
Knight, John, Jan./4 (N); Mar./4 (N)
Knighten, Christopher, Feb./32 (X)
Kulik, Randy, June/64 (E)
Lambrecht, Barbara, Nov./36 (E); Feb./12 (E); July/4 (N)
Lark, Bob, July/34 (J)
Lewis, Gordon R.,May/44 (J, O)
Lychner, John, Oct./56 (X)
Marks, Laurence, Feb./36 (I)
Marzek, Nancy, Sept./4 (N)
McCrann, James, Mar./38 (I)
Meyerdierks, Bradford, Nov./17 (X)
Mikkelson, Russel, Mar./17 (E)
Modell, Ron, Aug./64 (X); Sept./88 (X); Oct./102 (X); Nov./79 (X); Dec./95 (X); Jan./70 (X); Feb./60 (X); Mar./86 (X); Apr./62 (X); May/63 (X); June/62 (X); July/71 (X)
Montgomery, Dennis, Jan./38 (X)
Mullins, Shirley S., Dec./38 (E, O)
Noonan, John P., Sept./84 (M, P)
Peterson, Elizabeth, Oct./20 (E)
Peterson, Steve, Oct./56 (X)
Pettit-Johnson, Heather, Feb./62 (E); Dec./96 (E)
Pursell, Anthony, May/16 (E)
Raphael, Nan, Sept./52 (W)
Reely, Trey, Dec./93 (X); Jan./69 (X); Mar./8 (X); Apr./6 (X); May/8 (X); June/8 (X); July/72 (X)
Reeves, Gary L., Nov./46 (B)
Reimer, Bennett, Feb./44 (W)
Renick, Eric, Feb./25 (P)
Richardson, W. David, Mar./26 (C)
Rohner, James M., Oct./4 (N), Nov./4 (N); Dec./4 (N); Feb./4 (N); Apr./4 (N); July/19 (I)
Rohner, James T., June/4 (N)
Rufino, Vincent J., Aug./22 (C, X)
Rudgers, Gregory B., Sept./87 (PP)
Russell, Eileen Meyer, May/42 (B, E)
Saska, Ronald, Aug./42 (X)
Schmidt, Darin, Feb./16 (E)
Selvaggio, Fred, June/40 (P)
Shaw, James, Jan./30 (E); Apr./64 (E)
Siegel, Merrie, Dec./70 (E)
Sorenson, Burke, Nov./42 (O)
Stewart, Scott, Aug./13 (I)
Thomson, John, Sept./14 (I); Jan./18 (I); Apr./20 (I)
Townsend, Alfred Stuart, Mar./34 (X)
Walter, Ross, Sept./22 (E)
Wenz, Jeffrey, Jan./44 (E)
Wiltshire, Eric, Dec./58 (X)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
PP = Personal Perspective
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles