Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 36

The Instrumentalist

August 1981-July 1982, vol. 36

An Adjudicator’s Perspective: Six Problems in Ensemble Playing/Edwin C. Kruth, Mar-33
Audio-Video Technology in the Classroom: What Will They Think of Next?/Charles B. Hawes, Mar-42
Ye Banks and Braes O’Bonnie Doon/Frederick Fennell, Sept-29
Benjamin Franklin, Musician and Critic/Roma Sachs Freedman, July-10
To Breathe or Not to Breathe/Ed Solomon, Jan-15
A Capsule History of the Drum and Bugle Corps/Michael J. Cahill, June-6
Commissioning Music for Your Band/Carl Rohleder, Nov-28
Community Music: The Big Band Ensemble/Danny L. Read, Sept-34
To Compete – or Not to Compete/Nathaniel Rosen, Nov-40
Computer Assisted Music Instruction/Lee Wille, Feb-30
Dateline Hong Kong/Maurice Faulkner, May-12
Dentures, Braces, Overlays, and Brass/Twanette Morehead, Mar-38
Directory of Clinicians, May-60
Divide and Conquer/Ed Solomon, Aug-20
The Drum Corps World in 1982/Steve Vickers, June-10
The Embouchure Speaks/Lacey Powell, Apr-14
Erich Leinsdorf – The Composer’s Advocate/Kenneth L. Neidig, Dec-10
Exploratory String Classes/Roland Stycos, Mar-36
Flute Talk Sample Issue, Dec-87
The Four-Station Music Lesson/Linda Langeheine, Apr-16
From Sea to Shining/Roddy Stinson, July-12
Guide to Instrumental Competitions, Nov-46
Hal Linden – The Clarinet Rediscovered/Kenneth L. Neidig, Nov-30
Increasing Individual Attention/Lloyd Conley, Mar-16
Increasing Parent Involvement/Paul Patterson, Aug-22
Inner Game of Music/Barry Green, Jan-18
An Interview with Arnald Gabriel/ Kenneth L. Neidig, Oct-18
It Wasn’t Always So Easy/Jim Dearing, Sept-22
Karel Husa Talks About Composing/Michael Haithcock, April-22
Make Your Clinic a Successful Experience/Randy Purcell, May-26
Making Music Out of Our National Anthem/John W. Stout, Oct-32
Marching Tips for the Small Band/Wayne A. Bailey, June-12
Mark Hindsley – Distinguished Conductor/Ned C. Deihl, May-24
The Mid-West: Reach For It/Shirley Strohm Mullins, July-14
Meet the Composer: Vaclav Nelhybel, July-19
Motivation/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Nov-20
Music Is Exciting for Kids, Too/G. Jean Smith, Sept-43
The New York Debut Recital/ Laurence Harvin, Jan-27
A Note to the First-Time Soloist/Maurice Rogers, Apr-18
The Numbers Game/Ed Solomon, Sept-38
Overcoming Stage Fright/Rod Daniel, May-8
Paul Brodie – Surviving in the Trenches/Kenncth L. Neidig, May 20
Paul Yoder – The Right Man at the Right Time/Andrew Balent, Aug-12
Paying the Piper: Tax Information for Music Teachers/Mary Brand and Manny Brand, Feb-36
P.E.R.T.: Help In Planning/John W. Grashel and Martin J. Bergee, July-8
Preparing for a Commercial Music Career/Marshall King, Nov-124
Profile of a Program That Works/Gordon L. Fung and Patrick C. Dorian, Mar-12
Repertoire for Rent: A Review of Seven Pieces for Concert Band/Peter Boonshaft, Jan-25
Research Shows Band Benefits, May-19
Rotation Scheduling: An Alternative/Charles W. Smith, Jan-13
St. Patrick’s Day Week in Ireland: A Band Goes There and Back Again/Joseph T. Mundi
and R. Bruce Bradshaw, Dec-14
“Satchmo, Oct-36
Score Study Aids/Alfred W. Cochran, Nov-25
Selecting Beginning Students/Ed Solomon, Apr-10
Sharing the Interlochen Dream/George C. Wilson, Mar-22
Sousa – Still a Somebody/Frederick Fennell, Mar-20
The Stars and Stripes Forever – Keeping America’s Favorite on Top/Daniel Shideler, May-10
Style – The Most Abused Musical Element/John Grashel, Sept-18
Surplus of Teachers? Balderdash – There is a Job Out There/Robert Cowden, Dec-23
“Taps” – A Military Tone Poem/Sylvia K. Sheblessy, Oct-31
Teaching Basic Musicianship/Ed Solomon, Dec-23
35th Annual Mid-West National Band and Orchestra Clinic/Karen Berger, Nov-38
The Topeka String Project/Larry Harris, Mar-40
20th-Century Music Notation/Bruce Mahin, Feb-34
Understanding Time Signatures/Lloyd Conley, Oct-34
The Unison Worksheet/Karol Howard, June-14
The U.S. Military Academy Band, West Point, Dec-23
The Versatile Jorge Mester/Sue Bradle, June-16
What’s New in Music Education Research/Richard Colwell, Sept-40
“Wild” Bill Watrous on Jazz Trombone/Bernie Dobroski, June-16
Youth Orchestra Starts With You/David Hagy, Jan-22

Circular Breathing and the Flute/Zdenek Bruderhans, Aug-34
The Contemporary Flutist/Stephen R. Kujala, May-14
A Discussion with Bernard Goldberg/William Montgomery, Apr-46
The Flute Doctor/Carol Mont Parker, Sept-84
Flute Fingerings: In Homage to Henri Altès/Walfrid Kujala, Nov-34
Flute Master Classes Summer 1982/Kathleen Trahan, Mar-64
How to Prepare a Taped Audition/Competition/Carol Kniebusch and Mary Jean Simpson, Jan-60
An Interview with Robert Willoughby, Part I/William Montgomery, June-44

Bassoon Basics/Otto Eifert, Nov-76
Clarinet Trios – An Annotated Select List/Norman Heim, Sept-90
Multiple Tonguing and Single Reeds/Neal Ramsay, Jan-62
Oboe Respiration/Orlan E. Thomas, Aug-38
Saxophonists Unite!/Robert Black, Apr-52
Tuning Those Bassoons, Part I – The Bocal/Donald M. Hardisty, Feb-54
Tuning Those Bassoons, Part II – Tuning Individual Notes and Registers/Donald M. Hardisty, Mar-70
The Vinyl Plastic Lip Shield/Jeremy Brown and Ervin L. Brown, May-28
Woodwind Recordings/George Waln, Oct-50

An Annotated Listing of Studies for the Bass Trombone/James E. Hughes, Aug-54
Brass Instrument Recordings/Maurice Faulkner, May-32
Get Into Position for Trombone Intonation/A.C. Himes, Feb-58
Horn Artistry and Vibrato/Maurice Faulkner, Mar-74
Let That Trumpet Sing/Maurice Faulkner, June-50
Materials for Horn Auditions: Band and Orchestra/John Dressler, Jan-65
Superb Brass Recordings, Part I – Trumpet Solos and Brass Ensembles/Maurice Faulkner, Oct-54
Superb Brass Recordings, Part II – Tuba Solos and Ensembles/Maurice Faulkner, Nov-79
Underhanded Tricks for the Hornist/William Scharnberg, Sept-96

Adjudicating the Marching Percussion Section/Sherman Hong, Oct-86
Drum Set Exercises/James McKinney, Jan-68
Field Position and Drill Ideas for the Marching Percussion Section/Kevin Lepper, Sept-100
The High School Percussion Ensemble/Anna Watkins, Apr-90
The Interpretation of Rolled Notes in Mallet Instrument Performance/John Raush, Feb-44
Interval Study on Mallet Percussion Instruments/Linda Pimentel, Nov-83
New Music, Sounds, and Approaches in Percussion Literature, Part I/Don R. Baker, May-38
New Music, Sounds, and Approaches in Percussion Literature, Part II/Don R. Baker, June-52
Writing Effective Percussion Parts/Kevin Lepper, Mar-78

Arnold Grossi – Trusted Teacher/Elissa B. Katz, June-56
A Common Sense Approach to Solo Selection/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Feb-48
Ideas From a Bassist/David Walter, Jan-71
String Record Reviews/Robert Klotman, Nov-93
Symphony Auditions: A Practical Look at the Unpredictable/Richard Worcester, Mar-108
Thoughts on Viola Performance/Nathan Gordon, May-44
Using the Blues in a Beginning Guitar Class – Part I/Don Diekneite, Sept-105
Using the Blues in a Beginning Guitar Class, Part II – Improvisation/Don Diekneite, Oct-90

Concert Jazz Embellishments/Bryce Luty, Nov-98
Expanding the College Jazz Ensemble Performance Program/Stephen Marcone, Sept 116
A Head Start Program for Jazz Ear-Training/Shelley Yoelin, Feb-51
Improvising Jazz at the Junior High Level/Thomas Rudolph, Mar-118
Jazz Articulation/Richard Lawn, Jan-78
Jazz Improvisation Methods and Materials/John Kuzmich, Jr., Apr-56
Modal Theory for Jazz Improvisation/Donald Bastarache, Aug-51
Transcribed Solos for the Jazz Student/John Kuzmich, Jr., Oct-44

Choosing the Right Microphone/Jim Edwards, Oct-93
Some Sound Advice/Jim Edwards, Sept-119

What a Way to Make a Buck/Ann Marie Tubbs, Jan-82
The Music Department Booster Club/Paul E. Thoms, Mar-122

Band Recordings on Review/Richard Thurston, Oct-38
National Band Association Biennial Convention Kansas City, June 16-19, May-58
N.B.A. Position Paper: The Band Movement in the 1980s/Compiled by Gregg I. Hanson, Aug-42
Thoughts, Opinions, and Advice from Clarence Sawhill, Nov-102
Thoughts, Opinions, and Advice from Frank Piersol, Apr-93
Thoughts, Opinions, and Advice from James Neilson, Sept-111
Thoughts, Opinions, and Advice from Raymond F. Dvorak, Jan-74
Thoughts, Opinions, and Advice from Robert F. O’Brien, Mar-112

Buried Treasure/Donn L. Mills, Mar-116
Everyone Calls Him “Slava”/Donn L. Mills, Aug-49
Four-and-a-Half Minutes With Merle Isaac, Oct-42
A New Section for Your Orchestra/Donn L. Mills, May-48
The Sectional/Donn L. Mills, Sept-113
They Didn’t Laugh, ’Cause I Didn’t Play/Donn L. Mills, Jan-77
Things Our Students Try to Teach Us/Donn L. Mills, Nov-105
You Got Rhythm?/Donn L. Mills

Band Activity Day/Shirley Haugen, Mar-126
Band Extravaganza/James McKinney, Feb-40
Doing Double Duty on the Lip and Waistline/James Van Develde, Nov-54
Faculty Ensembles/John R. McMullen, Nov-109
Give a Children’s Concert/Ed Coller, May-82
Guitar + Orchestra Strings = More Students/Robert Willig, May-57
Iowa Band Director Study/Morgan Jones, Apr-95
Monday Morning Butterflies/Donald L. Foster, Oct-100
The Power of Positive Discipline/Donald L. Foster, Feb-40
Prevailing Winds/Jack Williamson, Aug-58
The Saito Conducting Technique/Wayne J. Toews, Nov-110
Teaching Instrumental Music to the Blind/Fred Kersten, Nov-108
To Stop or Not to Stop/James G. Poolos, Apr-95
The Wrist-Arm Leverage Compromise/Guy Kinney, Dec-100

A Bit About a Band Contest/Rosagitta Podrovsky, Apr-99
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Concert/Gene Bardo, Oct-108, Jan-85, May-85
One More Time for All the Old Times/Karen Berger, May-85
One-Note Musicians/Roma Sachs Freedman, Nov-121
Philosophy/James Van Develde, Dec-106
Playing the Cello Can Be a Shattering Experience/Jean Fehrenbach, July-70
So You’re Going to Be a Band Parent/Ray Moyer, Aug-62
The Street Musicians of New York/Walter Brasch, Mar-132
Three Community Orchestra Players I Know/Beth Armstrong, Feb-82
To Those Who Only Sit and Listen/Enid Portnoy, Jan-84
The Vienna Festival: A Music Education in Itself/Maurice Faulkner, Nov-122

Atmospheric Motivation/Dave Kraus, Jan-90
The Eugene Wind Ensemble, Oct-110
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery, July-37
The King Employee Band, Sept-138
The N.S.O.A. Summer Workshop, Dec-108
The Old Bethpage Village Restoration Brass Band, Nov-128
Open Romances/Dave Kraus, Apr-100
76 Trombones and a Whole Lot More!/Sally Grauer, May-86
Touching Two at Bucknell, Feb-96
Two Decades of Strings, Mar-134

Band or Orchestra – Must One Choose?/William E. Mathis, Sept-140
Band Programs Need No Defense/John Bell, Apr-102
Corps Style: Will It Determine Our Future Instrumentation?/Andrew L. Gelt, Mar-136
Don’t They Also Love Music?/Raymond Roth, Dec-110
A Fantastic Statement/Thomas M. Peck, July-72
Human Factors – The Other Side of Teaching/Victoria Grenier, June-68
Labels and Levels/Harry Stone, Feb-98
Marching Band Competitions: Friend or Foe?/Tim Lautzenheiser, Aug-64
No More Sour Grapes/Christopher Leuba, Oct-112
Private vs. Class Instruction – The Heterogeneous Instrumental Class/Richard Silverman, Nov-130
Selecting Music for Your Concert Band/Jack A. Bullock/Oct-l 12
Trends in New Band Music/Peter Schmalz, Jan-92
Truth in Advising/Bill Prince, July-72
When the Dropout is the Band Director/John M. Forbes, May-88

Annual Review of Solos and Studies/Contributing Editors of The Instrumentalist, Dec-51
The Buyer’s Guide, July-22
Directory of Music Organizations, Sept-67
Directory of Music Schools, Dec-32
Directory of Summer Music Camps, Clinics, and Workshops, Mar-26; addendum, Apr-63
Guide to Marching Contests (1982-83) June-26; addendum to 1981-82 contests, Oct-96
Marching Music Guide, June-24
1981 Survey of School Instrumental Music Budgets/Kenneth L. Neidig, Aug-6
What’s New in the Music Industry/Kenneth L. Neidig, Feb-21