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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 42

The Instrumentalist

August 1987-July 1988, vol. 42

Feature Articles, Interviews, Five-Star Essays
An Armchair Shopper’s Guide to Synthesizers / Robert L. Tjarks and James Warrick, Feb. 31
Andre Previn: A View from Two Continents / Edward Dolbashian and Michael Budds, Feb. 16
Andrew Balent: Making an Impact / Lloyd Conley, July 14
Frank Bencriscutto: Raising Standards / James Warrick and John Thomson, Nov. 32
An Arranger Evens the Score / William D. Brohn, Jan. 20
Betty Freeman: Ardent Advocate of New Music / Ruth Lupul, April 26
Bill Watrous: Hitting His Stride / Buddy Baker, Nov. 17
The Carmina Quartet: Off and Running / Shirley Mullins, May 1
The Chamber Music Boom / Kara Larson and Carol Yaple, Dec. 25
Chamber Music: Finding Its Niche / Ann McCutchan, Dec. 32
Chamber Music in Taos: A Well-Kept Secret / Margaret M. Barela, March 22
Coming Home as a Teacher / Lynn Harrell, April 12
Concepts of Brass Embouchure Development / John Swallow, August 12
Emphasizing the Positive / Douglas Hill, Jan 16
Echoing Mankind Through Music – Karel Husa / Judy Ruppel Nelson, Oct. 12
Gary Hoffman: Ready for Success / Thelma Shifrin, Nov. 38
Gene Thrailkill – Guiding the Pride / Judy Ruppel Nelson, Sept. 16
Gerard Schwarz: Thoughts From Both Sides of the Baton / Harvey Phillips, March 16
James Galway: Setting Standards / Polly Hansen, Jan. 10
Jared Spears: Music for Moderns / Andrew Balent, Sept. 132
The Making of Praise Jerusalem! (Kovia Yeroosaghem!) / Alfred Reed, June 18
The Manhattan String Quartet / Shirley Strohm Mullins, Dec. 12
Merle Evans: Music Man Under the Big Top / James Perkins, Sept. 42
My Farewell to the Maestro / Christopher Parkening as told to Rick Gartner, Oct. 32
Neal Ramsay: Saxophone Crusader / Larry Rhodes, June 58
No Easy Answers / Humbert J. Lucarelli, May 12
Perception and Process: A Look at Learning Styles / Brian Moore, April 16
The Performance of Band Marches: A Lost Art / Stewart L. Ross, June 24
Playing the Clarinet with Finesse / Walter Boeykens, Nov. 22
Reflections of a Long-Time Musician / Philip Farkas, Sept. 20
Reminiscences of a Golden Age – New York City (1946-1951) / Samuel Baron, Dec. 19
Small Marching Bands to the Fore / Bill McMinn, May 28
Stars from Afar – Concerts They’ll Remember / James Warrick, Aug. 16
A Tribute to Nadia Boulanger / Jan. 28
Virgil Thomson: From the Plains to Paris / Hannah Hanani, Aug. 26
Woody Herman: America Loses Its Greatest Pied Piper / James Warrick, Dec. 42


Cleaning Piston Valve Instruments / Gene Beckwith and John Huth, July 26
Problem Solving for Low Brass Students / Skip Gray, April 46
Teaching Horn Tone / Eldon Matlick, May 40

Aim High for Your Percussion Section / Mark Ford, Dec. 56
Build a Percussion Storage Cabinet / Norman Weinberg, Oct. 45
Putting Electronic Percussion in Perspective / Larry Rhodes, Jan. 52
Selected Music for High School Percussion Ensemble / Guy Remonko, Dec. 58
Snare Drum Tips / Charles Holmes, Aug. 48
Triangular Considerations / Lynn Glassock, Sept. 56
The Ultimate Metronome / Norman Weinberg, April 56

Career Options for Violists / Rosemary Glyde, Oct. 50
A Partnership of Equals / Irving Ilmer and Janet Schenk, July 32
A Player’s Guide to Selecting a Bow / Tyrone Greive, June 30
Taking the Sting Out of Choosing Strings / Judy Evans, Sept. 50

The Basics of Flute Playing / Geoffrey Gilbert, Nov. 58
Conquering the Altissimo G / Vernon L. Braaten, June 36
The Flute Boom – An Embarrassment of Riches / Donn Laurence Mills, Dec. 62
Plugging in the Flute / Steve Hecox, May 50
A Reed Awakening for Your Clarinet and Saxophone Sections / Arthur J. Holton, March 36
Third Register Playing – Sshh! / Karen Leech, Feb. 54
Whistle Tones – Exercises for the Embouchure / Frances Lapp Averitt, Aug. 42

Alfred Reed’s Armenian Dances (Part II) – A Rehearsal Analysis / Harry Begian, Feb. 24
Andre Previn: A View from Two Continents / Edward Dolbashian and Michael Budds, Feb. 16
The Conductor’s Upper-Hand Technique / Donn Mills, May 62
Frank Bencriscutto: Raising Standards / James Warrick and John Thomson, Nov. 32
Gerard Schwarz: Thoughts From Both Sides of the Baton / Harvey Phillips, March 16
Karel Husa’s Music for Prague 1968: An Interpretive Analysis / Bryon Adams, Oct. 19
Making the Most of Your Student Teaching / Albert LeBlanc, Jan 39
Pull the Switch for a Better Band / D. Scott Loose, Dec. 50
Pursuing Musical Excellence / Dan Black, July 22
A Rehearsal Analysis of Praise Jerusalem! / Harry Begian, June 20
Thoughts on Directing a Jazz Ensemble / Bob Mintzer, July 19

Computers/Software Reviews
The Apple IIGS and Kids Time U / Jean Dames and Douglas Susu-Mago, Sept. 86
Digidesign Sound Designer / Bruce P. Mahin, Dec. 6
Dr. Ts The Copyist / Marcus Neiman, Feb. 12
An Armchair Shopper’s Guide to Synthesizers / Robert L. Tjarks and James Warrick, Feb. 31
Going with the Flow (Charting) in Computer Programming / Marcus L. Neiman, March 54
If You Can’t Find It – Write It! / Marcus Neiman, Sept. 80
Music Editor, Scorer, and Arranger / Marcus Neiman, May 67
Music Education Series / Marcus L. Neiman, Nov. 8
Musicom J1 Jazz Course / Marcus L. Neiman, April 78
Opcode Midimac Music Sequencer / Bruce P. Mahin, Aug.72
The Percussion Rudiment Tester / Marcus L. Neiman, Jan. 74
Professional Composer / Lawrence Sisk, Feb. 14
Programming Pascal / Bruce P. Mahin, Part 1, May 56; Part II, July 36

The Conductor’s Upper-Hand Technique / Donn Mills, May 62
Cross-Court Capers for the Pep Band / Ron Berg, April 42
Winning the Big One / Donn Laurence Mills, March 90

Bringing Jazz to the Middle School / Charles Holmes, April 20
Learning to Improvise Jazz / Arthur Woodbury, Nov. 105
Teaching Jazz-Rock and Latin Jazz / Lee Bash, Jan. 70
Thoughts on Directing a Jazz Ensemble / Bob Mintzer, July 19

Music on the Move
American Band Finds Bavarian Roots / Vicky Landreville Banes and Edward H. Banes, Jan. 84
Trumpet Concerto Receives World Premiere / Elaine Guregian, April 38
Worldwide Conference in Boston / Kenneth Ayoob, Nov. 91

Personal Perspective
Don’t Forget to Talk to Your Customers / Tom Rutt, June 72
Excuse Me, We’re Gifted, Too / Tom Kinsey, April 100
Have You Promoted Summer Music Camps Lately? / Thompson Brandt, March 96

Chamber Music’s Circle of Friends / Samuel Magrill, Dec. 40
Do You Really Need a Manager? / Rebecca Leff, June 44
Leonard Falcone and the Competition that Honors Him / Roger Behrend, March 42
Marketing Ideas for Performers / Anna M. Thompson, Feb. 80
The Metronome Has Us Beat! / Gary Karr, Jan. 64
Leonard B. Smith: Semper Fidelis / Stephen Miller, June 54
Successful Strategies for Theme Park Auditions / Lee Bash, Nov. 47

Battling the Scheduling Crunch / Bruce Caldwell, Sept. 27
Braces from a Player’s Perspective / Matthew S. Klee, June 57
Budgeting the School Instrumental Music Program / Josiah Darnall, May 36
Corporate Sponsorship and the Fine Arts: A Winning Combination/ Jeff Kehnle, Jan. 58
The Embouchure and Orthodontics / Merrill Wilson, June 56
Everything’s Fair Dinkum Down Under / Aug. 54
Finding That Old Familiar Tune / Richard Baker, Sept. 84
Funding from Foundations and Grants / Ginny Packer, Nov. 66
Go Practice Your Instrument! / Barbara Prentice, Oct. 108
Guide to Purchasing Band Uniforms / Nick Page, Feb. 66
Help Your Child Learn to Practice / Barbara Prentice, Nov. 103
How Do You Spell Relief (for Stress)? E-x-e-r-c-i-s-e / Barbara Prentice, Feb. 58
Let’s Make a Deal / Edward S. Cannava, July 50
Making a Recording / Edward S. Cannava, Aug. 36
The Mid-West International Band and Orchestra Clinic / Rebecca Leff, Dec. 46
The Music Newsletter: An Effective Tool for Music Education / Stephen W. Pratt, Sept. 106
Music Scholarships: Handsome Rewards for High School Grads / Edward Kocher, Oct. 25
The Norwegian National Youth Band / Mardon Avitsland and Shirley Strohm Mullins, Sept. 74
Oregano and Onions: Batavia’s Secret Formula / James Warrick, Sept. 90
Organizing a Summer Music Program / Victor Weidensee, Jan. 87
Playing the Political Game / Robert A. Quay, Nov. 100
Rosy Success Stories / Josiah Darnall, March 45
Selecting Music for School Ensembles / Craig E. Ferrin, Sept. 60
Sight-Reading: Practice that Counts / Michele Gingras, Nov. 96
Spartanburg – Mecca for Strings / Bill Scott, Sept. 64
The Strolling Golden Strings of Kenosha / Stanley F. Nosal, Nov. 52
Through the Author’s Eyes: A New Look at Class Method Books / James Warrick, Part I Oct. 58, Part II Dec. 82, Part III April 82, Part IV June 48
Warm Up Routine for a Beginners Class / Byron E. Gray, Nov. 88

Are We Willing to Lose, to Win? James Warrick, May 80
The F Alto Saxophone: Its Time Has Come / Traugott Rohner, Dec. 96
Jazz Majors in College / Ronald J. Poorman, Nov. 112
Let’s Get Our Act Together / Bill Carmody, Feb. 92
Love is not Blind (or Deaf) / Jan. 96
Percussionists Are Musicians / Jesse Pearl, Oct. 128
Thoughts of a Mad Band Director / Stewart Ross, Sept. 144

Association News
Association of Concert Bands / Oct. 114, Jan. 90, May 75
National Band Association / Dec. 68, April 94
National School Orchestra Association / Aug. 60, Nov. 111, Feb. 89, June 65

Australia’s Grainger Museum / Larry Daehn, Sept. 33
Remembering John Philip Sousa / Malcolm Heslip, Sept. 71

Annual Features
Directory of Music Organizations / Sept. 110
Directory of Music Schools / Oct. 81; Addendum / Nov. 82
Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics and Workshops / March 66
The Buyer’s Guide and Musician’s Directory / July 58
N.B.A. Journal / Oct. 103
N.S.O.A. Bulletin / April 89
The 1987 School Instrumental Music Budget Survey / Aug. 33
What’s New in the Music Industry? / Feb. 38