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Annual Index Flute Talk 1988-1989

Flute Talk

September 1988-July 1989

An Impassioned Flutist: Raymond Guiot, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, September, 6
Walfrid Kujala: King of the High Notes, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, October, 6
Maxence Larrieu: Nothing to Prove, Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, November, 6
Albert Cooper: Flute-maker at the Cutting Edge, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, November, 10
Espree: Blending Flute and Harp, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, December, 8
Trevor Wye: Wise Teacher, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, January, 8
Walt “The Kid” Parazaider: 1 Don’t Want To Be A Lawyer, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, February, 8
To Be or To Bop: Denis DiBlasio Explains, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, March 8
James Galway: Pied Piper with a Punch, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, April, 8
Jim Walker Soars Into Flight, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, May/June, 8
Catherine Ransom —Winner Takes All, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, July/August, 8
Janet Ferguson — More than Melody, Polly Hansen, September, 10
An Interview with Peter Lukas Graf, Bettine Clemen Ware, July/August, 10

Performance Guides:
Performance Guide: An Approach to Ornamentation, Walfrid Kujala, October, 12
Performance Guide: Franz Doppler’s L’Oiseau des Bois, Mark Thomas, April, 12

Adapting the Flute to the Embouchure, J. Charles Culbreath, D.D.S., February, 22
Thoughts on Playing the Flute, James Galway, January, 12
Practicing with a Tuner, Deanna L. Mathews, February, 14
Michel Dubost’s Scale Game, Frances Lapp Averith, September, 22
The Basics of Flute Playing, Geoffrey Gilbert, July/August, 14
Producing a Good Sound, Keh-Ming Lin, March, 24
Mariano’s Musical Concepts, Andrea Kapell Loewy, October, 15
Teaching Breath Control, Elizabeth Kerry, February, 20
Teaching Finger Technique, Elizabeth Kerry, April, 24
Variations on a Theme by Moyse, Joan Schubert, October, 29
Braaten, Vernon L., Pointers to Holding the Flute, December, 28

Bach, Jan, Four Two Bit Contraptions, Calliope ,May/June, 24
Norton, Susan W., Soliloquy for solo flute, March, 16
Perone, James, Music for Flute, March,13
Reicha, Anton, Flute Duet, Variationen, Allegretto scherzando, September, 26
Reynolds, John, Airs and Dances for flute and clarinet, No.1, February, 25
Ryterband, Roman, Two Desert Scenes for flute or violin and harp, 1. A Smoke Tree Dream, December, 34
Schoettle, Dave, Songs for Flute and Piano, No.2, April, 30
Shae, Stacey, Morning Sunshine for flute and piano, January, 21
Tulou, Jean-Louis, Study Duet, Allegretto, October, 27

Let’s Talk Pice, Purchasing a Piccolo, Jan Gippo, December, 44
Let’s Talk Pice, Learning Intonation, Jan Gippo, January, 32 Gippo, Jan,
Let’s Talk Pice, Alternate Piccolo Fingerings, Jan Gippo, February, 32
Let’s Talk Pice, The Practice Plan, Jan Gippo, March, 32
Let’s Talk Pice, Readers Respond, Jan Gippo, April, 36
Let’sTalk Picc, Piccolo Method Books, Jan Gippo, May/June, 32
Let’sTalk Picc, Lois Schaeffer, Piccolo Repertoire, July/August, 36

Andrew, Nancy, Centenniel Celebrations, May/June, 22
Bauman, Joan Marie, The Living Heritage of Marcel Moyse, May/June, 16
Baxtresser, Jeanne, Becoming a Team Player, November, 14
Clardy, Mary Karen, Nice Flute Symposium, October, 16
Clardy, Mary Karen, The Importance of Competition, March, 22
Colby, Linda Jenks, The Rules of Good Page Turning, February, 28
Cowan, Joanna, Bowling Green Stages New Music and Art Festival, February, 18
Cooper, Albert, Lip Plate Replacement, July/August, 25
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Putting Contests Into Perspective, July/August, 22
Harper, Patricia Summering at Ramsgate, January, 18
Keefe, Linda, The Magic of Moyse, May/June, 21
Kocher, Edward, Music Scholarships, September, 18
Levy, Herbert, If the Flute Fits, March, 20
Littlefield, John-Herrick, A Flute Quartet With Only One Flute, November, 21
McCutchan, Ann, Marcel Moyse: A Biographical Sketch,May/June, 14
Madden, John, Students of Music for Life, February, 16
Meeks, Teresa, Kirkwood Flute Ensemble, November, 23 Miller,
William Clayton, A Student’s Guide to a Superior Festival Rating, March, 26
Moyse, Louis, Why Teaching is an Art, July/August, 27
Rice-Young, Amy, Create a Flute Ensemble, January, 28
Senior, Ian, Why Corks?, October, 24
Stone, Lisa, Rejoicing with the Flute, September, 20
Toff, Nancy, The Jubal Trio: Three Working as One, December, 12
Walker, Jim, Switched On Flute, May/June, 13
Wain, Ronald L., Exploring the Voice and Flute Ensemble, November, 18
Webster, Mel, The Piccolo Case, October, 28
Weller, Janis, Preparing for a Career in Music, December, 20
White, Joan Lynn, Flute Tone Quality: Does the Metal Make a Difference?, September, 16
Williams, Mike, The Life of a Music Software Author, March, 18
Wilson, Merrill, D.D.S., The Embouchure and Orthodontics, December, 16
Annual Index, July/August, 38
Carey, Gerald; Pruzan, Irene, 1989 N.F.A. Convention, July,August, 18
Directory of Flute Competitions, October, 19
Guregian, Elaine, Gunther Schuller Concerto Premiered, December, 42
Waller, Susan, 1989 Summer Flute Master Classes, April, 26