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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 39

The Instrumentalist

August 1984-July 1985, vol. 39

Attitude/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Dec. 16
Auditions – Fair and Square/Bruce Caldwell, August 30
Band or Wind Ensemble? – An Important Distinction/Elliot A. Del Borgo, Nov. 94
A Career in Music – From the Fateful Decision to the First Job/Albert LeBlanc, Feb. 51
Chamber Music Is For Life/Joe Albright, Feb. 30
Choosing a Festival/Paul B. Noble, Dec. 32
The Conductor’s Checklist/John Koshak, Dec. 36
Confidence in the Orchestra/David Stone, Nov. 88
Creative Imaging – A Therapist’s Answer to Stage Fright/Kathleen Trahan and Karen Custer, Oct. 36
Ensemble Playing/The Canadian Brass, Apr. 36
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to…/The Canadian Brass, Apr. 42
Gadgets, Gimmicks, and Motivation/Ed Solomon, Sept. 42
The Increasing Prestige of the G.B. Dealey Competition/Leslie Kandell, Nov. 30
The Joy of Success/Jack Meehan, Nov. 66
Keep the Momentum Going/Amy Riebs, Nov. 69
John Kendall – Suzuki Disciple/G. Jean Smith, June 21
The Kirkwood Community Band/Elaine Boyd, Nov. 62
Methods for Improving Intonation/Wayne Bailey, Dec. 49
New Concert Band Repertoire/Arnald Gabriel, Dec. 13
New Products in the Music Industry/Don Muro, Apr. 90
The 1984 Midwest – A Sneak Preview/Judy Soltwedel, Nov. 96
Off We Go: A Musical Farewell/Renee Chaney Gabriel, June 66
Orchestra Thrives on Unwanted Music/Meg Cox, Jan. 25
The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade/Ellen Van Buskirk, Nov. 18
Performance – A Vehicle for Sharing/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Oct. 14

Perspectives on Musicianship:
Develop Creative Musicians/Frank Bencriscutto, May 22
Making Musicians/Gordon Peters, May 24
The Education of the Performer/Robert Weirich, May 26

Rehearsal Techniques:
Harmony – Developing Listening Skills in Rehearsal/Manual Alvarez, Jan. 30
Distraction – An Overlooked Technique/Victor Bordo, Jan. 32
Rehearsal Reminders/John Koshak, Jan. 33

Score Analysis for Linear Balance/Gary Corcoran, Dec. 52
Score Preparation and Analysis: The Art of Conducting/John Koshak, Nov. 16
The Search is On – Job Hunting/James Gilworth, June 57
Sightreading – Are We Losing the Skill?/Allan M. Wright, Nov. 74
Strategies for the Seasoned Professional/Albert LeBlanc, May 35
A Success Story from Alaska/Lori Jo Oswald, June 52
Summer Bands Spell “Joy”/Joe Albright, June 46
Suzuki in Retrospect/Yuko Honda, June 19
Suzuki Students in the School Orchestra/G. Jean Smith, June 22Teeth That Move – A Problem Unique to Wind Players/Jane Wilson, Oct. 56Edgar P. Thiessen: Kiel’s Music Man/Lisa M. Zemlock, Feb. 28
Three Standing Ovations – Programming Ideas That Work/Martin Stella, June 50
The Timelessness of Suzuki/Reginald Fink, June 28The Ultimate Band Trip/Brian Hathaway, July 45

The Brass Choir – An Asset to Your Program/Maurice Faulkner, Aug. 69
Brass Ensemble Music/Mitch Arnold, May 59
Brass Ensemble Music/Maurice Faulkner, Feb. 71
Brass Ensemble Recordings – An Annotated List/Mike Danforth, Jan. 46
Extending the Range of the Trombonist/Lamar Jones and Joel Elias, Feb. 36
The “High Note Syndrome”/Mike Vax, Mar. 31
The High Register – Every Player’s Dream/Maurice Faulkner, Sept. 96
Improving the Band’s Tuba Section/Stephen P. Brandon, Dec. 55
Placing the Horns – Thoughts and Opinions from Seven Directors/David L. Martin, Aug. 64
Switching Brass Mouthpieces/Nelson Starr, Nov. 9
Trombone and Euphonium Literature/William Richardson, Feb. 77
Trumpet and French Horn Literature/Maurice Faulkner, Feb. 68
Tuba Literature/Jack Tilbury, Feb. 79

Advice to Recent Graduate/Dave Canell, Bill McDaniel, Barara Krauss, May 86
Bands that March – Putting the Subject into Perspective/James P. Huber, July 80
Categories Don’t Count/John Colantonio, Dec. 96
Challenging Comments/Phillip Sterling, Dec. 5
Corps-Style Marching – A Student’s Side of the Story/Boomer Bardo, Oct. 122
Have We Lost the Roots of Our Heritage?/James A. Perkins, Mar. 90
A Legacy and a Responsibility/Thomas J. Trimborn, Apr. 102
March or Else!/Robert E. Lynch, Aug. 80
Marching Styles – The Words That Cause Debate/Joseph Teleseo, Sept. 120
A Marching Wind Ensemble/Tim Salzman, May 90
Our Band Heritage Is Not Lost, Only Misplaced/Barton Cummings, June 68
The Realities of the Job – A Letter to the Music Education Faculty at a Major State University/Mark Anderson, Jan. 96
Small Can Be Beautiful/Karol Howard, Feb. 102
Small Can Be Ugly/Mark Anderson, Feb. 102
The Woman Behind the Band Director/Michele Pfrogner, Nov. 110

Computers Today:
How to Choose What’s Right for Your Program/John Kuzmich, Jr., Sept. 14
Looking at a “Real-Time” System/John Kuzmich, Jr., Oct. 26
An Economical Way to Start/John Kuzmich, Jr., Nov. 36
Upgrading Your Apple/John Kuzmich, Jr., Mar. 60
Music and Micros – Software Reviews:
Elements of Music/Catherine Horan, Dec. 91
“Halftime” Computerized Charting System/Gary E. Smith, Sept. 19
“Marching Band Computer Show Design Software”/Bill Hayuorth, Oct. 92
M.E.C.C. Music Theory Review/Duane Tutaj, Feb. 95
“Micro-Brass Series”/Robert E. Lee, Oct. 106
Music Readiness/Jean Dames and Douglas Susu-Mago, July 59
Practical Music Theory/Pearl Anshell, Nov. 90
Pyware/Joseph Scagnoli, Sept. 25
Songwriter/Jean Dames and Douglas Susu-Mago, June 44

Helping the Young Composer/John W. Stout, Jan. 10
January Recruiting/Bill Beachy, Jan. 12
Let Them Create/Allan M. Wright, Mar. 8
Military Bands – An Aid to Music Education/Alfred W. Cochran, Aug. 10
A National Youth Orchestra for America/Maurice Faulkner, Nov. 6
“Pops” for Fun and Profit /Warren Barker, May 14
Staging the Small Parade Band/Lance Haas, July 76

Claudio Abbado – The Human Touch/Jean Oelrich, Sept. 32
The Best of East and West, An Interview with Shinichi Suzuki/Katherine Johnson, June 15
Bridging the Generation Gap: The Marsalis Family/Leonard Feather, Nov. 10
The Canadian Brass – 24-Karat Class/Jean Oelrieh and Vincent Cichowicz, Apr. 27
Larry Combs – A View from the First Chair/Jeff Wagner, Mar. 22
Lloyd Conley – Composer and Educator/Andrew Balent, Oct. 18
Josef Gingold: Reminiscences of a Life in Music/Jeff Wagner, Jan. 18
Elizabeth Green – Inspiring Friend/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Feb. 24
Hubert Laws – From Kuhlau to Coltrane/Polly Hansen, Nov. 26
Donald Mclnnes: Concert Violist and Master Teacher/Dec. 25
Mstislav Rostropovich — Russian Genius/Kathleen Hinton-Braaten, Aug. 26
Joseph Silverstein – “World’s Greatest Concert-Master Turned Conductor”/Leslie Kandell, Feb. 20 Swinging Rhythms – The Preservation Hall Jazz Band/Polly Hansen, Oct. 40
Carol Wincenc – A Dream Fulfilled/Polly Hansen, Aug. 66

Chris Griffin – Playing in the Goodman Band/Chip Deffaa, Oct. 111
Jazz Articulations/Joe Riposo, Sept. 93
Jazz Styling for the Young Saxophonist/Rex Matzke, May 41
Learning Jazz Through Polkas/Mark C. Gridley, Jan. 77
“Say It”/John Rinaldo, Jan. 76
That Elusive Element: Swing/David Liebman, July 24
Why “Wing It”? – Guidelines for Beginning a Jazz Band/John F. Maltester, May 30

Don’t Limit Your Guard/John D. Brummett, July 22
Effective Flags: A Basic Approach/Marlene M. Meagher, Mar. 38
Exchanging Views/Jay Dawson, July 11
Exercises for the Parade Band/Karol Howard, Aug. 23
Improving the Marching Band’s Sound/LaPointe Davis, July 30
1985 Report – Drum Corps and Color Guard News/Steve Vickers, July 14
The Olympic All-American Marching Band/Jay Wanamaker, Jan. 37
Special Challenges of the Small Marching Band/David Rollins, July 18

Conductor Versus Orchestra/Maurice Faulkner, Nov. 108
Following the Sun – A Musical Journey to China/Aldo Parisot, June 54
Have Cello, Will Travel/Leslie Kandell, July 72
International Berg Conference/Elaine Guregian, May 8
A Music Educator’s Diary in Israel/Robert H. Klotman, Mar. 45
The Texas Music Educators Meet in San Antonio/John Christie, Apr. 10
Travels with My Cello/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Jan. 14
Viennese Critics Praise American Youth Orchestra/Maurice Faulkner, Dec. 6
Why American Orchestras Need Rotary Valve Trumpets/Maurice Faulkner, Feb. 98

A Band Flutist and Proud of It/Susan Phelps, Jan. l6
Economics at the Concert/James Van Develde, Oct. 36
Retailers and Educators – Mutual Friends, Mutual Support/Vito Pascucci, July 9
Short Leaps/Donn Laurence Mills, Dec. 10

A Drag is Not a Diddle/Sherman Hong, Mar. 41
Even Percussionists Can Be Musicians/Lance Haas, Sept. 99
Fortissimo to Pianissimo – A Percussionist’s Dilemma/Larry White, Feb. 62
A Little Exercise for Two-Mallet Keyboard Percussion/Richard C. Gipson, June 53
Marching Percussion Rehearsal Techniques/Barry D. Bridwell, Aug. 71
New Trends in Rudimental Snare Drumming/Jay Wanamaker, Oct. 62
Percussion Literature/James W. Lambert, Apr. 46
Percussion Literature, continued/ James W. Lambert, May 63
Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments/Jan. 74
Playing Rudiments Musically/Sherman Hong, May 46
Screening Prospective Percussionists /Dennis Koehler, Jan. 72
Teaching Quintuplets and Septuplets/John R. Raush, Apr. 81

Fiddle Sticks?/Richard Gordon, Apr. 85
Guitar Literature/Don Diekneite, May 68
Music for Strings/Cy Drichta, May 64
“Open Wide” – Extensions for Cellists/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Sept. 84
Solos for Cello and Secondary Orchestra/Roland Stycos, Jan. 55
A Student’s Suggestions for Shaping Up the Viola Section/Gage Waggoner, Feb. 60
Visionary Violins/Nancy Tamosaitis, Apr. 88

Adjusting Commercial Bassoon Reeds/Norbert Nielubowski, Sept. 79
Calisthenics for Clarinetists/David L. Eisler, Dec. 62
The Clarinet Choir/Norman Heim, Feb. 32
A Clarinet Potpourri from the Woodwind Anthology, Volume 2, 1983/Aug. 35
Ensembles with Clarinets/Jerry Pierce, May 49
Flute Master Classes – Summer 1985/Kathleen Trahan, Apr. 86
The Flutist’s Daily Warm-Up/Beatrice Keram, Sept. 90
Helpful Hints for the High Register/Paul Cherry, Jan. 70
How to Practice Effectively/Larry Combs, Mar. 28
Improving Saxophone Intonation/Allyn D. Reilly, Oct. 98
“Methods” for Succeeding on the Clarinet/Edward M. Warrnick, Apr. 76
Over the Break/Jerry Pierce, Aug. 11
Preparing and Adjusting Single Reeds/Vernon Braaten, May 43
Reels on the Riviera/Jean Oelrich and Mary Greiner, Mar. 13

Annual Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics, and Workshops/Mar. 67
Annual Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics, and Workshops – Addendum/Apr. 75
Directory of Music Organizations/Sept. 58
Directory of Music Schools/Dec. 74
N.B.A. Journal/Oct. 81
School Instrumental Music Budgets – Our Eighth Annual Survey/Aug. 13