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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 47

The Instrumentalist

August 1992-July 1993, vol. 47

Interviews and Profiles
The Art of Simplicity, An Interview with Isaac Stern/Anne Mischakoff, April, p. 12.
The Artistry of Bob Mintzer/Robert Laber, May, p. 32.
Closet Jazznik, An Interview with Charles Russo/John Swallow, November, p. 18.
Doubling Up on Success/Donald E. McGinnis, October, p. 28.
Drumming with Distinction, Von Ohlen Keeps Rollin’/Heather Pettit, July, p. 15.
The Elements of Artistry/Gunther Schuller, December, p. 19.
Grainger’s Lost Letters on Lincolnshire Posy/Mark Grauer, August p. 12.
Interpretation: Unlocking the Drama in Music/W. Francis McBeth, December, p. 14.
The King of Brass Music, An Interview with Robert King/Frank Battisti, February, p. 22.
Mind Over Metal/Arnold Jacobs, October, p. 14.
The Musical Adventures of Karl Haas/Anne Mischakoff, December, p.22.
Musician from Prague, An Interview with Karel Husa/Harvey Phillips, September, p. 28.
Of Slides, Sinatra, and Trombone Technique/Joseph Alessi, February, p. 12.
Pursuing a Career as a Horn Soloist, An Interview with Hermann Baumann/Heather Pettit, March, p. 21.
Ray Anthony: Sailing Against the Tide/Robert Laber, Sept., p. 34.
Vincent Persichetti Remembered: Music from Gracious to Gritty/
Donald Morris and Jean Oelrich, November, p. 30.
The Voxman Method/Shirley Strohm Mullins, June, p. 17.

An Analysis of Chance’s Incantation and Dance/Barry Kopetz, October, p. 34.
Conducting Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony/Orcenith Smith, January, p. 28.
Conducting Warren Benson’s The Leaves Are Falling/Jeffrey Renshaw, March, p. 30.
Conducting with Eloquence, An Interview with Harry Begian/Barbara Favorito, April, p. 22.
Contrasts in Conducting Strings and Winds, An Interview with Arnald Gabriel/
Barbara Favorito, January, p. 12.
Interpreting Sibelius’ Finlandia/Orcenith Smith, July, p. 24.
Lessons in Interpretation from Bruno Walter/John Knight, March, p. 16.
Remembering How Grainger Conducted Lincolnshire Posy/Harry Begian, August, p. 17.

Teaching/Music Education
The Administrative Side of Music Ed./Richard Coulter, May, p. 15.
The Benefits of Marching Camp/Kim Trytten, June, p. 23.
The Challenges of Grade Three Music/Quincy Hilliard, May, p. 24.
Concentrate on the Sound/Roger Rocco, March, p. 12.
Coping with Stress/Barbara Prentice, January, p. 37.
Cultivating Young Directors to Preserve the Profession/John R. Bourgeois, October, p. 48.
Encouraging Good Behavior/George L. Rogers, April, p. 19.
Entering the Wilderness, No Place to Hide/James M. Rohner, October, p. 18.
Excellence Over Entertainment, An Interview with Edward S. Lisk/James M. Rohner, June, p. 10.
Forestalling Budget Problems/John Benham, November, p. 12.
Grading the Teacher/Max Dalby, April, p. 53.
Improving Young Bands/Stephen Shoop, November, p. 44.
The Legacy of Leaders with Vision/Frank Battisti, January, p. 18.
The Quest for Intonation/Victor A. Markovich, February, p. 30.
Omit Needless Words, An Interview with Donald Schleicher/John Thomson, February, p. 17.
Rehearsing with Dalcroze Techniques/Herbert H. Henke, May, p. 46.
Seeking Vertical Sonority, An Interview with Mark Kelly/Roger Rocco, July, p. 10.
Shortcuts and Pitfalls in Charting the Course/James M. Rohner, September, p. 16.
Success from the Start/Roland Stycos, March, p. 94.
Survey of School Music Budgets/ August, p. 24.
Targeting an Audience/James Christensen, November, p. 52.
Teaching General Music with Electronics/Paul Jacobson, June, p. 46.
Teaching Music with Advanced Technology: The Vistas of CD-ROM/ Bruce Mahin, December, p. 58.
Teaching Musicianship with Games/Max Dalby, September, p. 21.
Teaching with Determination and Smiles/Shirley Strohm Mullins, November, p. 25.
Technology for Music Programs/Robert Elliott, November, p. 61.

General Articles/Listings
Avoiding Travel Disasters/Richard Feinberg, January, p. 46.
The B.B.C. Radio Big Band/Robert Laber, February, p. 65.
Buyers Guide/July, p. 65.
The Enduring Joys of Community Bands/Toni Ryon, December, p. 32.
The History of Bands from Jericho to Goldman/Robert Elliott, August, p. 70.
Music in the White House/Kingsley Day, August, p. 38.
1992 Directory of Music Schools/October, p. 60.
1993 Summer Camp Directory/March, p. 56.
Recalling Forty Years as a Music Dealer/Ziggy Coyle, July, p. 32.
Running the Reception Line Gauntlet/Eric Street, May, p. 54.
The Sousa Band Centennial/Christian Wilhjelm and Jerry Rife, December, p. 46.
Summer Camp Addendum/April, p. 62.
What’s New in the Music Industry/ February, p. 52.
Why Marry a Flutist?/Thomas Willis, December, p. 70

Advice for College Euphonium Applicants/Brian Bowman, March, p. 40.
Euphonium Technique/Brian Bowman, May, p. 10.
Extending Horn Range/Eldon Matlick, September, p. 46.
Selected Trumpet Ensemble Music/Kenneth Laudermilch, July, p. 40.
School Brass Quintets/Michael Brown, August, p. 67.
The Troubled History of the Helicon Tuba/Daniel Shideler, July, p. 48.
Trumpet Articulation/Louis Davidson, August, p. 62.
Tuba in the Tub, A Guide to Cleaning/Guinevere Healy, Nov. p. 38.

Cymbal Seminar/Mitchell Peters and Dave Black, April, p. 31.

Building a Bass Section/Robert Gillespie, December, p. 66.
Improving String Tone/Anne Mischakoff, September, p. 58.
Maintaining String Instruments/G. Jean Smith, June, p. 24.
Smooth Shifts for Violinists/Jerrie Lucktenberg, January, p. 54.

Advice for Future College Bassoonists/Robert Barris, January, p. 68.
The Albert System Clarinet/Richard Bell, September, p. 105.
Bolstering the Bassoons/Malcolm Crawford, March, p. 44.
Campaigning for Clarinets/Patricia Root, November, p. 59.
Cultivating Bassoonists/Charles R. Groeling, August, p. 46.
Erratic Intonation in Flute Sections/Kathleen Goll-Wilson, August, p. 30.
Saxophone Low Notes/Tedd Griepentrog, February, p. 72.
The Saxophone Music of Alec Wilder/David Demsey, April, p. 38.
Troubleshooting Common Saxophone Problems/Sonny Burnette, September, p. 98.

Musical Stories
Alphonse and Gaston, August, p. 10
An Insecure Entrance, May, p. 4
Army Band Discipline, December, p. 4
Boccherini The Violin Tamer, March, p. 6
Christmas Goodies, December, p. 4
The Concentration was Fierce, September, p. 4
Cut Him Off at the Pass, July, p. 4
Familiarity Breeds Contempt, November, p. 4
Final Grades, April, p. 4
Has Anyone Seen Fritz?, November, p. 4
The Honesty of Youth, July, p. 4
I’m Forever Counting Measures, August, p. 10
In Tune but Not in Tune, August, p. 10
Keeping in Step, October, p. 4
A Kinder Critic, May, p. 4
Know Thyself, March, p. 6
Knowing When to Keep Quiet, January, p. 6
Ladies Night, October, p. 4
Lost in Translation, June, p. 6
No Gold in Those Halls, June, p. 6
Phantom of the Band, October, p. 4
A Pitch to the Conductor, April, p. 4
Prince Not Wanted, November, p. 4
Queues for the Cue, June, p. 6
A Salty Reply, April, p. 4
Sightreading Blues, July, p. 4
Solo Mates, May, p. 4
That Critter’s Buggin’ Me, May, p. 4
Thought You’d Never Notice, December, p. 4
The Title’s Just Right, February, p. 10
Tone Deaf and Perfectly in Tune, September, p. 4
Trial by Rain, March, p. 6
Unpromising Beginnings, March, p. 6
Viola Jokes, May, p. 4
What Day is This? February, p. 10
What the Violist Herd, January, p. 6
Win/Win Situation, September, p. 4.

Music Printed
Tubafest Celebration/Karel Husa, September, p. 94.

Personal Perspectives
Adapting To New Hash Marks/Patrick Dunnigan, July, p. 96.
The Battle Over Military Bands/Anthony J. Maiello, October, p. 112.
Becoming a Teacher Again: Moving from Obsession to Compassion/David Hanson, December, p. 84.
Business Practices for the Band Room/Mitchell Robinson, September, p. 112.
The Indelible Experience of Music/Sara Olack, January, p. 84.
Musical Valentines/Papageno and Papagena, February, p. 96.
Philip Farkas’ Last Stories/Jack Zimmerman, March, p. 96.
The Private Studio Door/Carol Montparker, May, p. 80.
Scaling the Ivory Tower/Mitchell Robinson, April, p. 80.
Teaching the Children of Former Students/Ray Moyer, November, p. 80.
Wasting Time/Barbara Prentice, June, p. 64.
The Wisdom of Solomon/Edward Solomon, August, p. 80.

Short Articles/Miscellaneous
Band Classics Revisited: Arnold/Prelude, September, p. 92
Catel/Overture, May, p. 70
Erickson/Toccata, January, p. 80
Grainger/Colonial, September, p. 92
Jacob/Original, December, p. 79
Latham/Court Festival, February, p. 88
Persichetti/Divertimento, December, p. 79
Rimsky-Korsakov/Procession, October, p. 106
Dizzy Gillespie Obituary, Feb., p.6.
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery, June, p. 41.
John Philip Sousa: A Picture Biography, December, p. 56.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, September, p. 101; May, p. 71.
Memories of Camp, March, p. 54.
Midwest Memories, December, p. 8.
Milt Hinton Gallery, April, p. 73.
National Band Association Journal, October, p. 93.
The Oppression of Schedules, Andrew Gowan, April, p. 58.
Philip Farkas Obituary, February, p. 4.
Philip Farkas/Dizzy Gillespie Photo Gallery, February, p. 92.