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Annual Index Flute Talk 2001-2002

Flute Talk

September 2001-July 2002

Baxtresser, Jeanne (May, 7)
Blaisdell, Frances by Sandy Schwoebel (Sept., 8)
George, Patricia (Nov., 8)
Hoover, Katherine (Jan., 6)
Hoyos, Gaspar (July, 7)
Larson, Rhonda (March, 4)
Walker, Jim (Feb., 8)
Zawa (April, 5)

Performance Guides:
Brown, Elizabeth, Trillium, John Barcellona (Nov., 16)
Erb, Donald, Music for Mother Bear, Christine M. Smith (Oct., 11)
Foote, Arthur, A Night Piece, V. Jicha (March, 10)
Hoover, Katherine, Winter Spirits, J. Barcellona (Jan.,11)
Kennan, Kent, Night Sililoquy, Katherine Borst Jones (Feb., 10)
Kujala, Steve, Eurhythmionics (Dec., 16)
Reinecke, Carl, Undine Sonata, Frances Blaisdell (Sept., 11)
Schulhogg, Ervin, Flute Sonata, Lana Johns (April, 16)
Mendelssohn, Felix, Symphony #4, Flute Duos by Jeanne Baxtresser (may, 11)
Varese, Edgar, Density 21.5, J. Barcellona (July, 11)

Audition Time, Donald Peck (Sept., 4)
The Demons of Hand POsition, Brian Luce (Sept., 14)
Elementary Method Books, A Roundtable Discussion (Oct., 4)
Playing Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Mark Thomas (Oct., 9)
Graded Repertoire for Alto Flute, Christine M. Smith (Oct., 17)
Lessons I Learned From My Students, V. Jicha (Oct., 24)
The Painful Right Hand, Sandy Schwoebel (Nov., 20)
Ten Tips for a Better Sound, Patricia George (Nov., 20)
Ravel and the Flute, M. Debost (Dec., 2)
Preparing for College Auditions, B. Jicha (Dec., 6)
Teaching Students to Practice Slowly and Perfectly, Martin Schuring (Dec., 13)
The Golden Thread of Sound, Rebecca Meador (Dec., 20)
Flute Fingering Faults, Diane Boyd Schultz (Jan., 22)
Performing Mozart, John Wion (Jan., 13)
Organized Practice Time, Angela Mcbreaty (Jan., 23)
Dispelling Common Flute Myths, Bradley and Gary Garner (Feb., 13)
Take the Mystery Out of Vibrato, Patricia George, (Feb., 18)
Teaching Students to Listen, V. Jicha (Feb., 20)
Style and Inflection Emerge Between and Beyond the Notes, Patricia George (March, 12)
Misconceptions about French Tonguing, M. Debost (April, 2)
Intonation – Just and Tempered, Joanna White (April, 8)
Reed Players Doubling on Flute, Eric Ruyle (July, 18)
Advice for College Flute Students, Michel Debost (July, 2)

Blavet, Michel, The Little Fingers (July, 16)
El Desembre Dongelat for Piccolo and 3 flutes, arr. S. Schwoebel (Dec., 19)
Lowe, Margaret, Dawn Carol (Oct., 30)
Taillart, Pierre, Sonata #4 for 2 flutes, ed. Michael Lynn (May, 22)
Telemann, G.P. “Presto” from The Faithful Music Master (Jan., 20)

A Brief History of the Alto Flute, Andrea Redca (Oct., 14)
Evolutions in Flute Design, Walfrid Kujala (Nov., 6)
George Barrere’s Autobiography, A Lost Treasure from 1921 (April, 19)
George Barrere’s Autobiography, On His Tour of Switzerland (May, 17)
The Dayton C. Miller Collection, V. Jicha (July, 26)

The Business of Running a Studio, V. Jicha and P. Hester (Sept., 26)
Making Demo Tapes for Wedding Performances, Ellen Burr (Sept., 30)
My First Recording Project, Lois Bliss Herbine (Sept., 32)

Recent Piccolo Recordings (Oct., 32)
Piccolo Solos in Band Music, Nan Rafael (Nov., 32)
Tchaikovsky’s 4th, L. Sokoloff (Dec., 32)
Bach, Jan, Music For A Low Budget Epic by Regina Helcher (Jan., 32)
McDonald, John, Sonatina for Piccolo and Piano, Jennifer O.Cadwell, (Feb., 32)
Serious Piccolo Study Begins When Students Reach 8th Grade, J. Gippo (Mar., 32)
Mahler’s Piccolo Parts, J. Gippo (April, 32)
Seven Long Lost Piccolo Pieces, J. Gippo (May, 32)

Alto Flute in Orchestral Repertoire, John Rautenberg (Oct., 16)
Many Options and Choices in Buying a Used Flute, Ginger Hedrick (Oct., 18)
Why I Chose Spain, C. Walker (Nov., 26)
Custom Earplugs for Musicians, Catherine Wheeler (Dec., 10)
Shelfful of Flute Books, Julia Larson Mattern (Dec., 28) (Jan., 26) (Feb., 28) (March, 18) (April, 29)
Approaches to Memorizing, Jennifer Mishra (Jan., 17)
Lessons form Other Instruments, Deniece Schow (Jan., 26)
Back to the Flute, Polly McKay Hansen (Jan., 31)
The Secrets of Practicing, Michel Debost (Feb., 2)
On Playing the Bass, Christine Potter (March, 15)
Fitting and Adjusting Headjoints, James Phelan (April, 14)
The Flute Music of Andrew Downes, Carol Kniebusch Noe (May, 21)
Music Articles for Summer Reading, Rebecca Meador (May, 21)
Summer Practice Suggestions, Donald DeRoche (May, 25)
Flute and Percussion Literature, Paula Kasica (July, 20)
Flute Competitions 2001-2002 (Oct., 22)
Directory of Masterclasses, Grace Petree (March, 22)
Report on the Kobe Competition, H. Amano (March, 30)
N.F.A. Convention Preview, John Bailey (July, 14)

Author Index Cross Reference:
Amano, Hideko: Mar./30 (X)
Bailey, John: July/14 (X)
Barcellona, John: Nov./16, July/10, Jan./11 (M)
Barrere, G.: Apr./19, May/17 (H)
Baxtresser, Jeanne: May/11(M)
Blaisdell, Frances: Sept.,/11(G)
Burr, Ellen: Sept./30 (B)
Cadwell, Jennifer Odell: Feb./32 (L)
Competitions: Oct./22 (X)
Debost, Michel: Dec./2, Apr./2, July/2 (P), Feb./2 (X)
DeRoche, Donald: May/26 (X)
Garner, Bradley and Gary: Feb./13 (P)
George, Patricia: Nov./20, Feb./18, Mar./12(P)
Gippo, Jan: Oct./32, Mar./32, Apr./32, May/32, July/32(L)
Hansen, Polly McKay: Jan./31(X)
Hedrick, Ginger: Oct./18 (X)
Helcher, Regina: Jan./32 (L)
Hester, Phyllis: Sept./26 (B)
Herbine, Lois Bliss: Sept./32 (B)
Jicha, Victoria: Mar./10 (M); Oct./24, Dec./6, Feb.2(P); July/7 (H); Mar./16, Jan./20 (M)
Johns, Laa: Apr./16 (M)
Jones, Katherine Borst: Feb./10 (M)
Kasica, Paula: July/20 (X)
Kujala, Steve: Dec./16 (M)
Kujala, Walfrid: Nov./6 (H)
Luce, Brian: Sept./14 (P)
Lynn, Michael: May/22 (M)
Mattern, Julia Larson: Dec./28, Jan./26, Feb./28, Mar./18, Apr./29 (X)
Meador, Rebecca: De./20 (P); May/21(X)
McBrearty, Angela: Jan./23 (P)
Mishra, jennifer; Jan./17 (X)
Noe, Carol Kniebusch: May/12 (X)

B = Business
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
H = History
L = Piccolo
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
X = Miscellaneous