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Annual Index Flute Talk 2011-2012

Flute Talk

September 2011-July 2012

A Competitive Spirit, B. Garner (Sept./2)
Flute Expectations, M. Debost (Oct./24)
Lessons from the Past, C. Wyatt (Nov./2)
Marcel Moyse in Switzerland, M. Debost (Dec./2)
Lessons with William Kincaid: The Early years at Curtis, C. Wyatt (Jan./2)
Henri Dutilleux, M. Debost (Feb./2)
Beloved Neurosis, M. Debost (Mar./2)
A Dilemma, E. Whitman (April/2)
Where to Stand or Sit, M. Debost (May/2)
Remembering Francis Poulenc, M. Debost (July/2)

An Interview with Rachel Brown, V. Jicha (Sept./10)
A Different Take on Chamber Music with Stephanie Jutt, P. George (Oct./4)
A Professor’s Life, An Interview with George Pope, P. George (Nov./8)
A Conversation with Robert Willoughby, P. George (Dec./14)
Masters, An Interview with Isabelle Chapuis, P. George (Jan./12)
An Interview with Jasmine Choi, P. George (Feb./8)
A Passion for Contemporary Music, An Interview with Helen Bledsoe, P. George (Mar./10)
An Interview with Trudy Kane, P. George (April/10)
Dedication and Artistry, An Interview with William Hebert, C. Ellis (May/10)
Linda Toote: Performer and Teacher, P. George (July/12)

Performance Guides
Gounod’s Petite Symphonie, Mvt. II, K. Melago (Sept./16)
Daphnis in Depth, M. Sparks (April/16)
Daphnis and Chloe Errata, C. Nieweg and C. Westfall (April 23)

Finding Your Sound, P. George (Sept./20)
A Picture is Worth 10,000 Words, P. George (Oct./20)
The Complete Part, P. George (Nov./18)
Incorporating Theory Into Lessons, K. Ballif (Dec./28)
How to Choose a Flute, P. George (Dec./20)
Smart Practice, P. George (Jan./19)
Phrasing Study: Barret Melody No. 1, P. George (Feb./18)
Practice Techniques, P. George (Mar./18)
Daily Exercise Books, A Fresh Look, P. George (April/26)
Two Kinds of Technique, P. George (May/20)
Fun with Musical Games, C. Broz (May/22)
Start a Flute Choir With Your Studio, S. Gillio (May/32)
Left-handed Flute, P. George (July/26)

Minuet (Old Style) from “The Wand of Youth” Suite No. 1 by Elgar/Gibson (Jan./22)

Steps to a Confident Performance, C. Ellis (Sept./32)
A Conversation with Matjaz Debeljzk, C. Ellis (Oct./40)
Beethoven’s Mighty Ninth Symphony, C. Ellis (Nov./32)
Keep Your Piccolo Warm, C. Ellis (Dec./32)
New Music from Australia, N. Raphael (Jan./32)
Holst’s Two Suites, C. Ellis (Feb./32)
Piccolo 911 Moments, C. Ellis (Mar./32)
Piccolo Q & A, C. Ellis (April/32)
Etudes for Piccolo Practice, C. Ellis (July/40)

Developing Tone Based on Feel, J. Quinones (Sept./24)
Advice for Future Flute Majors, (Oct./12)
The History of the Tuning A, R. Stephenson and L. Byrnes (Oct./27)
Career Profile: Music Education, D. Cotter (Oct./34)
Preparing to Win, A Guide to Competition Success, C. Nelson (Nov./13)
Supportive Advice, M. Sparks (Nov./26)
90th Birthday Celebration for Robert Willoughby, L. Garrison (Dec./12)
Stand and Deliver, M. Sparks (Dec./18)
Audition Preparation, M. Sparks (Jan./16)
New Year’s Resolutions, S. Saathoff (Jan./25)
Questions and Answers (Feb./28)
Finding the Perfect Practice Space, R. Larson (Feb./14)
Bass Flute for Beginners, C. Potter (Feb./23)
A Fresh Look at Breathing, Tone, Articulation and Dynamics, P. Louke (Feb./26)
Starting a Masterclass, K. Van Dyke (Mar./21)
How to Apply for a College Teaching Position, C. Dale (May/16)
NFA Convention Preview (July/20)
Two Essential Tools, R. Larson (July/28)

Flute Clubs
Chicago Flute Fair (Jan./8)
Florida Flute Convention (Mar./6)
British Flute Societ Convention 2012 (July/38)

Directory of Competitions (Nov./28)
2012 Director of Summer Masterclasses, Camps, & Festivals (Mar./24)

George Russell Hambrecht (1923-2011) (Dec./6)
Jack Wellbaum (1922-2011) (Feb./29)
John Taylor Thomas (1922-2012) (May/30)

Index by Author
Ballis, Kristi: (Dec./28) (X)
Broz, Cindy: (May/22) (P)
Cotter, Donna: (Oct./32) (X)
Dale, Carol: (May/16) (X)
Debost, Michel: (Oct./24), (Dec./2), (Feb./2), (Mar./2), (May/2), (July/2) (C)
Ellis, Cynthia: (Sept./32), (Oct./40), (Nov./32), (Dec./32), (Feb./32), (Mar./32), (April/32), (May/10) (July/40) (C) (I)
Garrison, Leonard: (Dec./12) (X)
Garner, Bradley: (Sept./2) (C)
George, Patricia: (Sept./20), (Oct./4), (Oct./20), (Nov./8), (Nov./18),(Dec./14), (Dec./20), (Jan./12), (Jan./19), (Feb./8), (Feb./18), (Mar./10), (March/18) (April/10), (April/26), (May/20) (July/12) (July/26) (P) (I)
Gibson, John: (Jan./22) (M)
Gillio, Sue: (May/32) (P)
Jicha, Victoria: (Sept/10) (I)
Larson, Rhonda: (Feb./14) (July/28) (X)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan: (Feb./26) (X)
Melago, Kathy: (Sept/16) (G)
Nelson, Conor: (Nov./13) (X)
Nieweg, Clinton and Westfall, Carol: (April/23) (G)
Potter, Christine: (Feb./23) (X)
Quinones, Jessica: (Sept./24) (X)
Raphael, Nan: (Jan./32) (C)
Sparks, Mark: (Nov./26), (Dec./18), (Jan./16), (April/16) (X)
Stephenson, Robert and Byrnes, Lisa: (Oct./27) (X)
Van Dyke, Karen: (Mar./21) (X)
Whitman, Ernestine: (April/2) (C)
Wyatt, Charles: (Nov./2), (Jan./2) (C)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
L = Piccolo
X = Miscellaneous