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August 9 - 12
Renaissance Fiddling Tunes For Two Workshops

The Old Avoca Schoolhouse in Avoca, Nebraska will be streaming three on line “Renaissance Fiddling Tunes For Two Workshops” for fiddlers, violists, cellists, bassists, mandolinists, and recorder players.

The Workshops will be on Tuesday, August 9, 7 PM, Central Time, Wednesday, August 10, 10 AM, Central Time, and Friday, August 12, 7 PM, Central Time. Different tunes will be played at each session.

Each participant will receive a copy of our “Renaissance Fiddling Tunes For Two” book, arranged for the instrument of their choice. These 28 traditional Renaissance tunes are arranged for two players, with chords for back-up musicians included. Program notes and a source list are included. Just as in all of the collections in the Tunes for Two series these books contain the same tunes in the same keys making it easy for you to play with a friend playing another instrument.

During the Workshop, we will read, play, and discuss various survival skills for these kinds of pieces. A treble clef version of the sheet music for the tunes being played will be displayed on Zoom's screen during the workshop.

There is limited enrollment, and pre-registration is required. The fee for each “Renaissance Fiddling Tunes For Two” workshop is $25.00.

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