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Music News

2017 National Jamboree Band Seeks Members
The National Scout Jamboree Band is now forming and looking for scout musicians. The staff band plays at ceremonies, events, concerts, and arena shows and entertains the many thousands of scouts and visitors to the 19th National Jamboree July 19 - 28, 2017  at the Summit in West Virginia. Repertoire includes popular and patriotic music, marches, and pep band tunes. Scouts who can double on set, guitar, bass and keyboard are needed for the 16 piece jazz band and Tower of Power style rock band. Scouts need to play at a high school level or better. All registered Scouts, male or female Explorers and Venture Scouts ages 16-25 may apply. For information about the band and how to apply, please visit or email the director [email protected] (6/16)

Pops Orchestra in Ojai
    The inaugural Ojai Pops Orchestra will take place at the Libbey Bowl in Ojai, California from August 8-12, 2016. The workshop will bring together musicians, conductors, and composers to play pops music in a full orchestra. We will play show tunes, jazz, movie music, new scores, and more. This workshop is for musicians, composers, and conductors. This ensemble is for intermediate to advanced orchestra musicians, such as college music majors, music teachers, and other adult musicians and students. (6/16)

Industry News

Vandoren Sponsors Summer Camps   
    Vandoren is sponsoring a number of summer camps in 2016 that will feature its artists. Here are some of the details. To learn more contact [email protected].
    Gina Scheer will lead the Lone Star Camp in Round Rock, Texas from June 13-17 and in Coppell, Texas from June 20-24. The Round Rock camp will feature guest artist Paula Corley, while Mitchell Estrin will appear at the Coppell camp.
    The 37th Annual Vienna Band Camp (Falls Church, Virginia) will run from June 28-July 21 and feature Paula Corley. The camp will have four classes a day for students in grade 4 through 9.
    Clarinet Intensive Study Program is a two-week immersion program for advanced conservatory and high school players held in conjunction with the MasterWorks Festival in Cedarvile, Ohio. Diana Haskell of the St. Louis Symphony directs the camp.
    Sax Pro Workshops Camps will take place in Austin and Brownsville, Texas under the direction of Sunil Gadgil. This four-day workshop is open to students in grades 7 to 12.
    The George Mason Summer Clarinet Academy occurs July 25-29 at George Mason's campus in Fairfax, Virginia. High school clarinetists will have the chance to play in rehearsals, masterclasses, and a clarinet choir. (6/16)

Peterson Releases BodyBeat Pulse Solo
Peterson Electro-Musical Products has released the BodyBeat Pulse Solo, a low-cost way to feel the tempo. The product converts audio to vibrations, creating a tactile metronome that a musician will feel rather than hear. The Pulse uses the output of any metronome with a standard headphone out jack including metronome apps on mobile devices. The device can run for eight hours on a full charge and will sell for a suggested price of $39.99. (6/16)

New Buffet Websites
Buffet Crampon has launched new websites as of June 1. The announcement was made on YouTube. (6/16)

Sabian HH Vanguard Released
Sabian has formally introduced its HH Vanguard cymbals, releasing a brief video overview of the product. (6/16)

Vandoren Expands Artist Program

Vandoren has added bass clarinetist Rebecca Scholldorf as administrator of the Vandoren Regional Artist program, launched in the summer of 2015. The program, which provides clinics to educators and students around the country, has expanded to 30 regional artists. The clinics cover music and instrument fundamentals, ensemble and section playing, improvisation, and equipment selection. To request a clinic or find an artist near you, visit regional_artists. (4/16)

LeFreQue in North America
LefreQue US has been established to distribute the company's sound enhancers. This signals a new collaboration between LefreQue BV, based in the Netherlands, and West Music of Coralville, Iowa. The lefreQue is a sound bridge designed to enhance the sound on all wind instruments. It repairs sound breaches that occur naturally because of connection points in wind instruments. The leFreque was invented by saxophone and flute player Hans Kuijt and is used by players in the Berlin Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. To learn more, visit (4/16)

Vandoren Studio in Los Angeles
After more than 20 years of success with the Musician’s Advisory Studio in New York City, Vandoren opened a new studio in Los Angeles on January 19. Centrally located in Los Angeles, the studio offers musicians a space to try out Vandoren’s full line of products under the guidance of a product specialist. The studio is open to all players, educators, and students interested in trying out Vandoren products and is located at 1301 N. Catalina Ave., Suite 1, Los Angeles, California 90027. Those interested in visiting the studio should contact Sylvain Carton at [email protected] or 323-219-8599 to make an appointment. (3/16)

Wenger Rehearsal Presentation at TMEA
    Wenger Corporation presented its virtual acoustics technology at February convention of the Texas Music Educators Association in San Antonio. Wenger transformed a hotel conference room into a simulated rehearsal room with twenty speakers and two microphones mounted on temporary trussing; a digital signal processor computer controlled the system.
    Joel Ashbrook, director of instrumental music at San Angelo Central High School in Texas, demonstrated how the system works. Since the fall of 2015, he has used the virtual acoustics technology to improve ear training, technical precision, balance, blend, and pitch matching. Ashbrook’s school lacks an auditorium, but his system allows him to recreate nine standard acoustical settings including a recital hall, cathedral, and an arena. Wenger technicians also created two custom settings that simulate venues over 100 miles away that are frequent concert and contest sites. Ashbrook raves that “from a competition standpoint, we now have the opportunity to play every day in a hall that sounds like the stages we’ll compete on. That can’t help but give us an advantage.” A brass quintet from nearby Johnson High School assisted with the presentation at TMEA. For more information on this technology, visit


New Products and Publications

New Flutes from Haynes
The William S. Haynes Co. has released its improved line of Amadeus student step-up flutes to dealers across North America. The new flutes have upgraded features, sleek design, and a refreshed headjoint option. The team at Eastman collected input from performers, teachers, and students. The new line aims to provide the highest level of quality and sound at competitive prices. For more information, visit (4/16)

Kendor Debut Solos
Kendor Music, Inc. announced a new series, Kendor Debut Solos. Designed for a first contest or recital performance, these grade 1-2 collections contain 14 pieces that have been carefully arranged by a specialist on that instrument, and edited by Carl Strommen. Free downloadable piano accompaniment MP3s are available at (3/16)

Honors and Appointments

ChopSaver Receives Award
    ChopSaver Lip Care is one of five recipients of the latest round of the Elevate Purdue Foundry Fund First-Tier Black Awards. Each Purdue affiliated company will receive $20,000 in seed funding to grow their enterprises. "We are deeply honored, not only by the award, but to be in the company of such amazing emerging companies," said ChopSaver creator and founder Dan Gosling. "What I believe all these companies share is a sincere desire to make a lasting impact in the lives of their customers. To receive an endorsement from both a major university (Purdue) and a state chartered institution (Elevate Ventures) is very gratifying and we look forward to using the funds for programs essential to our growth."



In Memoriam
Remo Belli (1927-2016)
    Remo Belli, founder of Remo Inc., passed away on April 25. In 1957 Belli invented the first successful synthetic drumhead. The innovation was concurrent with the exploding interest in rock and roll instruments in the 1950s. Belli opened Drum City in Pasadena, California in 1952. After working with a chemist to mass-produce synthetic drumheads, Belli expanded his shop and began production. Belli grew up in Mishawaka, Indiana and became interested in drums at an early age. He enlisted in the Navy at age 18 and was promptly assigned to the Navy Band. Upon his discharge, Belli relocated to Southern California and began a career as a professional drummer. In a March 2011 profile by Inc. magazine, Belli spoke of the potential benefits of drumming for all people. "Drums are a rhythm instrument; they're accessible; they're instantaneous. Drums can be used by anyone for relaxation and enjoyment. They can be used for helping people with autism or Alzheimer's—or for someone just showing up at a recreation center on a Tuesday night having a ball." Remo was a strong proponent of drum circles over the years. Among his many accomplishments, Belli was one of the founders of the Percussive Arts Society. (6/16)

Louis Lane (1923-2016)
    Noted American conductor Louis Lane died February 15, 2016 at the age of 92. Louis and I were colleagues at the Oberlin Conservatory from 1995-1998. I was fortunate to know him as a friend and greatly admired this distinguished conductor who shared his vast knowledge with faculty and students.
    Lane is best remembered for his long association with the Cleveland Orch-estra where he was appointed apprentice conductor to George Szell in 1947 and later became assistant conductor (1955-1960), associate conductor (1960-1970), and after Szell’s death, resident conductor (1970-1973). After his time with the Cleveland Orchestra, Lane served as principal conductor with the Atlanta and Dallas Symphonies.
   We had many conversations about music, conductors, and great interpretations. I will never forget his incredible description of the meticulous and demanding audition he had to perform for George Szell to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of harmony, counterpoint, ear training, composition, orchestration, and piano skills. Specifics of his audition included conducting a Mozart symphony, not with the orchestra, but by humming all of the important leading voices and being prepared to stop at any point and tell the exact instrumentation to Szell who was following along with the score.
    Szell then asked Lane to play Chopin’s E Major Etude on the piano in a different key. Then he gave Lane a full transposed orchestral score and told him to reduce all of the instruments to concert pitch and perform them on the piano. The final hurdle was for Lane to orchestrate a Beethoven sonata movement in one hour and put all of the instruments in transposed pitch and play the movement from his transposed score to the concert pitch of the piano.
    Lane told me that Szell was seeking was for the candidate to have a thorough training in all disciplines of music but more importantly he should have an imaginative musical vision and the creativity to bring the music alive for the orchestra and audience. Lane had all of these qualities. His musicianship displayed great musical integrity, disciplined creativity to bring music to life.
– John Knight (4/16)

Otto-Werner Mueller (1926-2016)
    Conductor and pedagogue Otto-Werner Mueller, aged 89, died on February 25, 2016 from Parkinson’s disease. He was the head of the conducting department at The Curtis Institute of Music between 1986 and 2013 and also served on the conducting faculties at The Juilliard School and Yale School of Music. Early in his career he was director of the chamber music department at Radio Stuttgart. He also worked in opera and operetta for the Heidelberg Theater before emigrating to Canada in 1951. While in Canada, he worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and taught at the Montreal Conservatory.

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