Annual Index Flute Talk 1992-1993

Flute Talk

September 1992-July 1993

Michel Debost:
Productive Practicing (Part I), (Sept. /2)
Productive Practicing (Part II), (Oct. /2)
The Three Little Devils, (Nov./2)
Vibrato and Resonance, (Dec./2)
Blending and Tuning, (Jan./2)
To Breathe or Not to Breathe, (Feb./2)
Where to Breathe, (March/2)
Fingering Follies, (April/2)
Musicians as Accompanists, (May/2)
The Scale Game, (July/2)

Jan Gippo:
The Nutcracker’s Faux Pas, (Sept./36)
Performing Piccolo Play (Part I), (Oct./32)
Performing Piccolo Play (Part II), ( Nov./32)
New Piccolo Repertoire, (Dec. /32)
Piccolo Chamber Repertoire, (Jan. /32)
Performing Donald Erb’s Drawing Down the Moon (Part I), (March/32)
Performing Donald Erb’s Drawing Down the Moon (Part II), (April/32)
Player Sketches, May 32; New Piccolo Compositions, (July/36)

Marzio Conti, Mary Karen Clardy, (Nov./8)
Aurele Nicolet — Gentleman Flutist, Kathleen Chastain, (Nov./24)
Alain Marion, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, (Dec./8)
Jonathon Snowden, Mary Karen Clardy, (April/6)
Demarre McGill, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, (May/6)

Performance Guides:
Harvey Sollberger’s Quodlibetudes, Judith Cook Bently, (Sept./6)
Hindemith’s Flute Sonata, Thomas J. Brown, (Feb./8)
The Debussy Sonata, Robin Fellows, (March/8)
Chaminade’s Concertino, William Montgomery, (April/10)
Reinecke’s Undine Sonata , Edith Eastman, (May/17)

Interpreting Germanic Ornaments, Wendy Herbener Mehne, (Sept./9)
Composing on a Computer, David Schoettle, (Sept./21)
Playing with Vibrato, Lyon Leifer, (Sept./29)
The Questions Beginners Ask, Carol Kniebush Noe, (Sept./28)
Developing Expressive Playing, Harley Sandberg, (Sept./32)
The Rampal Technique by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, (Oct./6)
Carol Wincenc’s Advice, Diane Holtje Willis, (Oct./16)
Expressive Nuance of Sound: Dynamics, Tone Color, and Vibrato, Angeleita Floyd, (Dec./11)
Improving Intonation, Kathleen Chastain, (Dec./21)
The Elements of Technique, Karen Minar Wilmot, (Dec./23)
Stress and Pain by Clarence Shelton, (Jan./28)
Divergent Views on Fingering, compiled by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, (Jan./8)
Mendelssohn’s Fairy Scherzo by Heidi Sorber, (Feb./12)
A Wincenc Master Class, Diane Holtje Willis, (Feb./19)
Flute Tone Production by Katherine Borst Jones & Judith Delzell, (March/17)
Getting’ Rhythm, John Barcellona, (April/17)
Beyond Pan and Syrinx, Margaret Steen, (April/19)
Understanding the Grupetto, Robert Austin, (May/24)
Views on Vibrato, Norman C. Chapman, (July/14)

Jazz Techniques, Denis DiBlasio, (Jan./14)
Thumbs Up for Altes, Walfrid Kujala, (Jan./18)
Wanted: Jazz Flutists, Jeff Jarvis, (Oct./12)
The Genesis of a Flute Choir, Adah Toland Mosello, (Oct./19)
The Work Behind Workshops, Anne Mischakoff, (Nov./14)
The Italian Flute School, Influential and Forgotten, Gian-Luca Petrucci, (Nov./17)
Why Marry a Flutist?, Thomas Willis, (Nov./20)
Performing Chamber Music, Jacqueline Hofto, (Dec./18)
Beethoven’s American Connection Dallas Weekley, (Dec./29)
Becoming a Studio Musician, Jim Walker, (Jan./25)
A Nelhybel Premiere, Donna Milanovich, (Jan./27)
Modifying the Boehm System, James Schmidt, (Feb./15)
Nicolas Slonimsky’s Wit, Paul Taub, (Feb./17)
Running the Reception Line Gauntlet, Eric Street, (Feb./24)
College Music Programs: Progress Without Purpose, David Burge, (March/11)
Splitting Keys, Albert Cooper, (April/21)
Comments and Advice From Competition Judges, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, (May/9)
Flute Shopping Guide, Carlyn Lloyd-Ford, (May/21)
Leonardo DeLorenzo, Italian-American Flutist, Gian-Luca Petrucci, (July/24)
An Automatic C f System, Jacques Zoon, (July/29)
Directory of Flute Competitions, (Oct./24)
Player Profiles, Cynthia Ellis, (Feb./32)
1993 Flute Master Classes by Susan Waller, (March/20)

Flute Euphorics by Dudley Duncan, (Sept./24)
Hasta Mariana by Bill Holcombe, (Oct./22)
“Bootes” by Kim Theodore, (Nov./26)
“Scherzino” by Aaron Einbond, (Nov./26)
“The Rose” by Jerry Bellows, (Nov./27)
“Amazing Grace” arranged by Bill Holcombe, (March/26)
Dans le Jardin by Bill Holcombe, (April/24)
Metabaino by Marg Daly, (April/26)