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Annual Index Flute Talk 2000-2001

Flute Talk

September 2000-July 2001

Talking About Flutes, D. Kodner (Nov./2)
How Times Have Changed, M. Thomas (Dec./2)
Understanding That Queasy Feeling, M. Thomas (May/32)

A Flutist for Every Style, Steve Kujala Talks About His Work, Diana Kodner (Sept./6)
Still Galway After All These Years, Diana Kodner (Oct./7)
The Wisdom and Humor of Trevor Wye, Leslie Fagan (Nov./7)
Joanie Madden is a Flutist to Cherish, W. Dobbs (Dec./16)
Camilla Hoitenga – A Passion for New Sounds, Shanna Pranaitis (Jan./6)
Willoughby, Robert: From Mariano and Kincaid to Decades of Fine Teaching, V. Mulvey & V. Holroyd (Feb./18)
Lowell Liebermann’s Approach To Writing Music for the Flute, Jan Gippo (March/6)
Mark Sparks, Jan Gippo (April/8)
Catherine Issalys & Mark Warhol, L. Fuchsberg (May/16)

Performance Guides:
Tallon Perkes’ Cadenzas for Two Mozart Concertos, Diana Kodner (Sept./15)
Two Interpretations of Dutilleux’s Sonatine, Susan Goodfellow & Katherine Kemler (Oct./11)
The Sad Story Behind Schubert’s Variations, Karen Haid (Oct./22)
The Enduring Charm of Christmas Morning Suite, Rae Terpenning (Nov./11)
Edward Riley’s Flute Melodies An Early American Treasure, David & Denise Thompson (Nov./16)
Density 21.5, As Corrected, Irna Priore (Nov./20)
A Century of Morceaux de Concours, Melissa Colgin (Dec./10)
The Magic of Villa-Lobos, Choros #2, Anita Thesen (Feb./12)
Bozza’s Image, Kimberly Gandrup (March/12)
Messiaen’s Le Merle Noir, Irna Priore (April/11)
Chaminade’s Concertino, various (July/10)

The French School, Jennifer Shaw Liva (Sept./12)
Teaching With Flute Ensembles, Gretchen Germann (Sept./26)
All That I Know About Music I learned From an Etude, Angela McBrearty (Oct./20)
Learning From the Violins, W. Kujala (Dec./14)
Pinky Calisthenics, Shannon Finney (Jan./12)
A Lesson in Jazz Improvisation, Marc Adler (Jan./16)
Warming Up With Whistle Tones, S. Schwoebel (Feb./16)
Practice Rhythms For Students, Lisa Garner Santa (Feb./21)
Perspectives on Legato Tonguing, various (Feb./22)
Guiding College-Bound Students, Lisa Garner Santa (March/14)
More Alternate Fingerings For Improved Intonation, Anita Thesen (April/14)
It’s Never Too Late to Check Hand Positions, Vaness Breault Mulvey (April/20)
Weeding Students From Your Studio, S. Schwoebel (April/31)
The Problems in Teaching Vibrato, Valerie Potter (May/20)
The Trick Is to Stay Fresh With a Full Teaching Load, Ellen Burr (May/22)

Early Piccolo Lessons, C. Ellis (Sept./32)
Special Piccolo Fingerings, J. Gippo (Nov./18)
New Piccolo Repertoire, Tammy Sue Kirk (Nov./32)
Dance of the Southern Lights, Nan Raphael (Dec./32)
Exciting New Piccolo Repertoire, Tammy Sue Kirk (Jan./32)
The High and the Mighty, Laurie Sokoloff (Feb./32)
A Source of Piccolo Works With Varied Chamber Groups, Therese Wacker (March/32)
The History of the Piccolo, Therese Wacker (May/8)
Playing Piccolo and Alto Flute For All Around Improvements, Andrea Redcay (April/32)
New Piccolo Repertoire From Norwegian Composers, Jennifer Odell (July/32)

Flute Studio Policies, Kimberly Sopata (Sept./30)
Upcoming Flute Competitions (Oct./32)
Easy Steps to Student Recitals, Ellen Burr (Nov./21)
Mozart’s Magic Flutist, Anton Dreyssig, Ted Albrecht (Dec./6)
A History of Woodwind Ensembles, Michael Johns (Dec./17)
Keeping Track of Lessons With an Assignment Notebook, Karen Celella (Dec./16)
Professional Advertising, R. Ringering (Jan./20)
The Lesson Fees and Policies For Flute Students at All Level (Feb./6)
The Elusive Search for Proof That Music Improves the Mind, S. Pranaitis & Richard Ashley (Feb./26)
Flute and Guitar Duos Perform at Red Cedar Chamber Festival (March/18)
2001 Flute Master Classes, Grace Petree (March/21)
Embellishment, Italian Style, W. Kujala (April/16)
Running a Studio As a Business, Rhonda Ringering (April/18)
The Dubious Tradition Of Flute Masterclasses, Dolores Fredrickson (April/23)
Rushing to Meet Reiner, David Schwartz (April/30)
A Dream Job With The U.S. Army Fifes and Drums, W. Dobbs (July/18)
Choir Music Without Low Flutes, Diane Boyd Schultz (July/22)
Flute Convention Preview (July/26)
Cart’s Baroque Flute Sonatas, Denette Derby McDermott (July/29)
Annual Index (July/30)

John Fuggetta (Mar./31)
Eleanor Lawrence (Mar./31)

Author Index Cross Reference
Adler, Marc: Jan./16, July/20 (M); Jan./16 (P)
Albrecht, Ted: Dec./6 (X)
Ashley, Richard: Feb./26 (X)
Burr, Ellen: May/22 (P); Nov./21 (X)
Celella, Karen: Dec./16 (X)
Colgin, Melissa: Dec./10 (G)
Dobbs, Wendall: Dec./16 (I); July/18 (X)
Dreyssig, Anton: Dec./ 6 (X)
Ellis, Cynthia: Sept./32 (L)
Fagan, Leslie: Nov./7 (I)
Finney, Shannon: Jan./12 (P)
Fredrickson, Dolores: April/23 (X)
Fuchsberg, L.: May/16(I)
Gandrup, Kimberly: March/12 (G)
Germann, Gretchen: Sept./26 (P)
Gippo, Jan: March/6, April/8, (I); Nov./18 (L)
Goodfellow, Susan: Oct./11 (G)
Haid, Karen: Oct./22 (G)
Holroyd, V.: Feb./18 (I)
Johns, Michael: Dec./17 (X)
Kemler, K.: Oct./11 (G)
Kirk, Tammy Sue: Nov./32, Jan./32 (L)
Kodner, D.: Nov./2, Sept./6, Oct./7, (I); Sept./15 (G)
Kujala, Walfrid: Dec./14 (P); April/16 (X)
Liva, Jennifer Shaw: Sept./12 (P)
McBreaty, Angela: Oct./20 (P)
McDermott, Denette Derby: July/29 (X)
Mulvey, Vanessa: Feb./18 (I); April/20 (P)
Odell, Jennifer: July/32 (L)
Potter, Valerie: May/20 (P)
Pranaitis, Shanna: Jan./6 (I); Feb./26 (X)
Priore, Irna: Nov./20, April/11 (G)
Raphael, Nan: Dec./32 (L)
Redcay, Andrea: April/32 (L)
Ringering, Rhonda: Jan./20, April/18 (X)
Santa, Lisa Garner: March/14 (P)
Schultz, Diane Boyd: July/22 (X)
Schwartz, David: April/30 (X)
Schwoebel, Sandy: Feb./16, April/31 (P)
Sokoloff, Laurie: Feb./32 (L)
Sopata, Kimberly: Sept./30 (X)
Terpenning, Rae: Nov./11 (G)
Thesen, Anita: Feb./12 (G); April/14 (P)
Thomas, M. Dec./2 (C)
Thompson, David & Denise: Nov./16 (G)
Wacker, Therese: March/32, May/8 (L)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
L = Piccolo
X = Miscellaneous Articles