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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 49

The Instrumentalist

August 1994-July 1995, vol. 49

Interviews and Profiles
At the Pinnacle of Jazz, Interview with Rufus Reid/Lou Fischer, March, p. 32.
Composing Music to Inspire Students, An Interview with Edmund Siennicki/John Brzozowski, July, p. 15.
Curnow on Composing, An Interview with James Curnow/Bruce Moss, April, p. 10.
Exploring the Full Range of Bands and Beethoven, An Interview with Col. John R. Bourgeois/Harvey Phillips, February, p. 12.
For the Love of Jazz, An Interview with Ron Modell/Antonio J. García, August, p. 10.
Good Balance Begins in the Fifth Grade, An Interview with Steven Taylor/Stuart J. Ling, May, p. 21.
Goodbye Oompah, A Profile of Harvey Phillips/Whitney Balliett, August, p. 36.
Lorin Maazel on Orchestras and Music Education/Catherine Sell, November, p. 16.
Morton Gould Reflects, From A.S.C.A.P. to American Salute/Harvey Phillips, January, p. 29.
Nuances of Horn Playing, An Interview with William Purvis/ Heather Pettit, October, p. 30.
Of Conducting and Composing, An Interview with Timothy Mahr/John Thomson, March, p. 10.
The One and Only Louis Armstrong/Hugues Panassié,November, p. 49.
A Profile of Marin Alsop/Judith Wyatt, April, p. 54.
Projecting Sound and Spirit, An Interview with Paula Robison/Kathleen Goll-Wilson, January, p. 10.
The Road That Never Ends/Lynn Harrell, December, p. 18.
The Sound Comes Before Concern for the Notes, An Interview with Howie Smith/Stuart J. Ling, Dec., p. 20.
Trombone Tips from Bill Watrous/ Harvey Phillips, September, p. 18.
Trumpet Artistry and Expression, An Interview with Raymond Crisara/ Alan Hood, June, p. 14.

Analyses and Conducting Articles
The Conducting Challenges of Persichetti’s Symphony/Jeffrey Renshaw, June, p. 18.
Conducting Marches with Flair and Accuracy/Harry Begian, Sept., p. 26.
Conflict and Passion in Morton Gould’s Jericho, An Interpretive Analysis/Arnald D. Gabriel, January, p. 24.
Enchanting Sea Songs, An Interpretive Analysis/Barry Kopetz, Dec., p. 30.
The Essence of Musical Style/Jay Friedman, May, p. 12.
Exploring Holst’s Planets with Adrian Boult/John Knight, Nov., p. 24.
Interpreting William Latham’s Three Chorale Preludes/Barry Kopetz, September, p. 36.
Lessons in Conducting from Wilhelm Furtwängler/John Knight, Ap., p. 28.
Practical Alternatives in Learning New Scores/Jeffrey Renshaw and Peter Kaminsky, October, p. 12.
Shades of Silence/Stephen Rhodes, April, p. 44.
Vaughan Williams’ Rhosymedre, An Interpretive Analysis/Barry Kopetz, July, p. 19.

Teaching Music
Alternative Seating Solutions/Robert M. Gifford, April, p. 16.
The Benefits and Perils of Spring Contests/James Rohner, March, p. 16.
Changing Seating to Suit the Music/Robert Curry, December, p. 56.
Concerts on the Capitol Steps/ Richard Feinberg, November, p. 30.
Conveying Messages That Inspire Action/Shirley Strohm Mullins, February, p. 25.
Covering the Parts with Good Substitutions/Clayton Browne, May, p. 38.
Creative Recruiting of Future Musicians/Randy Navarre, May, p. 30.
The Creative World/W. Francis McBeth, November, p. 12.
The Foundation for Improvisation/Richard Corpolongo, February, p. 60.
Fundraising for Fun and Very Large Profits/James Rohner, December, p. 12.
Giving Students Conducting Lessons/Robert Reely, January, p. 76.
Growing Excellence in Band Literature/Frank Battisti, February, p. 16.
Learn from Others and Focus on Fundamentals/James Knight, June, p. 10.
Making Scales Mandatory/Victor Bordo, August, p. 50.
Many Method Books for Beginning Bands/Mark Ely and Amy Stowers, July, p. 28.
Moving Beyond Basic Improvisation/Richard Corpolongo, May, p. 46.
Spontaneity Beats Boredom/Thomas Evans, March, p. 26.
Teaching Musicality with Rhythm/ Peter Gries, August, p. 25.
Three Views of Setting Tempos/John Knight, Stephen Chenette, and Bar- bara Prentice, January, p. 52.
Tracking the Trends of Marching Bands/ Catherine Sell, October, p. 18.
Tracking the Trends of Marching Bands/ Catherine Sell, September, p. 10.

Woodwind Articles
Bassoon Tonguing Techniques/ William Dietz, April, p. 93.
Clarinet Reeds and Diving Boards/Kirt Saville, January, p. 34.
Nuances of Woodwind Intonation and Adjustments/Robert Rawlins, February, p. 30.
The Secret of Sax Playing/Arthur Hegvik, January, p. 72.
Strengthening Exercises for Woodwind Players/Robert Barris, Nov., p. 36.
Troublesome Oboe Fingerings/Howard Niblock, September, p. 50.
Vibrato Then and Now/Norman C. Chapman, April, p. 48.
Warming Up to Cool Down/Michel Debost, September, p. 108.

Brass Articles
Auditions and Techniques for Future Trumpet Majors/Kenneth Laudermilch, December, p. 38.
Becoming A Professional/Michael Meckna, July, p. 10.
The Heldenleben Horn Passages/Philip Farkas, November, p. 42.
Rediscovering the Alto Trombone/Joel Elias, October, p. 50.
Selected Music for Brass Choirs/ Michael Brown, January, p. 44.
Singing Brass Tones, Ignoring the Mechanics/Roger Rocco, January, p. 16.

Percussion Articles
Advice for Future College Drummers/ Steve Houghton, April, p. 36.
Challenging Percussionists/Bruce Dalby, September, p. 56.
Unusual Cymbal Effects/Dave Black and Mitchell Peters, June, p. 40.

String Articles
Calisthenics for String Players/G. Jean Smith, August, p. 54.
Getting a Jump on Advanced String Techniques/Sally O’Reilly, Oct., p. 36.
A Guide to Violin Accessories/Jan Karon & Tyrone Grieve, May, p.52.
The One-Sided Habit/Brenda Hines, February, p. 77.
Selecting Literature for String Ensem bles/John Gilbert, June, p. 32.

Miscellaneous Articles
Advances in Electronic Instruments/Bruce Mahin, September, p. 62.
Buffalo Bill’s Band/William Masterson,March, p. 42.
Buyer’s Guide, July, p. 49.
Frank Hetherington Photo Gallery, December, p. 61.
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery, August, p. 31.
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery, September, p. 75.
The Language of Band/Robert Reely, March, p. 86.
Louis Armstrong Photo Gallery, November, p. 57.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, April, p. 89.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, May, p. 73.
Marching Handbook for Students/Thomas P. Rohrer, August, p. 78.
Memories of Music Camp, March, p. 50.
Milt Hinton Photo Gallery, June, p. 57.
Milt Hinton Photo Gallery, March, p. 89.
Murphy’s Law Applies to Music/Robert Reely, September, p. 94.
1994 Directory of Music Schools, October, p. 74.
1994 Survey of School Music Budgets,August, p. 16.
1995 Directory of Summer Camps, March, p. 52.
On Becoming a Music Major, Oct., p. 72.
The Stories Behind Popular Songs/ Louis Schafer, October, p. 108.
What’s New in the Music Industry, February, p. 34.

Musical Stories
A Carnival Backstage, June, p. 8; The Dragon and Tennille, December, p. 4; History from the Basement, May, p. 72; Leaving It In, January, p. 4; Piano Jazz, April, p. 87; The Rich and Kindly, June, p. 8; Rich in Patience, January, p. 4; Turn Right at the Tuba, December, p. 4.

Personal Perspectives
Accentuating the Negative, Frustrations with Contest Judges/Debra Haney, June, p. 64.
A Conductor is Born at Friday-Night Football/John Dulaney, April, p. 96.
The Contribution of Bands During World War II/Robert E. Foster, No- vember, p. 80.
Extending the Influence of Community Bands/Paul Lawrence, Jan., p. 80.
Gaining on a Grammy/Geoff Carlton, March, p. 96.
The Goodness in Music/Robert Weirich, July, p. 80.
Of Students and Contests/Karol Howard, February, p. 80.
On Grammy Awards for Bands/Geoff Carlton, September, p. 112.
On the Shoulders of Giants/Todd Hollis, May, p. 80.
Shaping Lessons to Motivate Students/ Jerry Young, December, p. 80.
Unexpected Lessons for a College Teacher/Louis Menchaca, Oct., p. 112.
A Walk on the Administrative Side/Sharon Doyle, August, p. 80.

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