Annual Index August 2016-June 2017, vol. 71

Interviews and Profiles
An Interview with Charles A. Maguire, Artistic Director of the Desert Winds by John Seaton (12/16, p. 10)
An Interview with Donald McKinney by Onsby C. Rose (2/17, p. 10)
An Interview with Gloria Ramirez by Dan Blaufuss (4/17, p. 8)

An Interview with United Sound's Julie Duty by Thomas Bough (6/17, online)
Barbara Buehlman: How She Changed the Midwest Clinic by Timothy Todd Anderson (12/16, p. 20)
Culture and Discipline, An Interview with Benjamin Das by Dan Blaufuss (3/17, p. 8)
Everything I Value Comes from Music, an Interview with Len Lavelle by John Thomson (1/17, p. 6)
Finding a Home, An Interview with Todd Stefan by Anthony Pursell (9/16, p. 12)
Legacy of Perfection, A Conversation with Mark Bettcher by Ron Modell (11/16, p. 14)
Remembering Nelhybel by Hubert Bird (1/17, p. 22)
Serving Through Music, An Interview with John Cisetti by Dan Blaufuss (8/16, p. 18)

Conducting and Literature
Five-Minute Conducting Gesture Workout by Paul De Cinque (11/16, p. 20)
The Most Common Comments by Brian Anderson (3/17, p. 18)

Precise Entrances and Releases by Brian Anderson (6/17, online)

Teaching and Rehearsal Ideas

All-State Preparation Tactics by Adrian D. Griffin (10/16, p. 28)
Answers About Practice by Michael Banewicz (2/17, p. 24)
Beginning Band, College Style by Thomas G. Evans (8/16, p. 24)
The Best Way to Spend the Day, A Conversation with Thomas Trimborn by Justin A. Doss (4/17, p. 14)
Building the Right Way by Jonathan Kurtz (1/17, p. 12)
The Dot System, A Visual Rhythm Reading Aid by Anthony Pursell (10/16, p. 16)
Idea Exchange: Planting Seeds for Listening by Adrian D. Griffin (11/16, p. 25)
In Search of the Perfect Rehearsal by John Thomson (9/16, p. 16)
Lessons from Skunk Band, Improving Preparation for Student Teaching by John A. Lychner (10/16 p. 16)
Making Sense of Common Core by David Kish (8/16, p. 38)
My Music Teacher Is My Superhero, Reflections of First- and Second-Year Teachers by Elizabeth B. Peterson (8/16, p. 14)
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, and a March by Onsby C. Rose (3/17, p. 22)
One Step at a Time, Reflections of First- and Second-Year Teachers, Part 2 by Elizabeth Peterson (9/17, p. 20)
Reflections on Leading by Bobby Lambert (3/17, p. 14)
Selecting Music for High School Bands by Frank L. Battisti (10/16, p. 26)
Training Tomorrow’s Audiences by Mark Hosler (5/17, p. 12)
Useful Music Apps by Sean Murphy (12/16, p. 40)
Using a Drone by Sean Murphy by Sean Murphy (11/16, p. 24)

Brass Clinics
Five Principles for Range Development by Micah Everett (9/16, p. 28)
Healthy Buzzing Practice by Max Matzen (9/16, p. 24)
Problems with Third Valve Technique by Gary Corcoran (4/17, p. 29)

Percussion Clinics

Five Ways to Improve Timpani Sound by Nathan Buonviri (6/17, online)
Fixing Cymbal Crashes
by Nathan Buonviri (1/17, p. 16)
Four-Mallet Tips by Nathan Buonviri (4/17, p. 30)
Great Percussion Solos and Auditions by David Ratliff (2/17, p. 20)
Optimizing Percussion by Michael Crawford (10/16, p. 20)
Percussion in the Pit by Nathan Buonviri (12/16, p. 36)

String Clinics

Suzuki in the Schools, Using Principles of Talent Education in Pull-Out Lessons by Julie Along Carr (1/17, p. 19)

Woodwind Clinics
Bassoon Accessories by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (11/16, p. 22)
High and Low, Switching to and from Bass and Contrabass Clarinets by Dmitry Perevertailenko (2/17, p. 16)
Improvement in a Month by Patricia George (6/17, online)
Slap Tongue, Tips from the Masters by Sean Murphy (5/17, p. 22)
Strategies for Teaching Fingerings by Patricia George (4/17, p. 32)

Jazz Articles

Approaching Arpeggios by Sean Murphy (3/17, p. 26)
Improvisation in Beginning Jazz Combos by Tom Lizotte (8/16, p. 36)
The Mental Process of Learning Improvisation by Joe Riposo (5/17, p. 18)
Tone and Style for Saxophonists by Joren Cain (12/16, p. 30)

Marching Articles
Balancing the Sound in the Parade Block by Ted Aarrestad (8/16, p. 34)
Perfecting the Visuals by Adrian Caswell (8/16, p. 30)
Planning the Marching Show by Tom Lizotte (4/17, p. 26)

Recruiting for Small College Athletic Band Programs by Sean Kelley


A Preview from the Presenters compiled by Editors (12/16, p. 24)
The Art of Public Relations by John J. Gallagher (5/17, p. 8)
Essential Transcriptions by Christopher Brandt (4/17, p. 18)
Interpreting Taps by Anthony B. Kirkland (5/17, p. 40)
Is My Instrument Making Me Sick? by Jeff Dening (2/17, p. 26)
Life of Reely by  Trey Reely: Beating the Summer Heat (5/17, p. 28); Breaking the Ice (9/16, p. 2); Coach-Speak (4/17, p. 40); Conversation Starters (3/17, p. 64); It’s Nice to Know (2/17, p. 32); My Gerbil Died (10/16, p. 2); Progressive Concerts (1/17, p. 32) Reely’s Rules of Thumb (8/16, p. 8); Say What? (12/16, p. 48); Thank You? (11/16, p. 36);
Wait! Wait! (6/17, online)
Make Music Day 2016 by Wendy Kumer (9/16, p. 40)
Midwest Memories compiled by Editors (11/16, p. 10)
The Midwest Clinic Celebrates 70 Years compiled by Dan Blaufuss (12/16, p. 18)
Music in the Hall by Emily Laufer (8/16, p. 48)
Revisiting Husa compiled by Editors (3/17, p. 27)
Saving Money on Repairs by Sally Wagner (9/16, p. 32)

Notes from Northbrook
The Best Part of the Day by Elizabeth B. Peterson (8/16, p. 2)
Change of Season by James M. Rohner (4/17, p. 2)
Hard Habit to Break by James M. Rohner (2/17, p. 2)
I Can Hear You Thinking by Dan Blaufuss (5/17, p. 2)
Inspiration and Dedication: Memories of the Midwest Clinic by Bruce Moss and Richard Crain (12/16, p. 2)
Meetings by James M. Rohner (3/17, p. 2)
Music, Astronomy, & Beauty by Dan Blaufuss (1/17, p. 2)
Pass It On by David R. Holsinger (11/16, p. 2)

Personal Perspective
The Battle Over Military Bands by Onsby C. Rose (8/16, p. 6)
Guiding the Decision by Victoria Jicha (10/16, p. 96)


Index of Authors
Aarrestad, Ted, Aug./34
Anderson, Brian, Mar./18; Jun./online
Banewicz, Michael, Feb./24
Battisti, Frank L., Oct./26
Blaufuss, Dan, Aug./18; Dec./18; Jan./2; Mar./8; Apr./8; May./2
Bird, Hubert, Jan./22

Bough, Thomas, Jun./online
Brandt, Christopher, Apr./18
Buonviri, Nathan, Dec./36; Jan./16; Apr./30; Jun./online
Cain, Joren, Dec./30
Carr, Julie Along, Jan./19
Caswell, Adrian, Aug./30
Corcoran, Gary, Apr./29
Crawford, Michael, Oct./20
DeCinque, Paul, Nov./20  
Dening, Jeff, Feb./26
Doss, Justin A., Apr./14
Evans, Thomas G., Aug./24
Everett, Micah, Sep./28
Fetters, Elizabeth Rusch, Nov./22
Gallagher, John J., May/8
George, Patricia, Apr./32; Jun./online
Griffin, Adrian D., Oct./28; Nov./25
Holsinger, David R., Nov./2
Hosler, Mark, May/12
Jicha, Victoria, Oct./96
Kelley, Sean, Jun./online
Kirkland, Anthony B., May/40
Kish, David, Aug./38
Kumer, Wendy, Sept./40
Kurtz, Jonathan, Jan./12
Lambert, Bobby, Mar./14
Laufer, Emily, Aug./48
Lizotte, Tom, Aug./36; Apr./26
Lychner, John A., Oct./16
Matzen, Max, Sep./24
Modell, Ronk, Nov./14
Murphy, Sean, Nov./24; Dec./40; Mar./26; May/22
Perevertailenko, Dmitry, Feb./16
Peterson, Elizabeth B., Aug./2; Aug./14; Sep./20
Pursell, Anthony, Sep./12; Oct./16
Ratliff, David, Feb./20
Reely, Trey, Aug./8; Sep./2; Oct./2; Nov./36; Dec./48; Jan./32; Feb./32; Mar./64; Apr./40; May/28; Jun./online
Riposo, Joe, May/18
Rohner, James M., Feb./2; Mar./2; Apr./2
Rose, Onsby C., Aug./6; Feb./10; Mar./22
Seaton, John, Dec./10
Thomson, John, Sep./16; Jan./6
Wagner, Sally, Sep./32
Anderson, Todd, Dec./20



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