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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 45

The Instrumentalist

August 1990-July 1991, vol. 45

Adjusting to an Orchestra, Arlene Witt, January 60
Analysis of Images of Song and Dance No.1, Anthony Iannaccone, October 27
The Challenge of Asymmetric Meters, John W. Knight, November 27
Charles Ives’s Variations on America, Barry E. Kopetz, April 20
Contests, Communities, and Conducting, An Interview with Ross Kellan, John Thomson, June 14 Crosscurrents After 170 Years, John W. Knight, March 16
Learning from a Legend, John Knight, May 18
Making the Concert Click, Barbara Prentice, February 10
Obsessed with Excellence, An Interview with Frank Battisti, Tom Everett, December 13
Performing Circus Marches, Patricia Backhaus, September 56
Seeking Musical Solutions, An Interview with Carl St. Clair, Barbara Favorito, March 12
Standards of Excellence for Band Repertoire, Harry Begian et al., January 10
Suggestions for Marking the Score, Frank Battisti and Robert Garofalo, Sept. 22
Vincent Persichetti’s Psalm for Band, Barry E. Kopetz, February 24

Band Room Music Theory, Brian Koser, June 38
Challenging Talented Students, Karen C. Rogers, October 74
Connecting With the Crowd, Denis DiBlasio, April 13
Ideas for Teaching Rhythm, James Warrick, April 68
Improvising with Blues Scales, James Warrick, November 66
Name the Notes Game, Russ Haag, October 67
Preparing for Music Festivals, Andrew Gowan, March 72
Ragtime to the Rescue, Steven Kent Goodman, July 28
Teaching Intonation to Beginners, Paula Crider, October 64
Teaching Rhythm Reading, Daniel Kazez, November 84
Teaching Rhythm with Games, David W. Roe, August 68
Teaching Tuning, Lloyd Schmitt, April 66
Teaching with a Metronome, Linda Swope, December 40
Visions of Improvisation, An Interview with Jamey Aebersold, Doug Beach, May 10

Composer Comments on Elegy, Mark Camphouse, July 16
Composer for All Reasons, Bob Laber, May 22
Explicit Jazz Notation, Jeff Jarvis, December 43
Fanfare for a Celebration, Patrick Williams, May 59
Fanfare for U.N.I.C.E.F., Bernhard Heiden, December 62
The Joy of Film Composing, Fred Karlin, January 17
The Music of Bob Florence, Bob Laber, March 20
On Winged Flight, Gunther Schuller, December 32
Perceiving Music, W. Francis McBcth, December 16
Schwantner on Composition, Jeffrey H. Renshaw, May 14
Schwantner’s First Work for Wind Ensemble, Jeffrey Renshaw, January 30
Scoring Success in Hollywood with Lalo Schifrin, Fred Karlin, February 36
Some Thoughts on Band Instrumentation, September 12

Auditioning with Finesse, Ellen Rose, January 14
Collegiate Views of High School Programs, James Croft and Frank Wickes, November 18
How Willingly We March, Dec. 18
Bruce MacCombie – From Publishing to Education, Harvey Phillips, September 86
1990 Directory of Music Schools, October 80
National Band Association Journal, October 59
National School Orchestra Association Journal, February 71
1990 Survey of School Music Budgets, August 16
Of Sousa and Circuses, An Interview with Johnny Evans, Harvey Phillips, January 20
Straight Talk from Doc Severinsen, Harvey Phillips, October 14
Summer Camp and Workshop Directory, March 38
A Tribute to Uncle Henry, James Croft and Thomas Rohrer, October 23
Uncertain Steps to the 21st Century, Edward Lisk, Richard Coulter, and Barry Kopetz, September 1
What’s New in the Music Industry, February 16
Why the World Needs Bands, John PhilipSousa, April 32

Basics for Brass Beginners, Edward Solomon, September 76
Boning Up with the Best, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, October 18
Concepts of Brass Playing, Roger Rocco, July 12
Clark Terry and the St. Louis Trumpet Sound, Doug Beach, April 8
Dizzy Gillespie, An American Original, Bob Laber, December 24
Doubling on Euphonium, Bruce Gleason, May 28
The Fewest Words Possible in Ensemble Rehearsals, Sam Pilafian, August 10
The Full Double Tuba, Frederick J. Young, November 40
Helping Young Hornists, Laurie Lafferty, June 52
Let Them Play Brass Quintets, Robert Reely, April 42
Maintaining Brass and Woodwind Instruments, Steve Prcscott, June 33
A Master Class with Arnold Jacobs, June 21
The Pursuit of Double High C, Donald V. D’Angelo, January 4
Touting the Tuba, Ron Keller, August 38.

The Concert Snare Drum, Lance Haas, August 45
A History of American Drumming, William F. Ludwig, Jr., November 22
Marimba and Xylophone Sight-Reading, Steve Hemphill, June 50
Teaching Accessory Percussion, Jeff Brown, November 52
Training Student Percussionists, Douglas Overmeir, October 46
Teaching the Seven Fundamental Rudiments, Bruce Roberts, March 74

Anne-Sophie Mutter: Prodigy Turns Teacher, Shirley Strohm Mullins, August 20
Promoting Strings for Beginners, Robert Gillespie and Molly Weaver, March 84
The Versatile Heinrich Schiff, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, November 34
Understanding Harmonics, Tyrone, Grieve, August 28

Adjusting Single Reeds, Albert Hunt, March 66
Alternate Clarinet Fingerings, Carola K. Winkle, May 38
The Art of Flutist Paul Taffanel, John Ranck, October 38
Creating a Bassoon Section, Malcolm Crawford, November 46
Deficient Dynamics, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, February 52
Flute and Voice Ensembles, Ronald Waln, January 38
Flute Articulation and Dynamics, John Barcellona, July 20
Guiding Beginners on Clarinet and Saxophone, Arthur J. Holton, September 64
John Mack: Oboe Disciple, Elaine Guregian, July 8
Maintaining Brass and Woodwind Instruments, Steve Prescott, June 33
The Power of Chamber Music, An Interview with Pierre Pierlot, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, March 24 Saxophone Balance, Mark Ely, April 54
Using Harmonics to Teach Staccato, James Heffernan and Dennis Strawley, June 45
Woodwind Pad Repairs, Steven Prescott, December 50

Advancing Chamber Music, Harvey Phillips, January 71
Band Classics Revisited, February 64, March 82, April 73, June 49
Behind the Bandshell, Sheila Courtney, June 54
Buyers Guide, July 45
A Checklist for Marching Bands, Richard Lambrecht and Barbara Prentice, September 44
Competition Consumes the Curriculum, Jack Mercer, September 98
Computer Programs for Music Instruction, Kenon D. Renfrow and E.L. Lancaster, May 48
Computers and The 21st Century Music Class, Bruce Mahin April 30
Dixieland in the Band Room, Rollan Masciarelli, August 52
Easing the College Transition, Paul Haack, December 36
The Hochstein Music School, David Raymond, March 28
Improving Band Literature, Peter Schmalz, October 36
Les Is More, A Sentimental Journey with Les Brown, Mark Fonder, September 82
Lessons Learned Along the Way, Edward Cannava, September 82
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, September107, May 71, June 59
Lunchtime Recruiting, Thomas E. Grammit, April 52
Memories of Music Camp, March 32
Milt Hinton Photo Gallery, November 91, April 81
Misleading Music Notation, Bruce Berr, August 64
Peter Schickele and the Authentic Performance of P.D.Q. Bach, Kingsley Day, December 57
A Portrait of Successful Directors, Barbara Prentice, August 13
Preparing for a Life in Music, An Interview with Harvey Phillips, Bernard Dobroski, June 8
Ravinia Photo Gallery, March 91
Ritual of the Spring Band Festival, John W. Jones, January 56
So You Want to Be an Accompanist, Shirley Strohm Mullins, August 74
Survey of Band Repertoire, Brian Hughes, November 60
When It’s Springtime in the Bandroom, Robert Foster, April 38

Musical Stories
At Least She Covered Her Mouth, April 4
But Did the Audience Riot After Porgy and Bess?, November 4
But They Don’t Operate the Way You Do, Maestro, March 4
But Your Interpretation Is So Real, April 4
Gosh, It Sounds Familiar, April 4
He Never Misses a Committee Meeting Either, March 4
Hello Julia Child, January 4
Hey Fritz, Use a Microphone, January 4
If Only They Could Sing, July 4
In Case of Emergency, Disconnect, September 4
It’s Not Over ’Til It’s Over, August 4
Next Time Call a Cab, September 4
Next Time Take the Train, June 4
Next Time Tell Him Bruno Walter Ate Here, November 4
Next Time Try It With $100, May 4
No Wonder I Flunked Harmony, May 4
Play It Again, Gene, March 4
Pointed Pronouncements, February 4
Please Don’t Write a Fugue, May 4
This is No Way to Run a Railroad, December 4
Union Birds, February 4
What Does He Do for the Fourth of July? April. 4
Will the Real William Morris Please Stand? October 4