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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 40

The Instrumentalist

August 1985-July 1986, vol. 40

Alfred Reed’s Armenian Dances, Part 1 — A Rehearsal Analysis / Harry Begian, Oct. 27
The Allentown Band / Judith Wyatt, July 13
Arthur Pryor — Poet of the Trombone / Steve Dillon, Nov. 34
Anecdotes from Lewis Van Haney’s Career / Bruce Tracy, Nov. 4
And the Band Plays On… / Mary Combs, July 40
Behold the Lowly March / Harry Begian, June 14
The Body and Soul of Jazz Trombone / Gerry Sloan, Nov. 14
Community Bands — Percussion Section Considerations / Ray Wifler, July 28
Community Bands — The Wind Section / Ray Wifler, July 22
The Concert Band “Ain’t Down Yet!” / James G. Saied, Apr. 16
The Dropout Dilemma — Studies, Surveys, and Points of View / Edward S. Cannava, Feb. 17
The Drum Corps World in 1986 / Steve Vickers, June 10
Getting Along With Administrators / Barbara Prentice, Sept. 44
The Guest Artist Mystique / Shirley Strohm Mullins, Sept. 35
The Hero of the Band — John Philip Sousa / Paul E. Bierley, Apr. 18
Introducing Jazz Improvising / Arthur Woodbury, Mar. 18
The Music Industry — Forty Years of Service / Carl V. Bovard, Aug. 20
Performance Notes: The Stars and Stripes Forever / Keith Byrion, Apr. 82
A Practical Guide to Writing Music for Young Bands / Jacques Rizzo, Aug. 66
Professional Advice for Selecting a Summer Music Camp / Douglas Fair, Mar. 13
Recruiting Tips You Ought to Know / Barbara Prentice, Jan. 21
A Sousa Spectacular: A Player’s Perspective / Daniel L. Dolan, Apr. 23
The Stradivarius Formula / Joseph Alper, Sept. 22
TubaRenaissance / Moira Brady, December 16

Action: The Key to Motivation / Tim Lautrzenheiser, Oct. 44
The Awards Ceremony / Shirley Strohm Mullins, May 46
Band Director Game / Stewart Ross, Apr. 95
Bands in Edwardsville — 166 Years of Tradition / Lillian O’Neal Manning, Aug. 108
Baroque Sampler / Raeleen H. Horn, Oct. 19
Blame the Name for Flop or Fame / George Haessler, Oct. 106
The Boston Pops — An American Tradition / Aug. 24
Caution! Being a Music Director May Be Hazardous to Your Health / Michael A. Iatauro, May 40 Celebrate Your Ensemble’s History / Paul Kimpton, Sept. 66
Choosing a Jazz Contest or Festival / Ted Galloway, Feb. 74
Conducting Wisdom from the Orient / Wayne J. Toews, May 36
Corporate Big Bands: A Touch of Gold / William M. Marinac, June 49
Creative Spending for the Band Director / David Jordahl, June 56
Developing a Publicity Program / Victor Weidensee, June 23
Do We Need Chairs? / Bruce Caldwell, Nov. 96
Getting a Music Scholarship: Advice for Young Students / Donn Laurence Mills, Dec. 60
Funding for Guest Artists at Your School / Nicholas Ezzone, Sept. 42
Going in with Your Eyes Open / Ron Berg, David C. Hunt, May 26
The Inner Game of Music / Barry Green, Mar. 28
Musical Tonic for Tired Teachers / George L. Rogers, Apr. 25
The 1985 Mid-West Clinic — Inspiration and Information / Moira Brady, Nov. 109
The 1986 Adult Band Conference /July 47
1986 N.B.A. Convention Highlights / James Croft, June 61
Now Go Home and Practice! / Paul Brazuaskas, Oct. 36
Organizing a Summer Music Program for Children / Diane Wittry Mar. 81
Pep Bands — Spirit and Enthusiasm for Your Program / David C. Vroman, Feb. 78
A Piccadilly Third / Mrs. Ima Person, June 16
Play-A-Thons for Fun and Profit / Tom Hageman, Oct. 50
Playing the Taping Game to Win! / Dan Black, Oct. 52
Practicing as a Way of Life / Samuel Baron, Oct. 38
Recharging Your Batteries / Shirley Strohm Mullins, Mar. 36
Rx: Pain-Free Sight-Reading / Barbara Prentice, Apr. 46
Samuel Applebaum: Making the World a Better Place / Kevin Kiddoo, Feb. 40
Sousa’s Works in Print /June 57
Speak Less, Communicate More / Raymond Willard, Jan. 38
Taking Advantage of “White Space” / Lloyd Conley, Jan. 34
Teaching Artistry / Donn Laurence Mills, Jan. 66
Ten Tips for a Top Recruiting Concert / Charles Decker, Feb. 69
Time Bandits / Donn Laurence Mills, Sept. 50
A Tribute to John Philip Sousa / Apr. 14
An Un-Guide to Careers in Music / Scott Golinken, Nov. 104
What the Adjudicator Really Means / John P. Varnum, Feb. 67
What Will You Do After You Say Goodbye? / Donn Laurence Mills, June 50
Where To Begin? / Donn Laurence Mills, Feb. 38

300 Years Later — What Trumpet to Play? / Maurice Faulkner, Dec. 68
The Alto Trombone, Then and Now / Stephen C. Anderson, Nov. 54
The Bass Trombone: Innovations on a Misunderstood Instrument / Douglas Yeo, Nov. 22
Directory of Symphony Trombonists / Nov. 40
Getting in Shape on the Trombone / Marta Hofacre, Nov. 93
The 1985 International Trombone Workshop / Tom Everett, Nov. 63
Starting Fresh on French Horn / Douglas Hill, Oct. 68
Teaching Legato to Young Trombonists / David Mathie, Sept. 70
Tenor Trombone: Trends in Design and Development Buddy Baker, Nov. 44
A Tribute to Edward Kleinhammer / Jay Friedman, Nov. 99

Competition in Music / Lesley Caldwell, Sept. 112
Complaints and Commendations / Solomon Flum, May 88
Complaints and Commendations / Thom Ritter George, May 88
Contests – The Key to Developing Community Bands / James E. Fuller, Jan. 80
Integrity Encourages Financial Support / Rex Perry, Aug 114
The Marching Band — Exit! / Ron Holleman, July 64
Maxim I: Assume Nothing / Terry Austin, Mar. 88
The Modern Concert Band – Where Do We Go From Here? / Victor Bordo, Feb. 88
Music and the Liberal Arts – A Coherent Education for All / Richard J. Del Guidice, Dec. 80
The National Band Association: Evaluating School Instrumental Music Programs /
James Copenhaver, Apr. 104
Sight-Reading for Contests / Charles Martyn, Nov. 112
“Success” in the Quest for Excellence / Stephen H. Wolf, June 68
We Must Not Stand Still While Education Changes / John King, Oct. 112

Computerized Drill: Is it Really Helpful? / Kathryn Scott Calhoun, June 24
Computers: A Music Teacher’s Asset / Robert Riggs, Oct. 40
MIDI/4 Four-Channel Recording Software /Jean Dames, Douglas Susu-Mago, Aug. 88
Multi-Dimensional (Corps Style) Show Design Software / Dale Hopper, July 46
Sebastian II / George Makas, May 76
Wenger’s Akron Series Music Software (Part I) / Duane Tutaj, Mar. 63
Wenger’s Akron Series Music Software (Part II) / Duane Tutaj, Apr. 94

Attracting an Audience for a School Music Concert / Josiah Darnall, Jan. 75
Getting More from Your Pep Band Performances / Roland Barrett, Dec. 76
Responsible Musicians – Quality Bands / Stewart L. Ross, Dec. 70
Teaching May Be Hazardous to Your Conducting! / James L. Franklin, Aug. 111
Toot Your Own Horn: Start An Adult Band / Jerry Hauer, Apr. 92

Aaron Copland on Aaron Copland / Nov. 66
Alfred Reed – Composer of Our Time / Nicholas DeCarbo, Oct. 20
The Art of Trombone Playing: A Conversation with Raymond Premru
and Ralph Sauer / Anne Driscoll, May 18
Christoph von Dohnanyi – Cleveland’s Distinguished Maestro / Jeff Wagner, June 6
David Cerone: New Leadership for the Cleveland Institute of Music / Jeff Wagner, Dec. 21
Erich Leinsdorf Interprets Bach / Dennis Polkow, Oct. 14
Frank Erickson – The Composer’s Point of View / Andrew Balent, Apr. 28
He Got His Start in Marching Band / Chip Deffaa, Aug. 64
Keith Brion: Sousa Personified / Edward Chansky, Jan. 16
The Many Sides of Peter Schickele / Jean Oelrich, Sept. 14
Maynard Ferguson: Personal Reflections of a Jazz Great / James Warrick, Feb. 12
Music Education in Retrospect: An Interview with John Paynter / Judy Nelson, Aug. 12
Pioneers in String Education: The Controversial George Bornoff / G. Jean Smith, May 14
Vincent Cichowicz – The Man Behind the Trumpet / Rick Chapman, Aug. 35
Woody Herman – Fifty Years and Still Swinging / James Warrick, July 8

Adjudicating General Effects / Sherman Hong, June 28
Drill Instruction: A Move Toward Efficiency / David Rollins, Aug. 62
Evaluating a Marching Band Show Design / Gary Smith, Sept. 60
Field Marking for Marching Bands / Bill Moffit, Nov. 64
Medical Considerations for Marching Bands / Nancy Stanley, Aug. 76
My Best Half-Time Show / William D. Revelli, Richard D. Bowles, Everett Kissinger, Aug. 29
Tall Flags On a Budget / Vernon L. Braaten, Aug. 59

Carols for a Merry TubaChristmas / Alec Wilder, Dec. 19
Learnin’ the Blues / Arthur Woodbury, May 70
Rondo for Saxophone Quartet / Lloyd Conley, Jan. 30
Tarantella / David Uber, Nov. 30

China: A Musical Perspective / Robert H. Klotman, June 64
A Marrachi Music Center and More / Richard Gordon, Feb. 84
A Musical Mission / Frederick Hemke, Aug. 112
Vision Builds a Youth Orchestra / Leslie Kandell, Nov. 70

Marching Tonal Bass Drums / William Guegold, June 31
The Role of Percussion in Marching Ensembles / Thomas P. Hannum, Aug. 80
Tuning Tips for Marching Drums / Jay Wanamaker, Sept. 91
Tympani: Improving Sound / Robert McCormick, Apr. 42

Burn-Out and the Disappearing Band Director (Part 1) / Jack Mercer, Apr. 99
Burn-Out and the Disappearing Band Director (Part II) Report on Stress / Jack Mercer, May 80
I Survived / Jack Mercer, Sept. 110
Learning to Say “No” / Shirley Strohm Mullins, Nov. 111
Master Teacher / Clare Hounsell, Mar. 88
On the Lighter Side of “Music Appreciation” / The Old Band Director, July 18
Reminiscence at a Reading Session / The Old Band Director, Dec. 78
Smart Work / Donn Laurence Mills, Oct. 111

Awareness Through Movement / Jack Heggie, Ellen Rose, Apr. 36
The Double Bass Choirs of Spartanburg / Bill Russell Scott, Apr. 86
The Evolution of the Violin Bow / John R. Luce and Marjorie W. Luce, Jan. 60
For a More Professional High School Orchestra / Elizabeth Green, Aug. 51
Judging Stringed Instrument Repairs / Sally P. Bennett, Dec. 63
Orchestra Arrangers, Here’s What We Need / Donn Laurence Mills. Apr. 52
Teaching and Practicing the Ricochet / Tyrone Creive, Oct. 64
Teaching Cello Spiccato /Daniel Kazez, June 53
The Tyranny of Four-Part Harmony / Roland Stycos, Dec. 32

Clarinet Reed Selection and Adjustment / Donald McCathren, Oct. 56
Cutting Maintenance, Costs on Woodwind Instruments / Mary Greiner, Dec. 28

Annual Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics, and Workshops, Mar. 42
Annual Index / July 57
Association News / June 61, July 60
Buyer’s Guide / July 48
Directory of Music Organizations / Sept. 96
Directory of Music Schools / Dec. 46
N.B.A. Journal / Oct. 98
N.S.O.A. Bulletin / Feb. 45
School Instrumental Music Budgets: Our Ninth Annual Survey / Polly Hansen, Aug. 44
What’s New in the Music Industry? / Feb. 22