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Annual Index Flute Talk 2008-2009

Flute Talk

September 2008-July 2009

Poetic and Practical Prokofiev, M. Debost (Sept./2)
The One-Armed Flutist, M. Debost (Oct./2
Keep Your Options Open, V. Jicha (Nov./2)
Air Management, M. Debost (Dec./2)
Words of Wisdom from Aldo Baerten (Apr./2)
Strawberry Fields Forever, V. Jicha (May/2)
Musical Inspiration, B. Garner (July/2)

The Road Less Taken, An Interview with Don Bailey, V. Jicha (Sept./8)
Berlin’s Principal Flute Emmanuel Pahud, J. Koidin (Oct./10)
A Flutist from Down Under, An Interview with Alexa Still, V. Jicha (Nov./8)
The Amazing Story of Marco Granados, V. Jicha (Dec./8)
John Wion, A Life at the Opera, V. Jicha (Jan./8)
Professional Flute in Utah, An Interview with April Clayton, V. Jicha (Feb./10)
Composer and Flutist Ian Clarke, Jessica Dunnavant (Mar./6)
The Joy of Music, An Interview with Jan Vinci, V. Jicha (Apr./6)
Musings with Jean-Pierre Rampal, Mark Thomas (May/8)
Anne Drummond: The Next Generation of Jazz, Horace A. Young (July/10)

Performance Guides:
Jules Mouquet’s La Flute de Pan, Rachel Chacko (Sept./18)
Heitor Villa-Lobos’ Assobio A Jato, Christine Fish Moulton (Nov./20)
Clarity and Elusiveness in Copland’s Duo, C. Anderson (Dec./16)
The N.F.A.’s Flute Choir Audition Pieces, A Performance Guide for Alto and Bass Flutists, C. Potter (Jan./22)
Casella’s Sicilienne and Burlesque, C. Anderson (Feb./14)
Lowell Liebermann’s Sonata Op. 23, C. Anderson (Apr./12)
Cynthia Folio’s Arca Sacra, Ronda Benson Ford (May/12)
Eldin Burton’s Sonatina, Molly York (July/16)

First Look at a New Score, P. George (Sept./20)
Begin With the Headjoint, P. George (Oct./16)
Etudes With a Point, Claudia Anderson (Oct./21)
So You Wnat to Be a Flute Teacher, Phyllis Avidan Louke (Oct./31)
Headjoint and Body, P. George (Nov./16)
Connecting the Dots, P. George (Dec./22)
Add the Footjoint, P. George (Jan./18)
Let the Music be your Guide, Gaspar Hoyos (Jan./26)
Breathing, P. George (Feb./2)
The Warm-Up: Eight for the Day, P. George (Mar./12)
Teaching with Extended Flute Techniques, Alexis Del Palazzo (Mar./17)
Borrowing Vocalises from Singers, Nancy Schmalz (Mar./21)
Maintenance Practice, P. George (Apr./18)
Music from the Heart, The Teaching Method of Raymond Guiot, Gaspar Hoyos (Apr./26)
Lessons for the Director, P. George (May/18)
Symmetrical Scales in French Flute Repertoire, Molly York (May/23)
A Sound Lesson, P. George (May/28)
Scales & Arpeggios a la Guiot, Gaspar Hoyos (July/36)

Auld Lang Syne, Marc Adler (Jan./16))
Allegro assai, Johann George Tromlitz, M. Lynn editor (Mar./24)
Allegro Moderato from Sonata 1, Op. 11, J.T. Drobisch, M. Lynn ed. (May/16)
Swingin’ Hard, Marc Adler (July/20)

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet, C. Ellis (Sept./32)
Piccolo Artistry at the N.F.A., Jennifer Gartley (Oct./40)
Meet Mindy Kaufman of the New York Philharmonic, C. Ellis (Nov./32))
Developing Nuanced Articulation, C. Ellis (Dec./32)
Controlling the Air, C. Ellis (Jan./32)
Robert Beaser’s Souvenirs, Jennifer Gartley (Feb./32)
Piccolo Stands, C. Ellis (Mar./40)
George Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, C. Ellis (Apr./32)
Bernstein’s Overture to Candide, C. Ellis (May/32)
Stravinsky’s Petrouchka, C. Ellis (July/40)

2009 Directory of Masterclasses (Mar./26)
Albert Tipton’s Top 10 Contest Tips, Heather Small (Sept./17)
Interpreting a Melody in the Jazz Style, Horace Alexander Young (Sept./16)
Dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Caitlin Ippolito (Oct./28)
Become a Confident Performer, Christine Potter (Nov./25)
Fluteless Practice on Vacation, Kathy Cameron (Nov./28)
Build Your Own Practice Space, Jennifer Hirsch (Dec./25)
Stage Presence and Bowing, P.A. Louke (Dec./28)
Life Lessons: What Else I Learned From Louis Moyse, Rebecca Cochran (Jan./2)
Writing for the Flute, Mimi Stillman (Feb./20)
Perk Up Your Playing at Flute Camp, Kathy Cameron (Apr./22)
N.F.A. Preview, Linda Toote (July/22)
Jazz Flute at the N.F.A., V.Jicha (July/26)

Mario Duschenes (Mar./4)
Frances Blaisdell (May/32)

Author Index Cross Reference
Adler, Marc: Jan./16, July/20 (M)
Anderson, Claudia: Dec./16, Apr./12, Feb./14,(G) Oct./21 (P)
Baerten, Aldo: Apr./2 (C)
Cameron, Kathy: Nov./28, Apr./22 (X)
Chacko, Rachel: Sept./18 (G)
Cochran, Rebecca; Jan./2 (X)
Debost, Michel: Sept./2, Oct./2 (C)
Del Palazzo, Alexis: Mar./17 (P)
Dunnavant, Jessica: Mar./6 (I)
Ellis, Cynthia: Sept./32, Nov./32, Dec./32 Jan./32, Mar./40, Apr./32, May/32, July/40 (L)
Ford, Ronda Benson: May/12 (G)
Garner, Bradley: July/2 (C)
Gartley, Jennifer: Oct./40, Feb./32 (L)
George, Patricia: Sept./20, Oct./16, Nov./16, Dec./22, Jan./18, Feb./2, Mar./12, Apr./18, May/18, July/28 (P)
Hirsch, Jennifer: Dec./23 (X)
Hoyos, Gaspar: Jan./26, Apr./26, July/36 (P)
Ippolito, Caitlin: Oct./28 (X)
Jicha, Victoria: Sept./8, Nov./8, Dec./8, Jan./8, Feb./10, Apr./6 (I); Nov./2, May/2 (C); July/26 (X)
Koidin, Julie: Oct./10 (I)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan: Oct./31 (P); Dec./28 (X)
Lynn, Michael: Mar./24, May/16 (M)
Moulton, Christine Fish: Nov./20 (G)
Potter, Christine: Jan./22 (G); Nov./25 (X)
Schmalz, Nancy: Mar./21 (P)
Small, Heather: Sept./17 (X)
Stillman, Mimi: Feb./20 (X)
Thomas, Mark: May/8 (I)
Toote, Linda: July/22 (X)
York, Molly: May/23 (P); July/16 (G)
Young, Horace Alexander: Sept./16 (X); July/10 (I)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
L = Piccolo
M = Music
P = Pedagogy
X = Miscellaneous