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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 52

The Instrumentalist

August 1997-July 1998, vol. 52

Interviews and Profiles
Beyond the Wind Ensemble, An Interview with Donald Hunsberger/Catherine Sell Lenzini, May, p. 12.
The Bottom Line of the Chicago Symphony, An Interview with Principal Bassist Joseph Guastfeste/Anne Mischakoff, June, p. 12.
Building Trust with Students, An Interview with James Hile/Catherine Sell Lenzini, April, p. 12.
Creating History with New Repertoire, An Interview with Gary Green/Salvatore Terrasi, Jan., p. 14
Directing Middle School Orchestras, An Interview with Terry Shade/Ray Moyer, August, p. 12.
Enthusiasm is Indispensable, An Interview with Jerry Hoover/ Salvatore Terrasi, October, p. 12.
The Legacy of Charles Ives/Frank Battisti, February, p. 68.
Lively Rehearsals with Larry Livingston/Catherine Lenzini, Feb., p. 16.
Music Worthy of Mozart, An Interview with Robert W. Smith/John Thomson and Catherine Sell Lenzini, December, p. 20.
On the Nuances of Teaching, An Interview with Bradley Garner/Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Sept., p. 18.
Percussion Virtuoso Evelyn Glennie/Frank Battisti, September, p. 34.
Putting Your Heart on the Stand, A Conversation with David Holsinger/Heather Pettit, April, p. 30.
Remembering Dizzy Gillespie/Grover Sales, March, p. 16.
The Spiritual Side of Conducting, An Interview with John Knight/Stuart Ling, March, p. 12.

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Beyond the Printed Page, Implied Dynamics for Student Ensembles/Doug Overmier, July, p. 16.
The Circus Music Tradition/Robert Foster, June, p. 42.
David Holsinger’s Hymnsong, An Interpretive Analysis of a Grade 3 Composition for Band/Deborah Sheldon, April, p. 24.
Discovering a Treasure of 160 Nelhybel Works/Peter Boonshaft, Jan., p. 68.
Elgar’s Majestic, Lyrical “Nimrod,” An Analysis of Alfred Reed’s Arrangement for Band/John Knight, July, p. 38.
Everyone Loves a March/Robert Foster, August, p. 80.
Experiments in Band Seating/Harry Begian, December, p. 65.
Getting to Know the Score/Jerry F. Junkin, May, p. 44.
Great Concert Openers/Robert Foster, May, p. 65.
Great Symphonies for Band/Robert Foster, April, p. 46.
A Lamb Among Lions, The Conducting Style of Dimitri Mitropoulos/John Knight, December, p. 27.
Learning the Art of Conducting/John Knight, January, p. 18.
Mark Sparingly but Smartly, How to Notate a Score/Robert Garofalo, May, p. 46.
Morton Gould’s Mini Suite, A Performance Analysis/James C. Ripley, January, p. 27.
The Musical Subtleties in Brahms Symphony #1/Gunther Schuller, March, p. 32.
Nourishing the Heart and Soul/Robert Foster, October, p. 112.
Playing Expressively with Careful Phrasing/Michael Burch-Pesses, April, p. 34.
Refining the Preparatory Beat, A Conducting Analysis of Selected Band Repertoire/John Knight, May, p.18.
Rehearsal Traps/William Kenny, February, p. 13.
Rehearsing Efficiently/W. Francis McBeth, August, p. 40.
Scenes from the Louvre, A Performance Analysis of Dello Joio’s Grade 4 Work for Band/John Wojcik, February, p. 46.
Shostakovich’s Fifth for Band and Orchestra/Stuart Stone, Nov., p. 30.
Simple Tips for Rehearsals/Kenneth Laudermilch, March, p. 28.
Standards for Judging Young Band Music/John O’Reilly and Mark Williams, July, p. 12.
Strauss’s Lyrical Allerseelen, An Analysis of the Grade 3 Work for Band/Stuart A. Stone, May, p. 32.
Structuring Rehearsals at Middle Schools/J. Terry Stewart, Nov., p. 46.
Top Ten Tips for New Directors/Miller Asbill and Jeff Scott, Sept., p. 12.
A Wondrous Array of Musical Suites/Robert Foster, December, p. 52.

Articles on Teaching Music
Anticipating the Accompanist/Brenda Hines, February, p. 92.
Ear Training Through Games and Exercises/John Piper, Dec, p. 84.
Habits for Success, Effectiveness On and Off the Podium/Charles T. Menghini, November, p. 12.
How to Influence People While Teaching Music/Charles T. Menghini, June, p. 18.
Starting a Teaching Studio/Martha Beth Lewis, May, p. 81.
Test Flight Results for Block Schedules, December, p. 12.
A Time Line for Soliciting Funds/Marcus Neiman, August, p. 50.
Top Ten Tips for New Directors/Miller Asbill and Jeff Scott, Sept., p. 12.

Woodwind Articles
Alternate Piccolo Fingerings/Jan Gippo, April, p. 52.
Basics for Beginning Bassoonists/Robert Barris and Michael Jampole, September, p. 28.
Basics for Beginning Clarinetists/Larry Combs and Victor Bordo, Aug., p. 34.
The Basics of Playing Oboe/Grover Schiltz and Kimme Katz, Oct., p. 28.,
Clarinet Hand Technique/Carola Winkle, July, p. 46.
Developing Clarinet Technique with Chamber Ensemble Literature/Carola Winkle, September, p. 58.
The E Flat Contra-Alto Clarinet, Misunderstood and Overlooked/Brian D. Jones, May, p. 60.
Four Instruments, One Sound, Developing Ensemble Skills in Saxophone Sections/Anjan Shah, Nov., p. 62.
Grainger, Persichetti, and the Piccolo/Scott Graddy, April, p. 50.
Of Oboes and Reeds/Kathryn Frost, January, p. 58.
On the Nuances of Teaching, An Interview with Bradley Garner/Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Sept., p. 18.
Saxophone Articulations/Keith R. Young, September, p. 48.
Solutions for Clarinet Sections/Christopher Hite, October, p. 40.
Some Common Adjustments for Better Sax Sections/J. Terry Stewart, April, p. 40.
Switching to Lower Saxes/Jackie Lamar and Robert (Trey) Reely, Nov., p. 56.
Troublesome Saxophone Parts/Jeremy Brown, June, p. 26.
Vibrato for Flute Beginners/Joseph Bonner, January, p. 42

Brass Articles
Beautiful Brass Sounds with Many Embouchures/Roger Rocco, September, p. 6
Beginning Trombonists with Good Basic Skills/Charles Vernon and Gail Wilson, November, p. 26.
Cornet Lessons for Beginners/Steven Orcutt and Forrest L. Buchtel, March, p. 26.
Developing the Upper Trumpet Register/Michael Brown, Sept., p. 42.
Introducing Students to the Bass Trombone/David Wilborn, Aug., p. 54.

Percussion Articles
Percussion Virtuoso Evelyn Glennie/Frank Battisti, September, p. 34.
The 17-Minute Timpani Warm-Up/Jonathan Haas, October, p. 16.
Solos for Snare Drummers/Robert Grifa, January, p. 50.
Timpani Techniques for High School Students/John Rack, Feb., p. 60.

Orchestra and String Articles
The Basics of Teaching Beginning Bass Students/Alvin Mistak and Michael Hovnanian, December, p. 44.
The Bottom Line of the Chicago Symphony, An Interview with Principal Bassist Joseph Guastafeste/Anne Mischakoff, June, p. 12.
Directing Middle School Orchestras, An Interview with Terry Shade/Ray Moyer, August, p. 12.
Starting Young Cellists with Good Basic Techniques/Shirley Strohm Mullins and Richard Hirschl, Jan., p. 34.
The String Works of Bacewicz/Tyrone Greive, April, p. 58.
Teaching Bowing Adjustments/James Kjelland, May, p. 36.

Jazz Articles
Adding Bassoons to Jazz Bands/Malcolm Crawford, December, p. 58.
Count-Offs Set the Groove/Antonio J. Garcia, November, p. 16.
Gems of the Jazz Repertoire/compiled by Catherine Sell Lenzini, July, p. 24.
Remembering Dizzy Gillespie/Grover Sales, March, p. 16.
The Top Ten Mistakes in Jazz Performances/Jeff Jarvis, April, p. 17.

Marching Band Articles
Alternative Parade Turns/A.R. Casavant, September, p. 102.
Marching Band Rehearsal Techniques, August, p. 24.
Simplicity in Marching for Inexperienced Bands/Patrick Dunnigan, June, p. 50.

Miscellaneous Articles
1997 Directory of Music Schools, October, p. 58.
Survey of School Music Budgets, August, p. 16.
Summer Camp Directory, March, p. 76.
2001: A Band Odyssey/Robert Reely, December, p. 93.
Alternate Careers with a Music Degree, October, p. 50.
Bandroom Hazards/T. Reely, May, p. 93.
A Beginning Band with Only Adults, It’s Never Too Late to Start/Curt Jantzen, June, p. 62.
Cures for Performance Nerves/Steve Pierson, March, p. 62.
From West Texas to Red Square/Richard Lambrecht, March, p. 48.
Georg Solti (1912-1997), Oct., p. 34.
The Joys of Teaching in Small Schools/Shirley Mullins, May, p. 26.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, Sept., p. 105.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, Dec, p. 87.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, Apr., p. 93.
Memories of Music Camp, March, p. 70.
National School Orchestra Association (1958-1998), June, p. 78.
Preview of the 1997 Midwest Clinic, December, p. 34.
What’s New in the Music Industry, February, p. 24.

Idea Exchanges
Classes Should Teach Basic Repair Skills/Robert Ambs, March, p. 100.
Expanding Marching Camp to Include the Strings/Kirk Moss, April, p. 101.
The First Steps To Reading Music/Eric Ruyle, December, p. 92.
Making a Recruiting Video/Joseph Phillips, May, p. 70.
Preparing for Competitions/Buddy Baker, January, p. 65.
Sight-Reading with a Plan/James C. Ripley, November, p. 91.

Personal Perspectives
Articles that Inspire/Robert Reely, September, p. 112.
A Call for Change at N.B.A., February, p. 96.
Everyone Loves a March/Robert Foster, August, p. 80.
Gaining Some Perspective When the Contest is Over/Trey Reely, June, p. 80.
Learned Through Experience/Susan Antonetti, July, p. 112.
Lessons from Hemingway, The Eloquence of Simplicity/John Knight, April, p. 104.
Music After High School/Robert Spradling and Frank Tracz, May, p. 96.
Nourishing the Heart and Soul/Robert Foster, October, p. 112.
Of Colleges and Jobs/George Seltzer, November, p. 96.
The Path to Progress for College Strings/Dean Angeles, Mar., p. 116.
Television Discovers Music/Robert B. Morrison, January, p. 96.
Tempo Isn’t Everything/Himie Voxman, December, p. 96.

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B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
IE = Idea Exchange
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
PP = Personal Perspective
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles