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    This is the 69th annual summer music camp directory published by The Instrumentalist. Student camps are marked as
  S . Programs for college and graduate students and directors are marked with an    for adult. Camps are listed alphabetically by state. Within each state, student camps are listed first, then programs with offerings for both students and adults, and then those for adults only. Directors may make up to 100 copies of this magazine version of listing for distribution at no cost to students, parents, or teachers. ©2015 The Instrumentalist Publishing Co.You may link to the online version on your social media –  http://theinstrumentalist.com/pages/The-Instrumentalist/2015-Camp-Directory/

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  S   FJM Clinics, Tuscaloosa, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $310, tuition alone $200. 7/5-8. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected] .

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Tuscaloosa, offers exceptional summer workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 6/5-9. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

  S   Curry Summer Music Camp at NAU, Flagstaff, allows students to work with NAU School of Music faculty and renowned musicians from across the country. Students have full ensemble rehearsals each day, and attend masterclasses, sectionals, and other courses that expand knowledge and appreciation of different facets of music. The program also offers private lessons and chamber coaching. Finale ensemble concerts are  held in Ardrey Memorial Auditorium at the end of each week. Students may audition to perform for peers in the annual student honor recital, and pianists perform in a recital on the stage of Ardrey Memorial Auditorium at the end of each session. The camp was established in 1950 by Dr. Jack Swartz. Surrounded by the San Francisco Peaks on the Northern University of Arizona campus, this program allows students to attend concerts and recitals, and it also provides opportunities for other fun activities such as the talent show, dances, movie nights, camp games, and more. Tuition with housing $729-$1,399, tuition alone $529-$799. 6/21-7/4 (senior), 7/5-11 (junior). 250 students, 45 tea­chers per session. Con­tact: 928-523-2323, [email protected]

  S   FJM Clinics, Flagstaff, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $330, tuition alone $200. 7/12-15. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected]

George N. Parks Drum Major Academy,
Fayetteville, offers exceptional summer workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to improve their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 6/15-19. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

  S     Windswept Music Conference, Arkadelphia. With divisions for students ages 12-18 and courses suitable for all instruments, this is a unique workshop that focuses on turning technique into musicality and bringing artistry to life. Windswept is often described as the place where music and energy meet. Tuition with housing $540, tuition alone $375. 7/21-26. 20 students per faculty member, 14 teachers. Windswept also offers a week-long program designed to give teachers the skills to turn students from being correct note/rhythm players to being developing young musicians. This conference opens new pathways for teaching and experiencing music. Tuition with housing $535, tuition alone $375. 7/19-24. 50 participants, 14 teachers. Contact: 817-454-6342, [email protected]

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  S   Arrowbear Music Camp, Arrowbear. Since 1942, this camp has been offering residential sessions focusing on full orchestra, concert band, jazz improvisation, and choir. The schedule offers a mix of intensive musical training and old fashioned camp fun. Sessions are arranged according to age with an emphasis on age specific activities. Tuition with housing $480-$1,330. 6/21-8/22. 50-120 students, 10 teachers. Contact: 909-867-2782, [email protected]

  S   Band at the Beach Music Camp, San Diego, is entering its 27th year. Coaches provided for all sections. Guest conductors. San Diego symphony outreach personnel. Day camp open to grades 7-12 with two years’ instruction. Day camp from 12:00-4:00. Free concert for the public on August 7. Tuition $210. 8/3-7. 65 students, 15 teachers. Con­tact: 619-222-3065, [email protected]

  S   Berklee College of Music Summer Programs offers a variety of special sessions. Contact: 617-747-2245, [email protected]
   Berklee in Los Angeles: It’s All in the Song at Berklee in Los Angeles will guide the aspiring musician in a variety of aspects of songwriting, stage performance, production, and the business of music. Through both individual and team efforts, students will work through the processes and techniques involved in writing, producing, and marketing a song from conception to completion. Tuition $1,265 + $50 registration fee. 7/20-24.
   Berklee in Los Angeles: Performance Program will guide in workshops – from classical to pop, and rock to jazz, and more – for students who are interested learning to be the best they can be in the contemporary music styles. Classes will be in lecture and masterclass formats on topics such as instrumental technique, improvisation, and harmony. Students will then apply these skills in ensembles and special lectures. Tuition $1,265 + $50 registration fee. 7/27-31.


The Brubeck Institute Jazz Camp
offers high school students an opportunity to participate in jazz ensembles and jazz combos along with classes in jazz improvisation and jazz history. In addition, the program includes five masterclasses with professional musicians. Evening activities include jam sessions, concerts, and social activities. Tuition with housing $720, tuition alone $620. 6/14-20. 90 students, 15 teachers. Contact: 909-946-3201, [email protected]

  S   California Summer Music, Rohnert Park, is a three-week program for strings, piano, and composition that focuses on chamber music. Students range from 12-25. CSM is a thriving environment for young musicians to grow and achieve their goals through music making.  Program gives each artist highly individualized musical training and mentoring with CSM faculty and internationally renowned guest artists. Tuition with housing $4,800, tuition only $2,400. 7/5-27. 65 students, 13 teachers. Contact: 415-753-8920, [email protected]

  S   Cazadero Music Camp, Cazadero, is located in a redwood grove, two hours north of San Francisco. The camp offers a unique blend of intensive musical instruction and outdoor recreation with five camp sessions in a seven-week period, arranged progressively by age (5th-12th grade) and ability. Musical instruction includes orchestra, concert band, jazz ensemble, piano, and guitar. Campers have a choice of musical and nonmusical electives that may include jazz improvisation, chamber music, arts and crafts, nature, or sports. Tuition with housing $760-$1,680. 6/15-8/1. 140 students, 30 teachers. Contact: Emily Brockman (camp registration manager), 510-527-7500, [email protected]

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Riverside, offers exceptional workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 7/16-20. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]
  S   Hidden Valley Music, Carmel Valley,  offers a variety of masterclasses for advanced players led by master teachers from the New York Philharmonic, Juilliard, Oberlin, and the Cleveland Orchestra that are held in a beautiful rural setting on the central coast of California.
    Flute with Keith Underwood is for advanced flutists with breakout sessions with jazz flutist Ali Ryerson. Tuition with housing $1,150. 7/6-11. 20 participants. Keith Underwood, Ali Ryerson. Contact: [email protected]
    Jazz Flute with Ali Ryerson is for advanced players focusing on jazz technique and performance. Tuition with housing $1,150. 7/5-10. 20 participants. Contact: [email protected]
    2015 Master Class Series also includes:
Elaine Douvas – Oboe. 6/7-12.
Judith LeClair – Bassoon. 6/26-30.
Mark Nuccio – Clarinet. 6/26-30.
Peter Maund – Percussion. 8/9-14.
Mark Kosower – Cello. 8/10-15.
Robert Walters – English Horn. 8/16-21.
     A testament both to our exceptional teaching faculty and the caliber of students we enroll, many Hidden Valley masterclass participants have gone on to hold important positions in major orchestras and university faculties. Tuition with housing $1,150. 10-24 students per class, 8 teachers. Contact: 831-659-3115, [email protected]

  S   Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, Idyllwild, provides intensive 2-week music workshops focusing on Band, Chamber Music, Choir, Harp, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Piano, Orchestra, and Songwriting for students finishing grades 7-12. Includes rehearsals, masterclasses, and private lessons. The faculty consists of working professionals and university level instructors. Tuition w/housing $2,950, tuition alone $2,550. 6/28-7/11; 7/12-25, 7/26-8/8. 400-500 students, 90 teachers. Con­tact: 951-659-2171, [email protected]

  S   Northern California Flute Camp, Carmel Valley, is a one-week program for serious students ages 12-19. Curriculum includes solo performance,  private lessons, masterclasses, flute choirs, chamber music, electives, seminar classes on flute-related topics, guest artist events, and recreation. Guest artist Bonita Boyd. Visiting faculty Michelle Caimotto, Karen Johnson, Tomiko Tsai, Karen Van Dyke, Gary Woodward. Tuition with housing $1,350. 7/10-18. 50 students. Contact: [email protected]

  S   Pacific Crest Drum Major Camp, Oceanside, brings together experts in music education and leadership to work with students preparing for their role as a high school drum major. Students will also experience a few days in the life of the Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps, sharing lodging and meals, rehearsing with, and even conducting the corps. Open to current and prospective drum majors. Tuition with housing $249. 6/24-26. 60 students, 15 teachers. Contact: 909-287-1310, [email protected]

  S   Pacific Music Camp, Stockton, offers a wide variety of ensembles, electives, and social activities for junior and senior high school musicians through four distinct camps: Pacific Music Business Camp, Junior Band & Orchestra Camp, Senior Band, Orchestra, Choir Camp, and Senior Piano Camp. This past summer attracted nearly 375 student musicians from across the western United States and beyond. Tuition with housing $695-$820, tuition alone $595-$720. Pacific Music Business Camp 6/14-20, 25 students. Junior Band & Orchestra Camp 7/5-11, 100 students. Senior Band, Orchestra, Choir 7/12-18, 220 students. Piano Camp 7/12-18, 15 students. 50 teachers. Contact: 209-946-2416, [email protected]

  S   Stanford Youth Orchestra, Stan­ford

This is a three-week intensive orchestral program on the campus of Stanford University for students in 8th-12th grade. Tuition with housing $5990, tuition alone $2995. 7/12-8/1. 100 participants. Contact:  [email protected]

  S   Summer Programs at SFCM, San Francisco. Gilbert & Sullivan Scenes: a collaboration between San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Lamplighters Music Theatre. Explore the topsy-turvy world of rollicking pirates, damsels in distress, and modern major generals through singing, acting, and stage movement, leading to a fully costumed performance. Ages 10 to 18. Admission by audition. Tuition $820. 6/15-27, in the afternoons. 38 students, 7 teachers. Contact: 415-503-6254, [email protected]

  S   Wildwood Institute of Musical Arts, Irvine. Two 7-day week live-in programs of instruction in band, orchestra, and chamber music for intermediate and high school students, culminating in concerts each week. Tuition with hous­ing $545. Intermediate: 7/9-12, Senior High: 7/12-19. 80-100 students, 16 teachers. Contact: 949-551-2877, [email protected]

  S     Music Academy of the West, Santa Bar­bara, is for talented students who are planning a career in music. The eight-week summer program for string, wind, brass, and percussion students in­cludes performance opportunities in solo and chamber recitals, orchestra concerts, and opera productions. 6/16-8/9. Contact: 805-969-4726, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S     Stanford Jazz Workshop, Stanford, offers one- and two-week jazz immersion opportunities for middle school, high school, and college students, as well as adults. Students study with some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world, focusing on improv skills and combo performance. Programs are integrated with the Stanford Jazz Festival.  Tuition $850-$2,150, depending on program and housing choices. Giant Steps Day Camp, 7/13-17; Jazz Camp Week 1, 7/19-24; Jazz Camp Week 2, 7/26-8/2; 2-week Jazz Comprehensive, 7/19-31; Jazz Institute, 8/2-7; 2-week Advanced Institute, 7/26-8/7; World [email protected], 8/2-7. Contact: 650-736-0324, stanfordjazz.org.

   California State University Summer Arts, Fresno, has drawn college students and professionals from the United States and abroad for over 25 years. Two two-week intensives provide 3-6 transferable undergraduate or graduate college credit. Participants work one-on-one and in small groups with renowned teachers. Contact: 562-951-4060, [email protected] (2014 data)

   Flutes by the Sea Masterclass, Half Moon Bay, is an intensive course with masterclasses, concerts, flute choirs, pedagogy, entrepreneurship, and business of music lectures. Tuition alone $395. 7/9-11. 10 participants, unlimited auditors.  Masterclass teachers Jill Felber, Viviana Guzman, Fluterscooter, Barbara Siesel. Contact: [email protected]

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  S   Boston Brass Music Camp, Gun­nison, is a week-long camp for brass players of all ages. The camp features the internationally famous quintet Boston Brass. In addition to brass solo and chamber music instruction, participants have opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities of the beautiful Gunison Valley. The camp is co-sponsored by the Crested Butte Music Festival and Western State College of Colorado. 40 students, 7 teachers. Contact: 970-943-2169, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Greeley, offers exceptional workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 6/25-29. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

  S   Lamont School of Music Summer Academy, Denver, is for instrumentalists, singers, pianists, and composers ages 14 through 18 (with some age exceptions). Equipping pre-college musicians for success in the 21st century, the University of Denver Lamont School of Music Summer Academy provides a 2-week intensive music experience in state-of-the-art facilities with outstanding artist faculty. Curriculum includes private lessons, masterclasses, chamber music, choir, orchestra, wind ensemble, jazz combo, music theater, experimental and steel drum ensembles, recitals, music technology, conducting, theory, collaborative piano, Alexander technique, diction for singers, special topic seminars including  music business, concerto/aria competition, recreational activities, and more. Students accepted by recorded audition only. Tuition with housing $2,040, tuition alone $1,540. 6/14-28. 85 students, 36 teachers. Contact: 763-443-1558, [email protected]

  S   Rocky Ridge Music Center Junior Music Camp, Estes Park. For ages 10-15, all orchestral instruments (strings & winds), piano, voice, and composition. Expert faculty guide, teach, and challenge students to develop and express their unique talents, all in an inspirational and supportive, not to mention beautiful, environment. The camp curriculum is rigorous, varied, and fun. Students are given ample instructional time and opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide variety of music venues: private lessons, chamber music and choir sessions, composition and performance classes, orchestra and wind ensemble rehearsals, string class, piano repertoire and duet class, concerto competition, concerts, and much more. New for 2015, students can elect to study fiddling or jazz improvisation, or, in the second session, musical theater. Come join us to improve your musical skills, perform with other young musicians from all over the country, and enjoy outdoor summer activities in the splendor of the Rocky Mountains. Tuition with housing $1,850. Session 1: 6/9-21; Session 2: 7/28-8/9. 55 participants, 25 teachers. Contact: 970-586-4031, [email protected]

  S     Rocky Ridge Music Center, Young Artist Program, Estes Park, is open to advanced high school and college age students (ages 15-24) in all orchestral instruments (strings, winds, brass), piano, voice, and composition. Every summer for 73 years, a community of renowned faculty, guest artists, dedicated staff, and volunteers gathers in the majestic Rocky Mountains to help students discover and realize their potential as unique and thoughtful musicians. During their 5-week immersion, students receive an education that is unmatched anywhere in the country in breadth, depth, and value. Offerings include twice-weekly private lessons, small and large ensembles, contemporary music ensembles, a concerto competition, orchestra, world ensemble, studio and performance classes, outreach concerts, a faculty concert series, and stimulating evening lectures and panel discussions. Tuition with housing $3,900. 6/23-7/26. 60 performers, 23 teachers. Contact: 970-586-4031, [email protected]

   Alto and Bass Flute Retreat, Boulder, is a retreat focusing on chamber music for low flutes. Workshops on alternate fingerings and breath control will be offered. Tuition with housing $671 single, $493 double. Tuition alone $315. 6/18-22. 25 participants. Masterclass teacher Chris Potter. Contact: [email protected]lute.com.

   The Panoramic Flutist Seminar, Boulder, will delve into the practice, study, and performance of the flute with creative workshops and sessions designed to address the whole musician: body, mind, and artistry. Tuition alone $475-$575. 20 participants. Masterclass teachers Paula Robison, Christina Jennings, Lisa Garner Santa, Jennifer Keeney. 5/26-29. Contact: [email protected]

   Rafael Méndez Brass Institute, Denver, honors the legendary trumpet virtuoso, Rafael Méndez (1906-1981) and is the world’s leading performance and career development seminar for brass musicians and educators. All participants perform in brass ensembles and masterclasses that are coached by some of the foremost brass artists in the nation. Daily career seminars assist participants with auditioning techniques, ensemble organization and administration, and creating innovative ways to market brass music performances. Limited to 140 participants. Tuition with housing $850, application fee $35 (non-refundable). 7/12-18. Maximum 150 participants. Contact: 303-832-4676, [email protected]

   Rocky Ridge Music Center Adult Seminars, Estes Park. Rocky Ridge Music Center offers several programs suitable for teachers and adult students. Programs include chamber music (coached and uncoached), early music, piano, and American roots music. Session lengths vary from 3 to 10 days. Young Artist Seminar (ages 15-24). 6/23-7/28. Adult Piano Seminar (age 18+), Session 1: 5/30-6/3, Session 2: 6/3-7. Chamber in the Rockies (age 18+), 8/12-16. Early Music Academy (age 18+). Chamber Music Workshop (age 18+), 8/17-21. Visit www.rockyridge.org for information on programs and artist-faculty. Tuition with housing: $312 to $3,900. 20-65 participants, 5 teachers. Contact: 970-586-4031, [email protected]

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  S   Laurel Music Camp, New Hartford, is a one-week summer music camp in the Northwestern woods of Connecticut that features performance in jazz band, concert band, orchestra, and chorus. The camp accepts students who have completed 8th-12th grade and many college students as well. Students need a recommendation from their respective high school or middle school director. Camp starts with seating auditions and culminates with a concert for parents and friends. Notable conductors are sought after for a unique ensemble experience. Camp offers recreation time such as swimming, boating softball, and volleyball. We offer a nurturing environment to the younger student and challenge the more experienced. Tuition $380. 6/27-7/3. 65 teachers. Con­tact: 860-951-6234, [email protected]

  S   Western Connecticut State Univer­sity Sum­mer Camps, Dan­bury. The Summer String Camp is a one-week residential camp for string instrumentalists grades 5-12. Students are placed in level-appropriate orchestra groups that will be conducted by members of the camp faculty. The week begins with an audition by each participant for ensemble placement and culminates with a concert for the parents. In addition to ensemble participation, campers participate in a camp choir and explore alternate string styles.
     Summer Band Camp is a one-week camp for instrumentalists in grades 5-12. Stu­dents perform in traditional concert band, jazz band, and orchestra at three different levels. The week begins with an audition by each participant for ensemble placement and culminates with a concert for the parents.
     For both camps students are housed in New­bury Hall and supervised by adult live-in counselors who are first aid certified. Free time is spent in organized activities that are age-level appropriate, such as concerts and performances by our faculty and guests, movies shown in our full-size theater, volleyball, kickball, and frisbee. Tui­tion with housing $785 each camp, tuition alone $575 each camp. String camp 7/13-19; 100 students 8 teachers. Band camp 7/20-26; 100 students, 20 teachers. Con­tact: 203-837-8614, [email protected]

   Central Connecticut State Uni­versity Summer Music Institute, New Britain. The institute provides professional development for music educators and other musicians through a variety of graduate classes. All courses award graduate credit and offer hands-on experiences, practical teaching techniques, and stimulating discussions among colleagues. The Summer Music Institute is also the primary venue for our Master’s degree program that offers a blend of theory and practice, focus and versatility. Participants may apply for the Masters in Music Education program and earn a degree in four summers. $640 per course. 7/7-8/1. 15-50 participants, 22 teachers. Contact: 860-832-3317, [email protected]

  S   Florida State University Summer Music Camps, Tallahassee, offers 13 camps designed for musicians in grades 5-12. Camps for all ability levels are offered for woodwind, brass, percussion, voice, piano, strings, guitar, marching band, and jazz. In addition, two camps for advanced students are offered by audition only: the Piano Institute and the Honors Chamber Winds Ensemble. Tuition with housing $338-940, tuition alone $240-472. 6/7-7/11. Contact: 850-644-9934, [email protected]

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Orlando, offers summer workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to improve their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 6/16-20. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

  S   Smith Walbridge Clinics, Fort Myers. Smith Walbridge Clinics is opening a new satellite site in 2015 at Florida Gulf Coast University. SWC has offered specialized training in marching band related activities since 1952, being the first drum major camp in the country. Florida location clinics are Drum Major, Section Leader, and Leadership. Held on the beautiful campus of FGCU in conjunction with the Bower School of Music. Tuition with housing: Drum Major $495/Section Leader $495/Leadership $245; tuition alone: Drum Major $395/Section Leader $395/Leadership $185. Session dates: Drum Major 6/14-18, Section Leader 6/14-18, Leadership 6/18-20. Contact: 217-687-2005, [email protected]

  S     Horncamps!, Daytona Beach, includes masterclasses, group lessons, ensembles, and performances in ensembles and concerts. The workshop is open to all hornists. Ensembles are formed based on experience and individual abilities. For a week of intensive study and fun, join instructors David Johnson, founder of the American Horn Quartet, Michelle Stebleton, horn professor at Florida State University; Dan Phillips, horn professor at the University of Memphis; Martin Hackleman, formerly of the Empire Brass, Canadian Brass, and currently professor of horn at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Tuition with housing $875, tuition alone $625. Registration deadline 6/30. Camp dates: 7/5-11. 30 students, 5 teachers. Contact: 386-767-4234, [email protected]

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  S   ATHENA Music and Leadership Camp, Waleka, is an all-girls band and orchestra camp for middle school and high school aged musicians hosted at Reinhardt University, located 45 miles north of Atlanta. Rising 6th graders with a year of orchestra or band experience are also welcome. Athena is a comprehensive, five-day, intensive study with an emphasis on leadership and team-building skills. Faculty consists of professional female music educators who teach band, orchestra, and private music lessons at the elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels. The final concert features the All Girls Band and Orchestra. Tuition with housing $535 before May 1, $565 after May 1. 6/14-18. Contact: 678-910-0232, [email protected]

  S   GCSU Summer Music Camps, Mill­edgeville. Georgia College is a perfect setting in the heart of the state. Originally started in 1991 as a band camp, this comprehensive music camp offers students a chance to im­prove their musical skills while having fun making music. Jazz Band Camp 6/7-11; Symphonic Band Camp, Drum Major/Leadership Academy 6/14-18; Middle School Band Camp (for rising 7th and 8th graders) 6/22-25. Tuition with housing $460, tuition alone $325. Up to 100 students/camp, 10 teachers. Contact: 478-445-4346, [email protected]  

  S   Simon’s Summer Sounds, Rome, is a series of summer band sessions for high school and college band students. Participants will have the opportunity to read new music, develop musical skills, and socialize with other musicians. The program will culminate with a concert on Friday, July 24, and a field trip on Saturday, July 25. 5/28, 6/11, 7/9, 7/23, 7/25 (concert), 7/26 (field trip). Tuition $200. Contact: 706-378-9583, [email protected]

  S   University of Georgia Summer Music Institute, Athens, is for serious musicians in grades 10-12. Students participate in a chamber ensemble, attend lectures, and laboratory exercises for advanced musicians. Open to string, wind, brass, piano, percussion, voice, and guitar students. Tuition with housing $520, tuition alone $420. 6/1-5. 50 students, 15 teachers.
    Summer Music Camp is for students in grades 6-12 who have studied an instrument for at least one year. Students rehearse, take private lessons, attend musicianship classes, perform, and have daily masterclasses with UGA faculty. Open to wind, brass, percussion, string, voice, piano, and guitar students. Tuition with housing $520, tuition alone $420. 6/7-11. 600 students, 60 teachers.
    Marching Band Camp is for students in grades 9-12 who wish to develop skill in such areas as drum major, marching percussion, color guard, and band leadership. The camp staff includes award-winning specialists in each area, drum corps instructors, and University of Georgia Red­coat Band members and faculty. Tuition with housing $510, tuition alone $410. 6/14-118. 600 students, 100 teachers. For all camps contact: 706-542-2061, [email protected]  

  S     Flutissimo! Athens, is an intensive workshop designed to educate and inspire flutists through an exhilarating and cultivating curriculum that examines aspects of flute performance including solo and ensemble performance, auditions, and overall performance skills. With the goal of guiding and encouraging flutists to tap into their innate talents and expand their abilities, this program gives each participant the opportunity to be taught in masterclass sessions, perform in public performance classes, and receive private lessons. In addition there will be educational seminars covering a variety of non-performance topics, and special events, including recital performances by faculty and guest artists. Open to all ages, this workshop is focused primarily on advanced to professional level flutists in different stages of their careers and studies, but also embraces high school students looking to pursue a future in music, as well as serious amateurs. Tuition with housing $545-$785, tuition alone $435. Auditors $100 per day. 5/18-22. 30 performers, unlimited auditors, 4 teachers. Contact: 706-372-7562, [email protected], [email protected]

  S     Oxford Oboe Camp Waleska. In its 15th season, this residency camp for the aspring oboe student combines comprehensive master classes, reed making and chamber music, located on the charming campus of Reinhardt university in Waleska, Georgia. Located 50 miles northwest of Atlanta, Reinhardt University offers unique facilities ideal for the performing arts. The session is geared for students 7th-12th grades and developing adults. Tuition $775.  7/6-12. 35-50 students, 6 teachers. Contact: 770-516-1528, [email protected]

  S     Summerflute: Music–Movement–Mind, Columbus. In a fun, creative, and supportive atmosphere, flutists have an unprecedented opportunity to learn through the combination of the Body Mapping Classes, Alexander Technique Classes and Feldenkiras Classes, evening masterclasses with artist teachers, and private lessons with teachers trained to observe body use. Class is held at the beautiful Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University with its state of the art facilities. Dorm accommodations are across the street and provide attendees with kitchen facilities. Downtown Columbus has lovely shops, cafes, and restaurants. Tuition with housing $595-1,050, tuition alone $495-650. 5/27-31. 50 students, 8 teachers.

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  S   Chicago Chamber Music Workshop, Chicago, is an exceptional, comprehensive music camp for serious music students in grades 7-12. Students take part in chamber music study and performances, inspirational masterclasses, and electives, including private lessons with outstanding faculty. The Chamber Music Workshop aids students in developing their interpretive and communicative skills while studying chamber repertoire. Students stay in dormitories of Lake Forest College with one roommate. Tuition with housing $3,800, tuition alone $2,700. 6/29-7/18. 48 students, 16 teachers. Contact: Jeremy Krifka at 847-926-9898, [email protected]

  S   Credo Music Festival is an unparalleled intensive and invigorating program of music study, service, and performance that brings students ages 11-25 from around the world. Students engage in musical growth through chamber groups, masterclasses, large ensembles, and private lessons.
    Complete Brandenburg Concerti Project, Wheaton. Advanced players only. Select string players from the Credo Oberlin (see listing under Ohio) will prepare the complete Brandenburg Concerti for performances in both Orchestra Hall, Chicago, and Severance Hall, Cleveland. Tuition: variable depending on instrument. Strings: free tuition, $550 to cover travel, room, and board. Flute soloists: enrollment in Credo Flute program required, no additional fees. Other wind soloists: a completely free program. 7/20-26.
    Credo Flute Program, at Elmhurst College, is a week-long intensive program of masterclasses, lessons, and performance opportunities for ages 14 and up. Faculty includes Bonnie Boyd, Eastman School of Music; Jennie Brown, Elmhurst College and Wheaton College; and Tadeu Coehlo, North Carolina School of the Arts. Tuition with housing approx. $900, tuition alone $500. 15 students, 3 teachers.
    Prelude Chicago, at Elmhurst College, is a week-long program of chamber music study and performance. Tuition with housing approx. $930, tuition alone $530. 30 students, 10 teachers. 7/20-25.
    For all camps, contact 440-774-3658 or [email protected]

  S   FJM Clinics, Normal, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $290, tuition alone $200. June 15-18. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected]

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Naperville, offers exceptional summer workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 6/28-7/2. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

  S   University of Illinois Summer Youth Music, Urbana. Each one-week session provides middle school and high school students age and level appropriate musical opportunities. With more than 18 programs to choose from, students may participate in large ensemble-based camps or specialty camps that focus more on individual musicianship and chamber music ensemble opportunities. 400 students. Contact: 217-244-3404, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   Western Illinois University Summer Music Camps, Macomb. Junior High Week, 6/14-20. Band and Choir; Jazz Combo Camp, 6/14-19, small groups, develop/refine improvisation, live coffee house performances. Instrumental Music Camps, 6/18-21, intensive study of your instrument with our masters. Senior High Week “The College Experience,” 6/21-27, Band Choir, Orchestra, Piano, and Drum Majors choose individualized tracks to stimulate a music major in college, drum majors conduct live camp bands, perform in multiple ensembles at the same camp. Tuition with housing $400-$500. Contact 309-298-1505; [email protected]

  S     8th Annual Flute Day, Peru. Workshops for all ages and ability levels with guest artists/educators Sonja Giles (Iowa State), Gerald Carey (Flute Professor Emeritus, Western Illinois), and headliner Rhonda Larson. $30 all day participant fee includes free ticket to Rhonda Larson in concert. $5 lunch ticket. 7 p.m. Rhonda Larson in Concert. LaSalle-Peru High School, Matthiessen Auditorium. Open to the general public. $15 adults/$8 students K-College w/ID. Contact: [email protected]

  S     17th Annual Summer Flute Retreat, Peru, is for all ages and ability levels (adults welcome!). Tuition $325 per participant before 5/31; $350 after 5/31. Tuition includes admission to all SFR activities and recitals, Starved Rock Performance on June 25, daily catered lunches, and t-shirt. Auditors $75 per day. (Advanced Registration Required.) Masterclass by audition limited to no more than 10; unlimited participants in ensemble units. Session dates: June 21-27. 5 teachers. Housing for out of area participants is with host families on a limited basis. No charge for housing with host families (students under 18). Adults may find accommodations at nearby hotels. Teachers Sue Gillio, Gerald Carey, Ellen Huntington, Darcie Glenn, Anne Badger. Contact: [email protected]

  S     Northwestern University Summer Workshops, Evanston. Taught by the prestigious Bienen School of Music faculty and a host of renowned guest artists, these intensive experiences are designed to challenge musicians of all ages to achieve the next level in their career. Opportunities include: Guitar Workshop, Violin Institute, Trombone Master Classes, Summer Oboe Workshop, and Percussion Symposium. Visit our website to learn more about dates and rates for participants and per-session auditors. Early June to Mid July. Contact: 847-491-3141, [email protected]

  S     Smith Walbridge Clinics, Charleston, offers specialized training in  marching band-related activities for students in high school through college. Clinics are Drum Major, Marching Band, Drumline, Leadership, Flag & Rifle, Mace & Signal, Baton, and a new Student Conductor Workshop. Held on the campus of Eastern Illinois University, most clinics are taught at various levels, according to experience, beginner-advanced. Tuition with housing $250-530 depending on session, tuition alone $190-410 depending on session. 7/7-24, depending on session. 1,000 total students/50-300 per session, 48 teachers. Contact: 217-687-2005, [email protected]
    Marching Band Directors and Drill Design Workshops (by Smith Walbridge Clinics) are separate clinics, designed for high school and college directors, and/or college music majors. It is possible to take both workshops. The directors workshop is comprehensive. Nationally famous clinicians present on a wide variety of topics, designed to expand knowledge and skills for band directors and college music majors. The drill design workshop is a hands-on experience in designing drill, and is offered at the beginning and advanced levels. Held on the campus of Eastern Illinois University. Tuition with housing $370 Directors Workshop/$280 Drill Design, Tuition alone $260 Directors Workshop/$210 Drill Design. 7/7-10 Directors Workshop/7/10-12 Drill Design. 50 participants, 10 teachers.

   VanderCook College of Music, Chicago. Seven Steps to a Better Band. This leadership workshop helps directors and students collectively set goals and prepare for the school year. Tim Laut­zenheiser headlines this two-day event, which is tailored towards high school marching band programs. Student activities focus on developing leadership and communication skills as well as learning how to run a sectional. Special sessions are also provided for drum majors, drumlines, and color guard. One highlight of the event is the goal-setting session where students and directors team up to plan for the upcoming year. In addition, a special session for parent organizations offers new and exciting ways for parents and boosters to expand their role in the band program. Housing is available through the Illinois Institute of Tech­nology. Tuition alone $40. 8/1-2. Con­tact: 312-225-6288, [email protected]
     The MECA (Music Education Center of America) Continuing Education program offers music educators practical and hands-on graduate-level courses taught by nationally renowned instructors. Summer 2015 will feature 25-30 one-week courses, including topics such as technology tools for music educators, Orff Schulwerk teacher education (two-week courses), Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP), rehearsal techniques, repertoire, Dalcroze methodology, mariachi pedagogy, and instrument repair. A bachelor’s degree is required for all MECA courses, most of which are three graduate credit hours. Housing is available through the Illinois Institute of Tech­nology. Tuition alone $285 per credit hour. 6/9-7/28. Con­tact: 312-225-6288, [email protected]

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  S   FJM Clinics, Marion, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $290, tuition alone $200. 6/28-7/1. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected] 

  S   Indiana University Summer Music Clinic, Bloom­ington

This is a dynamic 7-day on-campus musical experience for string, brass, woodwind, and percussion students currently in grades 8-12. With a primary focus on outstanding orchestra and band performances, the clinic offers students the opportunity to participate in jazz ensembles, chamber ensembles, and electives in conducting, composition, jazz improvisation, music theory, and leadership. Tuition with housing $650. 6/14-20. 220 students, 30 teach­ers. Contact: 812-855-1372, [email protected]

  S   The MasterWorks Festival, Winona Lake, is an intensive four-week festival for advanced and passionate students of music, dance, and theater. Each year 250 students from around the globe participate in this unique festival that combines artistic excellence and biblically sound teaching. Students and a faculty of 90 live and work on the campus of Grace College, in the quant and picturesque community of Winona Lake. Spiritual highlights include topical bible studies for performers, faculty devotionals, and Sunday worship services. Prayer is an integral part of rehearsals, classes, and performances. Some of the world’s finest performers have been a part of MasterWorks. MasterWorks offers the following programs to students ages 14-26: orchestral/chamber music studies, piano, wind intensive studies, string intensive studies, vocal intensive studies, theatre, film acting, technical internships. The festival culminates in more than 40 free public concerts including 2 chamber music recitals, concerti with guest artists, as well as faculty recitals, the student honors recital, the concerto competition, and numerous community performing opportunities. Admission to MasterWorks requires an audition. Join us this summer as we pursue artistic excellence and spiritual growth! Tui­tion with housing $3,400. 6/14-7/12. 250 students, 90 faculty. Con­­tact: 578-267-5973, [email protected]

  S   Music For All Summer Symposium, Muncie. Spend an inspired, fun week with renowned teachers, exciting artists, and fellow campers from across the country, and even from around the world. You’ll not only grow as a musician and performer, you’ll have a positively life-changing experience. The Music for All Summer Sym­posium is for high school band and orchestra students. Areas of study include color guard, concert band, drum major, jazz band, leadership weekend, orchestra, percussion, and marching band. Contact: 317-636-2263, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   Orangehaus Music Business Camp, Anderson. An innovative summer program where high school students choose from classes in Pro Tools, artist development, songwriting, live sound production, digital distribution, music marketing, and more. Taught on the beautiful Anderson University campus, instructors are award-winning music industry professionals who have worked with artists such as Taylor Swift, Casting Crowns, Jordin Sparks, David Crowder Band, and Jon McLaughlin. Tuition with housing $695. 7/12-18. 8 teachers. Contact: 765-641-4088, [email protected]

  S     Anderson University String Camp, Anderson, is open to qualified string students ages 13-26. The camp includes chamber music, coaching and rehearsals, private lessons, and orchestra rehearsals. Students have the opportunity to perform repertoire in a final concert at the conclusion of the camp in the York Performance Hall. Tuition alone $295. 7/12-18. 4 teachers. Contact: 765-641-4542, [email protected]

  S     So, you want to teach music! Music Education Camp, Anderson. Allows students, grade 9 through post-graduate, to experience what it is like to be a music educator. The program provides opportunities to conduct, attend leadership seminars, and learn more about current topics in music. This interactive, hands-on camp is unlike any other and features internationally recognized teaching staff. Tuition with housing $350. 6/14-17. 6 teachers. Contact: 1-800-619-3047, [email protected]

   Indiana University Adult Summer Music Programs, Bloomington. Summer Kodály Institute is a two-week program offering musicianship and pedagogical training based on the methodology of Zoltán Kodály. Levels I and II will be offered. Participants develop their own musicianship skills as they explore a se­quen­tial approach for presenting musical concepts to students. 6/15-26.
    Orchestral Rehearsal Principles gives an in-depth survey of orchestral rehearsal principles with conductor and educator Cliff Colnot, well-known for his rehearsal technique and chamber music approach to the orchestra. This workshop provides an opportunity for music educators and conductors to attend seminar classes, observe orchestra rehearsals and sectionals, and apply skills and receive feedback in sectional rehearsals of pre-college string academy groups. 6/18-20. 10 participants.
    Fearless Performance Workshop. Jeff Nelsen, Canadian Brass member and IU professor, shares his wisdom and wit about why you always have a choice and how you can train yourself to consistently make good choices. He will examine bad and good choices and look at how making good choices in the practice room and in performances can ultimately replace fear. These fearless choices raise your level of excellence and consistency. 5/26-31.
    Clarinet Performance Workshop offers a combination of masterclasses, group lessons, and private lessons. Instructors will work with you to identify your unique issues and help you to develop approaches towards solving them. This is an adult workshop; students 18 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Howard Klug, director. 20 participants. 6/5-9.
    Retreat for School Violin and Viola Teachers incorporates the philosophies of Shinichi Suzuki, Paul Rolland, and Mimi Zweig. It includes lectures, demonstrations, and opportunities to observe master teachers from the UI String Academy and work renown guest artists. Morning lectures focus on the specifics of string playing; afternoon sessions are devoted to applying these principles to classroom situations and include group teaching, ensemble playing, and orchestra rehearsal techniques. 6/26-7/5 (Session I, Beginning the Violin Journey, 6/26-7/1, Session II, Establishing a Healthy Foundation through Etudes, Scales, and Repertoire, 7/1-5). Session I $545; Sessions I and II $925. Contact: 812-855-6025, [email protected]

   Music For All Summer Symposium, Muncie, brings you the absolute best to provide a comprehensive experience. We offer tools that will allow you to achieve peak performance personally for your ensembles. This is the place to get a head start on next year’s thinking today. Make connections, get new ideas, and learn new strategies. 100% of the director surveys received said their “participation in the Summer Symposium experience en­hanced their commitment to and preparedness for the profession.” Contact: 317-636-2263, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   Band Camp XIX at Wartburg Col­lege, Waverly, is a residential band camp for students just finishing 8th grade through just-graduated seniors. It features daily concert and jazz band rehearsals as well as classes in improvisation, music theory, conducting, second instruments, world drumming, instrument repair, and more. Evening social events are planned. Tuition with housing $550, tuition alone $450. 7/19-25. 50 students, 8 teachers. Contact: 319-352-8296, [email protected]

  S   Iowa Summer Music Camps, Iowa City, features five distinct camps: Percussion Immersion Week, Piano, Jazz, Yamaha Sounds of Summer Marching Percussion, and Creative Musicianship. These camps offer students opportunities to interact with nationally recognized and respected clinicians, including many University of Iowa School of Music faculty. The daily schedule includes master classes, ensemble rehearsals, an array of special topics classes, and evening performances or special activities. Each camp will present an evening concert or recital on the final day. Tuition with housing $580/$175/$250, tuition alone $250/$100/$125. 6/21-26; 6/27-28; 6/28-30. 125 students, 20 teachers per session. Contact: 319-335-1635, [email protected]

  S   Lutheran Music Program/Lutheran Summer Music, De­corah, is a four-week residential training and performance program for students complete grades 8-12. Studies of interest include band, orchestra, choir, piano, pipe or­gan, and composition. World-class faculty collaborate with students on Luther College campus in Decorah, Iowa. All religious backgrounds are encouraged as we enter another summer of celebrating Lutheran music traditions. Come join us! 6/21-7/19. 35 teachers.

   Iowa Piccolo Intensive, Iowa City, is designed for the serious flutist who would like to strengthen and develop his skills on the piccolo. The class will cover a wide variety of piccolo topics such as orchestral and opera excerpts, concerti, and solo repertoire. Tuition for performer $495, auditor $295. 6/2-5. Masterclass teachers Nicole Esposito, Sarah Jackson, Angela Jones-Reus, Rena Urso-Trapani. Contact: [email protected]

  S   Kansas State Summer Music Camp, Manhattan, is open to all instrumental band students grades 5 through 12. Ap­plicants are divided into two large concert bands and can be in chamber and jazz  ensembles. Camp­­ers perform in two concerts during camp and meet students from all over Kansas and beyond. Recreation time and trips to the city Water Park are included in the camp experience. Tuition with housing $400, tuition alone $235. 6/14-18. 160 students, 21 teachers. Con­tact: 785-532-3816, [email protected]
    K-State Leadership & Auxiliary Camp is open to high school drum majors, section leaders, percussionists, and auxiliary mem­bers (color guard and dance lines). Students have countless opportunities to expand their understanding of effective leadership to help guide them during the coming marching season. Daily activities include team building, drum major/section leader training, leadership sessions, rehearsals, and recreational time. A final performance and demonstration takes place at the end of camp. Tuition with housing $285, tuition alone $170. 7/12-15. 130 students, 17 teachers. Contact: 785-532-3816, [email protected]

  S   University of Kansas Midwestern Music Camp, Lawrence.

Since 1936, the Midwestern Music Camp has brought young musicians to the University of Kansas to study and play with our outstanding faculty and world-renowned guest musicians. Students from across the United States and other nations have come together each summer to learn and perform together on one of the nation’s most beautiful campuses. To date more than 65,000 young musicians have been a part of this tradition. Many of them are now performing in major symphony orchestras, service bands, and choirs, while others teach at great schools and universities around the world. Join us this summer on the campus of the University of Kansas and discover and develop your musical talents. Camps include Middle School Band & Orchestra 6/14-19 (grades 6-9); High School Band, Choir & Orchestra 6/21-26 (grades 9-12); and the Jazz Workshop 7/12-17 (grades 9-12). Tuition with housing $475-$675, tuition alone $275-$400. Contact: 785-864-9751, [email protected]

  S   Jamey Aebersold’s Summer Jazz Work­shops, Louisville. Our workshops have earned a reputation for producing the best intensive programs for learning jazz improvisation. Each year we assemble the nation’s leading educators and performers dedicated to providing an intensive learning experience for musicians of all ages and ability levels. are open to students of all ages and abilities. Theory classes, ear training, combo performance, masterclasses, and jam sessions allow students the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential. Beginner improvisers and seasoned pros will leave with tons of new and exciting ideas about how to improve their playing. Tui­tion with housing $985, tuition alone $595. 6/28-7/10. 300+ students, 50 teachers. Con­tact: 812-944-8141, [email protected]

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Richmond, offers exceptional summer workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to improve their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 6/8-12. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

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  S   Bowdoin International Music Festival, Brunswick. The Kaplan Fellowship Program is designed to provide mature college-aged or older, high-level players with the insight and experience necessary to pursue a performing career. Highly accomplished players in each instrument – flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn – will be provided with full tuition, room, board, and fees. Kaplan Fellows will perform in quintets, mixed ensembles, as soloists, in the Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music, and in limited orchestral performances. 6/27-8/8. Contact: [email protected]

Camp Encore-Coda,
Sweden. 2015 is our 66th season of welcoming young musicians of all levels to our unique musical community in southwestern Maine. Daily musical instruction in classical, popular, and jazz styles takes place in private lessons, small and large ensembles, theory classes, and additional music electives. Campers enjoy orchestras, jazz bands, wind ensembles, rock bands, jazz combos, chamber music, chorus, jazz choir, chamber choir, musical theater. Campers and staff members perform together in many concerts. We feature a supportive atmosphere by caring, talented staff, including many camp alumni. Ages 9-17. Tuition with housing: $4,900 for 1st Session 7/1-26, $4,200 for 2nd Session 7/26-8/16, $7,750 for Full Season 7/1-8/16.  120 students, 25 teachers. Contact: 207-647-3947, [email protected]

  S   Maine Summer Youth Music Camp, Orono. Campers participate in either symphonic band, concert band, chorus, or strings ensemble. Addi­tional ensembles include jazz band, combo, and musical theatre. Campers may also participate in jazz improvisation, small ensembles, chamber groups, music classes, masterclasses, piano, and guitar instruction. An off-campus recreational activity is planned for midweek of camp as well as other organized events, including concerts by faculty and students. Contact: 207-581-4703,christopher.white @umit.maine.edu. (2014 data)

  S   New England Music Camp, Sidney, enriches the lives of young musicians ages 11-18. The NEMC program blends a high-quality and intensive music education and traditional camp sports, recreational, and social activities. Tuition with housing $4,400-$7,700. 90 students per session, 50 teachers. Contact: 303-882-0543, [email protected]

  S   Southern Maine Music Academy, Gorham. SoMMA is for incoming 9th graders to outgoing 12th graders. All campers participate in symphonic band and nonperformance music classes. Campers also select to participate in jazz band, small ensembles, chamber groups, acappella singing ensemble, and private lessons. An off-campus trip to Sebago Lake State Park is planned for the middle of the nine-day camp. Students also are treated to four professional concerts and perform in solo and ensemble concerts before the final all-camp concert. Tuition with housing $720, tuition alone $620. 7/11-19. Contact: 207-780-5142, [email protected]

  S     Bar Harbor Brass Week – 15th Annual and Finale!, Bar Harbor, takes place at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine – one of the East Coast’s most popular tourist destinations which lies adjacent to Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. A select group of high school and college participants will be invited to form brass choirs and chamber ensembles to prepare four performances in Bar Harbor. Daily activities include rehearsals, masterclasses, and private lessons, all led by our faculty of some of the finest brass players in the country. After 15 years of teaching and inspiring young brass musicians, BHBW will be retiring in June – don’t miss this unique and inspirational musical experience. Interested brass students – rising 9th graders through graduating seniors – should go to the BHBW website to apply and read more about this amazing opportunity. Tuition with housing $750-$1,050, tuition alone $475-$600. 6/21-28. 16 college participants, 16-24 high school participants, 10 teachers. Contact: 856-986-6801, [email protected]

  S     Bowdoin International Music Fes­tival, Brun­swick. The Woodwind Festival Program is designed to provide mature, college-aged or older, high-level players with the insight and experience necessary to pursue a performing career. Two highly accomplished players in each instrument –– flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn –– will be provided with full tuition, room, board, and fees. Woodwind fellows will perform in quintets, mixed ensembles, as soloists, in the Gam­per Festival of Contemporary Music, and in limited orchestral performances. 6/27-8/8. 2 students per instrument. Contact: [email protected]

  S     Snow Pond Music Festival, Sidney, attracts high-level college and graduate students from around the world. A world class performer and educator faculty presents specialized programming with the common mission of challenging and inspiring the next generation of musicians, educators, and cultural ambassadors. Each program provides a strong foundation to ignite the creative and critical mind, develop lifelong friendships to fuel future networking and meaningful lives in the arts.  Frederick L. Hemke Saxophone Institute, 6/8-20; New England Percussion Institute, 5/31-6/6; Maine Chamber Music Seminar, 6/10-21; Snow Pond Composers’ Workshop, 6/7-13; New England Group Piano Teaching Institute, 6/14-20. Tuition with housing $1,350-$2,150. Contact: 207-465-3739, [email protected]

   SummerKeys, Lubec. Weekly workshops for adults in strings, winds, brass, voice, composition, piano, guitar, mandolin, Celtic harp, and now, Dance, Cabaret, and Fiddle. No audition. No requirements. Come as you are to enjoy our fabulous faculty and the beauty of our totally unspoiled little Maine seacoast town! You choose housing: $300-$600, tuition alone $645. 6/15 through 8/28; see website for individual weeks. 20-60 participants per week, 20 teach­ers. Contact: 207-733-2316, [email protected]

  S   International Music Institute and Festival USA, Emmitsburg, is an intensive 10-day program for piano and strings. The program offers a stimulating and nurturing environment where each aspect of the individual experience is given careful thought and attention. Holistic approach to education includes three private lessons, daily chamber music coaching, masterclasses, interdisciplinary arts experiences (dance and theatre), improvisation, and workshops on stage presence, per­formance-injury prevention, effective prac­ticing, and musical careers. Multiple on-campus performance opportunities, se­lected students perform off-campus during optional concert tour. Tuition with housing $1,850. 7/17-26. 30 students, 8 teachers. Contact: 443-377-3730, [email protected]

  S   Peabody Bass Works, Baltimore. The Young Bassists Division provides bass students with unique learning, community, and performance opportunities on the historic Baltimore campus of the Peabody Institute. This year’s session will again feature bass orchestra and small ensemble work, group lessons, and special classes and events for all participants, plus the opportunity to stay overnight on campus for an extended experience. Bassists from ages 6 to 18 at all ability levels, who have completed at least one year of bass instruction, are automatically eligible and accepted into the Young Bassists Division. The new Academy Division is audition-based, and is for bassists entering grades 9-12 and entering or attending college. This division features masterclasses, pedagogy classes, daily individual lessons, performance opportunities, and more. Young Contact 410-234-4770, [email protected] (2014 data)
  S   Peabody Bassoon Week, Baltimore. Phil Kolker, former principal bassoon of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and chair of Peabody’s department of orchestral instruments and organ, offers an eight-day program primarily for intermediate and ad­vanced high school and undergraduate college students. The curriculum, including daily lessons, masterclasses, chamber music coaching, and reed-making workshops, offers strategies to help you practice more effectively, improve your technique and sightreading skills, and make a more beautiful sound. Whether you are preparing for a college or conservatory audition or looking to stand out as a music major, the program is designed to help you become a stronger, more confident player. Contact: 410-234-4770, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   University of Maryland Summer Youth Music Camp, College Park. Founded in 2003, the University of Maryland Summer Youth Music Camp is a week-long day camp for band, string, and vocal musicians entering grades 6-10. Students at all proficiency levels are invited to join us for a week of musical enrichment, growth, and new opportunities. 200 band students, 150 string and vocal students, 40 teachers. Contact: 301-314-2490, [email protected] (2014 data)

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  S   2015 MMI – Brass Splash! Brass Ensemble Academy, Dudley. 2015 is our 11th year of presenting educational summer brass programs and ensemble playing from a practical standpoint. Have fun learning the important aspects of playing in a small, conductor-less group. Learn how to listen, how to communicate, rehearsal techniques, stage presence, the business of putting together your own group and booking your own gigs, and most importantly, learn various ways to present programs to a modern audience. This is one of the most practical brass camps offered anywhere. All participants are assigned to ensembles based on their level and experience – by audition. Open to individuals (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, bass trombone, and tuba) and pre-formed groups. Rehearsals, coachings, performances, clinics, masterclasses, tons of playing, and more. Guest ensembles: INNOVATA brass & percussion/Toobis Groovis New Orleans Style Brass Band and more. Lots of opportunities to ask questions. Learn and have fun at the same time. Tuition with housing $1,313. 7/12-18. Contact: 617-314-7539, [email protected]
    2015 MMI – Tuba Euphonium Academy, Dudley. This is our 11th year of presenting educational summer brass programs. Get down to the nitty gritty of your individual playing. All levels of players are represented – high school, college, and excited part time players. Come enhance your current level of individual artistry and then perform in a small brass chamber group (all brass instruments) to increase your ensemble skills and to learn the business of putting together your own group, booking your own gigs, and various ways to present programs to a modern audience. You will come away from this program having improved, feeling better about your playing, feeling better about yourself, and while you’re at it, you’ll be able to have fun with all things tuba and euphonium. Clinics, masterclasses, performances, work with a professional pianist, questions answered, and more. Artists: Roland Froscher (euphonium), Brandon Jones (euphonium), John Manning (tuba), and Michael S. Milnarik. Tuition with housing $2,213 (2 weeks), $1,313 (1 week). 7/5-18 or 7/5-11. Contact: 617-314-7539 or [email protected]

  S   Berklee College of Music Summer Programs, offers a variety of special sessions. Contact: 617-747-2245, [email protected]
    Berklee’s Business of Music Summer Pro­gram focuses on music business with emphasis on the recording industry, new marketing strategies, and music entrepreneurship. Topics covered include business, legal, and technological issues affecting independent record production, record companies, music publishing, talent management, concert promotion, and the changes brought by the move to digital. Tuition $647 + $345 housing + $50 application fee. 6/19-20.
    Berklee Percussion Weekend offers students and educators new methods and techniques on rhythm, improvisation, percussion craft, effects, sound, and performance skills. The festival emphasizes practical playing experience through in-class performances, ensembles, and masterclasses. Select to study such drum set styles as jazz, rock, fusion, funk, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian as well as marimba, vibraphone, West African percussion, steelpan, or hand percussion. Tuition $680 + $425 housing + $50 application fee. 6/19-21.
    Berklee Piano/Keyboard Workshop is for players interested in developing their skills in improvisation, chord theory, comping, ensemble playing, and synthesizer technology. The workshop offers practical playing experience through ensembles with full rhythm sections, performance workshops, and improvisation labs. Concentrate on jazz/blues, pop/rock, R&B, or Latin styles. Tuition $887 + $510 housing + $50 application fee. 8/17-20.
    Berklee Global String Intensive offers participants the chance to explore in-depth a wide variety of string styles, including folk, jazz, bluegrass, classical, old-time, and Celtic. Tuition $1,205 + $790 housing + $50 application fee. 6/22-26.
     Victor Wooten/Berkleee Summer Bass Workshop. Victor Wooten and Steve Bai­ley, Berklee’s Bass Department chairman, welcome players of any level of experience, including beginners. Participants have to be 15 years of age at the start of the program. Tuition $680 + $425 housing + $50 application fee. 6/12-14.
     Berklee Roots Weekend: Bluegrass, Blues, and Beyond. Learn from Berklee faculty and some of the world’s leading roots musicians and educators. You’ll play and explore in depth a wide variety of roots music styles, including bluegrass, blues, folk, country, and acoustic jazz. Through participation in ensembles, labs, and group lessons, you will be developing your improvisational and reading skills. Tuition $680 + housing $510 + $50 registration fee. 6/26-28.
     Day Sessions: Young Performers Program. For middle school students of all levels, styles, and backgrounds, Berklee offers a flexible day session format available in one-, two-, three-, and four-week programs. You must be 12-14 years old by the start of the program and have at least six months of playing or singing experience. Tuition $985 + $50 registration fee. Four weeks available between 7/6 and 7/31.
     English Language for Musicians. Study English while developing as a musician and artist. Prepare for college while earning college credit. This program includes English-language classes and cultural immersion along with private lesson instruction and ensemble performance. Tuition $5,669 + housing $3,744 + $50 registration fee. 7/9-8/27.
     Guitar Sessions is a practical, hands-on playing experience through a variety of classes, clinics, and performances at Berklee, which features the largest, most comprehensive guitar program available – anywhere. You’ll be placed in performance ensembles with guitarists of similar training, stylistic interest, and ability. Tuition $1,205 + housing $790 + $50 registration fee.
     Music Production Workshop. Immerse yourself in Berklee’s recording studios, mixing studios, and labs with the college’s Music Production and Engineering and Electronic Production and Design departments. Topics in this weekend of intensive workshops include audio and MIDI production, multitrack mixing techniques, and scoring to picture. Tuition $1,595 + Housing $425 + $50 registration fee. 7/17-19.
      Music Theater Summer Intensive. You can hone your theater chops with professional-level musical performance training in this five-day course, culminating in a showcase at the Berklee Performance Center. The week is filled with core classes and electives, Q&A sessions with visiting musical theater artists, and a rigorous rehearsal schedule. Tuition $1,205 + Housing $790 + $50 registration fee. 8/16-21.
      Paquito D’Rivera/Berklee Latin Music Program. Delve into a wide variety of musical styles, including samba, cha cha cha, bossa nova, and mambo. Learn directly from the masters and collaborate with other students in ensemble, lab, and group lesson settings. Tuition $887 + Housing $510 + $50 registration fee. 7/6-10.
      Stage Performance Workshop. There are key elements that will help you stand out from the crowd when you audition for that competition, scholarship, part, or gig. But landing the gig is only half of it. Once you’re in, you’ll be expected to put on a great performance each and every time. This program will show you what it takes to make every stage performance count. Tuition $680 + Housing $425 + $50 registration fee. 6/29-7/1.
      Vocal Summit. Explore the world of contemporary vocal music in your choice of style: pop/rock/country, R&B, jazz, musical theater, or a capella. Open to vocalists, singer-songwriters, and instrumentalists who sing, this four-day program will provide you with instruction in vocal technique, style, performance skills, singing with a band, group singing, and a capella performance. Tuition $889 + Housing $510 + $50 registration fee. 6/25-28.


  S   Five-Week Summer Perfor­mance Pro­gram, Boston. Now in its 27th year, Berklee’s five-week program is the premier contemporary music summer program for young musicians with diverse study options, world-class Berklee faculty, visiting artists, and state-of-the-art facilities. Each summer students from around the world (70 countries) take part in this unique summer experience. Students of all instruments, all contemporary styles, and all levels of musical ability share this experience. Tuition with housing $8,538, tuition alone $5,078. 7/11-8/14. 1,000 students, 350 teachers. Contact: 617-747-2245, [email protected]

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Amherst, offers exceptional workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 7/31-8/4. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

  S   Youth & Muse Boston International Summer Music Festival, Boston, offers masterclasses, workshops, chamber music coachings, and private lessons. Masterclass topics include audition preparation and breathing. Tuition alone $1,500 for two weeks, concerto week only $850, chamber week only $750. 2 teachers. Contact: [email protected]

  S     New England Con­servatory 14th Annual Summer Metro­pol­itan Flute Festival Orchestra, Boston, is an intensive weekend for teachers and students at the intermediate through advanced levels concluding in a final concert at New England Conser­vatory’s Jordan Hall. Tuition $240 ($215 by June 5). Limited, affordable housing available, upon request. 7/16-19. 60 participants. Masterclass teacher Paige Dashner Long. Contact: 617-585-1130, [email protected]

   Visual Design Retreat, Orleans. The award-winning Spirit of America Band presents its 5th annual Visual Design Retreat for all aspiring and experienced drill designers. The retreat includes daily seminars on creating, evaluating, and presenting drill, as well as opportunities for independent work and individual instruction. All skill levels welcome. A complimentary, timed version of the latest Pyware software will be provided to each participant. Tuition $1,200. 6/22-26. 1 teacher. Contact: 508-255-4044, [email protected]

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  S   Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Twin Lake.

The camp allows students in grades 5-12 to choose from 12 majors in areas of instrumental or choral music, composition, art, dance, and drama over four two-week sessions. Students may also enroll in one of 28 arts minors. Scholarships are limited and are awarded based on audition or portfolio, arts instructor recommendations, and in some cases financial need. Tuition with housing $1,235-$1,325 depending on major. 7/1-8/23: Session 1 7/1-12, Session 2 7/15-26, Session 3 7/29-8/9, Session 4 8/12-23. 5,000 students (about 1,400 per session), 300 teachers. Contact: 1-800-221-3796, [email protected]

  S   FJM Clinics, Midland, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $310, tuition alone $200. 7/5-7/8. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected] 

  S   Grand Valley State University International Trumpet Sem­inar, Allendale, allows students to work, study, and compete in beautiful western Michigan with fellow students from around the world (ages high school to graduate school). The program includes lessons, masterclasses, and daily classes in orchestral playing, solo performance, and jazz. Solo competitions offer prizes and awards up to $15,000. Special guest artists include Allen Vizzutti, Thomas Hooten, John Hagstrom, Vincent DiMartino, Wiff Rudd, John Daniel, Chase Hawkins, Gabriel DiMartino, Jean Libs, Tim Hudson, JC Dobrzelewski, Jason Dovel, Ryan Garden, Kevin Maloney, Stefan Johnsson, Aries Trio, Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra. Tuition with housing $880, tuition alone $500. 7/19-25. 75 students, 12 teachers. Contact: 616-331-3284. [email protected]

  S   University of Michigan – MPulse Summer Performing Arts Institutes, Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan MPulse Summer Performing Arts Institutes inspire over 200 high school students to achieve exciting new levels of excellence in music performance, music technology, musical theatre, theatre, and dance. Designed for students who are considering studying these areas in college, participants in grades 9-12 work with distinguished university of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance faculty and alumni while experiencing campus life in Ann Arbor. 7/5-8/1 (one, two, and three week programs). 200 students, 75 teachers. Contact: 866-936-2660, [email protected]

  S   Western Michigan University Sem­inar 2015, Kalamazoo, is de­signed to be an enriching pre-college experience for serious young musicians. It is organized to promote artistic, social, recreational, and cultural interaction among the participating young artists. Students in grades 9-12 may apply for admission, 2015 graduates included. Enrollment and scholarship decisions are based on a recorded audition and music teacher endorsement letter. Tuition with housing $1,285, tuition alone $1,085. 7/12-25. 120 students, 60 teachers. Contact: 269-387-4678, [email protected]

  S     Aquinas College Summer Jazz Camp, Grand Rapids, is open to all music students entering eighth grade through college, adult musicians, and music educators with all levels of skills and abilities. Combos, big bands, faculty concerts, concerts featuring students with faculty, masterclasses, and electives: jazz, theory & analysis; jazz composing & arranging; jazz styles & rhythmic exploration; jazz keyboard accompaniment; and jazz styles & performance techniques (interpretation and improvisation). Camp in­structors are camp director Paul Brewer, trombone and big band; Tim Froncek, drumset and percussion; Bob Nixon, alto sax and big band; Tom Lockwood, electric and acoustic bass; Mike Hyde, electric and acoustic guitar; Matt Brewer, electric and acoustic bass; Max Colley III, trumpet; Jeff Ingraham, trombone; and Robin Connell, piano, keyboards, and composition. These instructors are all recognized jazz masters whose careers as teachers and performers are well established. Tuition with housing $450, tuition alone $250. 6/14-19. 9 teachers. Con­­tact: 616-632-2413, jazz [email protected]

  S     Interlochen Arts Camp, Interlochen, provides an opportunity for young artists from around the world to learn, create, and perform alongside leading artists and instructors. For grades 3-12. Session dates 6/27-8/10. Contact: 800-681-5912, [email protected]
    Interlochen Adult Band Camp will host over 70 adults who will experience the joy of ensemble performing in a challenging, supportive, fun, and friendly environment. Tuition with housing $525 with early bird discount (before 4/1/15). 8/11-16. 70+ performers. Contact: [email protected]
    Interlochen Chamber Music Camp will provide a week of instruction and performances with a faculty of leading string, keyboard, and woodwind musicians. Tuition with housing $525 with early bird discount (before 4/1/15).

   Amy Porter’s Anatomy of Sound, Ann Arbor, presents an opportunity for adult flutists of all ages to participate in masterclasses and join in-depth discussions about the study of flute tone, breathing, and body awareness both in flute practice and in performance. Tuition $600 performer, $500 participant, $150 per day auditor. 6/6-9. 15 performers. Masterclass teachers Amy Porter, Leone Buyse. Contact: [email protected]

   Band Conducting and Wind Pedagogy Workshop, Ann Arbor, led by Michael Haithcock.

This is a teaching workshop for instrumental music educators/conductors all levels (K-12 through university/professional) with sessions on Conducting; Rehearsal Techniques and Repertoire. Applicants may apply for Advanced Track, Conducting Track or the Observer Track. Tuition Advanced Track/ $600, Conducting Track/$600, Observer Track/$350, application fee $30. Application deadline: 5/15. Session dates: 6/21-26. Contact: 734-936-2660, [email protected]

   Interlochen College of Creative Arts, Interlochen, is Interlochen’s Adults Arts program. Adults age 18 and up are invited to Interlochen’s storied campus during the summer to study music, visual arts, creative writing, professional development, and media. The energy on campus during this time is electric, as most adult programs run alongside Interlochen’s prestigious Arts Camp for children grades 3-12. Many of the college’s programs offer continuing education credit for educators. Sessions run throughout Spring/Summer/Fall 2015. Approximately 600 participants per summer session, 40 teachers. Contact: 231-276-7200, [email protected]

   Michigan String Workshop, is an in­tensive three-day experience with classes designed to help participants enhance their teaching in all areas of string education. Classes include a diverse array of topics: elementary, middle school, and high school rehearsal techniques and repertoire selection; secondary instrument classes for violin, viola, cello, and double bass; alternative styles and improvisation techniques; recruitment, retention, and program development; incorporating composing activities in orchestral rehearsals; applications of music technology in orchestral curriculum; musician’s health and wellness routines; Suzuki principles in the string class; and instrument and bow selection. Evenings will include a string orchestra reading session and a conducting lab where participants conduct their favorite string orchestra piece and receive feedback on their conducting. Faculty: Michael Hopkins, Bob Phillips, Judy Palac, Valerie Palmieri, Diana Gannett. Tuition alone $325-$375 workshop fee, plus $30 nonrefundable application fee. Application deadline: 6/20. 6/25-27. 5 teachers. Contact: 866-936-2660, [email protected]

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  S   Gustavus Summer Music Strings Institute, St. Paul, is for talented high school string students who seek an intense musical experience focusing on orchestral and solo performances. The institute provides instruction and performances with dedicated and gifted faculty members, practice partners with current Gustavus Adolphus College music students, and solo and orchestral performance opportunities. Contact: 507-933-7360, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   St. Olaf Summer Music Camp, Northfield, is open to high school students who have completed grades 9-12 and is divided into three sections: band, choir, and orchestra. Students can be a part of a maximum of two ensembles during their time at camp. Students will spend the week learning from some of the best music faculty in the nation on perfecting their skills in private lessons, rehearsals, practices, classes, recitals, and final performances. The music camp runs concurrently with the Piano Academy, and all students participate in activities outside of rehearsals to foster relationships, building lasting memories for years to come. Tuition with housing $625. 6/21-27. Contact: 507-786-3031, [email protected]

  S   Soiva International Music Camp, Moorhead, is a camp for flute, violin, clarinet, and piano. Teachers and students from Finland and the U.S. collaborate together in a camp featuring private lessons, chamber music, and concerts. Tuition with housing TBD. 6/20-28. 40 students, 2 teachers. Contact: [email protected]

   University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Music Education, St. Paul.

Program features include a Master of Arts in Music Education (instrumental concentration) and professional development opportunities for practicing music educators. Summer 2015 instrumental course offerings: Advanced Instrumental Score Study and Literature, Dr. Matthew George, 7/20-31; African Music Ensemble, Sowah Mensah 6/14-19; Composing and Arranging for Concert Band, Dr. Jack Stamp, 6/15-25; Instrumental Musician-ship Pedagogy, Dr. Jill Sullivan, 7/6-17; Marching Band Techniques, Dr. Douglas Orzolek, 6/29-7/2. Degree, non-degree, and audit rates available. Additional details, comprehensive schedule, and housing information available at website. Contact: 651-962-5870, [email protected]

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  S   University of Missouri Kansas City Composition Workshop, Kansas City. Composers of all levels (14 and up) will broaden their horizons and hone their craft in this mix of classes and small group sessions with UMKC composition faculty. Participants in our standard track will have their compositions critiqued and discussed with distinguished faculty, allowing each composer to grow artistically while creating new music. Focal areas on composition pedagogy and compositional improvisation are also available for advanced composers. Innovative concert programming will include performances by guest performers, including Michael Hall and newEar Contemporary Music Ensemble. Tuition with housing $765 early bird, $845 after April 10; tuition alone $500 early bird, $580 after April 10. 6/14-21. 30 students, 3 teachers. Contact: 816-235-5448, [email protected]

  S   University of Missouri Kansas City Jazz Camp, Kansas City. Steeped in the rich jazz history of Kansas City, this camp brings world-renowned performers and jazz educators to work with talented young instrumentalists age 12 and up. Jazz Camp co-directors Bobby Watson and Dan Thomas and distinguished clinicians provide insight and inspiration to student combos in a welcoming environment. Participants form lasting friendships as they delve deep into jazz in intensive combo rehearsals and coaching sessions. Daily masterclasses, theory and improvisation classes, and faculty performances provide a well-rounded experience that touches on all aspects of jazz performance and history. Tuition with housing $470 early bird/$400 after April 17; tuition alone $320 early bird/$350 after April 17. 6/28-7/2. 50 participants, 7 teachers. Con­tact: 816-235-5448, [email protected]

  S   University of Missouri Kansas City Saxophone Workshop, Kansas City, gives high school students the opportunity to study with renowned saxophone performers and instructors. Workshop sessions are designed to help students discover and realize their full artistic potential while building technique, studying solo classical literature, and learning the fundamentals of jazz style and improvisation. Students will also perform in saxophone quartets and large saxophone ensembles coached by distinguished faculty. Whether you’re looking to make All-State band, prepare for college auditions, or are just trying to improve, this workshop is for you! Directed by Zach Shemon. Tuition with housing $510, tuition alone $350. 6/13-17. 16 students, 2 teachers. Contact: 816-235-5448, [email protected]

   University of Missouri Kansas City Advanced Choral Conducting Workshop, Kansas City. Join us for a workshop focusing on conducting technique for the choral conductor. Current high school and university faculty as well as graduate students in conducting are welcome to apply. Participants may enroll either as conductors or as auditors. Conducting spots are limited to 12 participants. Tuition with housing $505 participants/$355 auditors; tuition alone $350 participants/$200 auditors. 6/22-24. 12 conductors, unlimited auditors, 2 teachers. Contact: 816-235-5448, [email protected]

   University of Missouri Kansas City Wind Band Teaching Symposium, Kansas City, is designed for middle school and high school music educators, college and university faculty, as well as graduate students and upper-division undergraduates studying music education. The program includes sessions on pedagogy, gesture, rehearsal techniques, chamber music coaching, historical context, philosophy, and literature. UMKC Conservatory faculty and distinguished guest clinicians have designed a symposium to help wind band teachers serve their students, and to offer ways to make an immediate difference in the classroom. Tuition with housing $680 for participants, $480 for auditors; tuition alone $495 for participants, $295 for auditors. 6/14-19. 25 participants, unlimited auditors, 4 teachers. Con­tact: 816-235-5448, [email protected]

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  S   Schoolhouse Fiddle Camps, Avoca. At the Old Avoca Schoolhouse, Deborah Greenblatt, championship fiddler, author of many fiddle collections, will help the campers get in touch with their inner fiddler. The course of study during the Schoolhouse Fiddle Camps will be designed specifically for the individual campers who sign up. The June Camp (June 15-19) is for folks who consider themselves beginners. The July Camp (July 13-17) is for folks who consider themselves intermediate or advanced. Enrollment is limited to 10 fiddlers for each week, so that everyone will get individual attention. Tuition $200. 6/15-19, 7/13-17. 10 students, 1 teacher. Contact: 402-275-3221, [email protected]

  S   Sounds in the Summer Marching Band Camp, Kearney. Drumline, drum major, color guard, brass, and woodwind instruction for preparing individuals for the upcoming marching season. Tuition with housing $200, tuition alone $150. 7/8-10. 150 students, 7 teachers. Contact: 308-865-8607, [email protected]

New Hampshire
  S   University of New Hampshire Sum­mer Youth Music School, Durham. For 66 years the program has offered students a chance to spend time making music together in a Junior Session or a Senior Session. Junior Session students should have just completed grade 7 or 8, and Senior Session students should have just completed grade 9, 10, 11, or 12. Students concentrate on a major instrument or voice part and choose electives to broaden their experience. They associate with other talented young musicians who share their excitement about music, and they study with outstanding teachers and freelance artists. Junior Session tuition with housing $700, tuition alone $600. Junior Session dates: 7/12-17. Senior Session tuition with housing $1,350, tuition alone $1,150. Senior Session dates: 7/19-8/1. 200-300 students, 25 teachers. Con­tact: 603-862-2404, [email protected]

New Jersey
  S   Mt. Tabor Summer Band Camp, Parsippany. Morning classes Monday-Friday from 8-12, with daily lessons on all wind and percussion instruments. Additional classes in guitar, bass, jazz, improvisation, music theory, and drum set. Grades 3-11, all levels. Tuition alone $220. 7/6-31. 13 teachers. Contact: 201-452-6063, [email protected]

  S   Rutgers Summer Band and Orchestra Camp, New Brunswick. High school students perform under the batons of renowned conductors and enjoy a week of intense musical training at Mason Gross School of the Arts with university faculty members and leading professional musicians and music educators from the New York-New Jersey area. In addition to daily large ensemble rehearsals, students participate in group lessons, clinics, masterclasses, and electives. Evening activities include faculty recitals and recreational/social activities; camp concludes with student performances. Students are supervised by camp faculty and counselors during all activities. Band and Orchestra Camp is for students ages 13-18. Jazz/Fusion Workshop is for students ages 13-18. Kids Create is for students age 6-12. 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. For all sessions contact: 732-932-8618, [email protected] (2014 data)

New Mexico
  S     Santa Fe Flute Immersion, Santa Fe, is a fun in-depth flute masterclass featuring specialty workshops, emphasis on skills needed to succeed, and handling performance anxiety. Tuition for performers $750, auditors $400; daily rates available. Scholarships and housing available. 6/22-29. 12 college and young professionals and 4 high school students, and up to 100 auditors. Masterclass teachers Bart Feller, Susan Levitin, Linda Marianiello. Contact: [email protected] [email protected]

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New York
  S   The Art of Performing, Fredonia. The Academy is intended for all instrumental and vocal classical musicians, college age and above (also exceptional high school students) to increase their flexibility and marketability through exploring different performing styles and venues. Includes solo and small ensemble playing, improvisation, arranging, and theatre work. Application includes short YouTube video of a performance. Accompanists can attend tuition free. Tuition with housing $790, tuition alone $450. 7/5-11. 20-30 students, 3 teachers. Contact: 716-673-4631, [email protected]

  S   Bristol Hills Music Camp, Canandaigua. For 53 years, the camp has been known for its quality-intensive band, orchestra, and vocal programs. The camp is open to students in grades 7-12 and offers concert bands, orchestras, vocal ensemble and chorus, jazz ensembles, and music elective classes. All large ensembles rehearse twice daily, with opportunities for small ensembles and private lessons. It is the only music camp in New York State located in a beautiful wooded setting where campers experience music in harmony with nature, live in cabins, and participate in traditional camp activities. Held in mid-August, the camp prepares musicians to return to their school program all warmed up. Tuition with housing $575. 8/16-22. 175 students, 15 teachers. Contact: 607-734-5766, [email protected]

  S   Crane Youth Music, Potsdam, is celebrating its 42nd session this summer. The program continues a heritage of outstanding and cost-effective musical training for young musicians ages 12-18. The staff includes Crane School of Music faculty supplemented by additional guest artists/ teachers. Students attend masterclasses, perform in large ensembles, and receive training in music theory and aural skills.  Pianists receive individual lessons, coaching, and group lessons in electronic keyboard labs. String performers participate in string sectionals, chamber music groups, and orchestra. Instrumentalists rehearse with a band twice daily as well as perform in chamber ensembles. Vocalists perform in a variety of choral ensembles. Tuition with housing $1,275, tuition alone $975. 6/28-7/11. 300 students, 50 teachers. Contact: 315-267-2167, [email protected]

  S   Decoda – Skidmore Chamber Music Institute, Saratoga Springs, enables young musicians to explore leadership and community service through the intensive study of chamber music. Under the guidance of Decoda artists, students will learn how to fully engage their audiences and communities through scripted interactive chamber music performances while improving their own performance and public speaking skills. Tuition with housing $2,241, tuition alone $1,835. 7/12-25. 40 students, 7 teachers. Contact: 515-580-5546, [email protected]

  S   Eastern U.S. Music Camp at Colgate University, Hamil­ton. On the “#1 most beautiful campus in the country” (Princeton Review), this camp has operated for 40 years for students ages 12-18. The program allows students to enjoy music in a non-competitive, challenging, and highly productive atmosphere with Jazz Ensembles, Jazz Combos, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble, Small Ensembles in all areas, Choirs, Piano Program, Guitar Program, Private Lessons for all levels, Daily Recreation. Programs can be combined at no additional cost. Dormitory housing, resident or day. The program offers a professional and friendly atmosphere. Tui­­tion with housing $2,149-$4,198, tui­tion alone varies according to session. Session dates: 6/28-7-25, with the option to select from two, three, or four week sessions. 150 students, 32 teachers. Contact: 518-877-5121, [email protected]

  S   [email protected], Keuka Park. An international summer music camp held on the shores of Keuka Lake, this program is for students currently in grades 6-9, all instruments and voice, classical and jazz. World class faculty from the Eastman School, the Rochester Philharmonic, and the Eastman Community Music School. Students must have two years of experience on their instrument/voice to qualify. Scholarships available. Tuition with housing $1,975, tuition alone $1,645. 7/12-24. 75-100 students, 15 teachers. Contact: 585-274-1400, [email protected]

  S   Fredonia Summer Music Festival, Fre­donia, is open to instrumental music students enrolled in grades 9-12. The 25th annual Fredonia Summer Music Festival offers a friendly and relaxed setting for musical growth through large ensemble and chamber music. Flute masterclasses and lessons are with Dr. Susan Royal, professor of flute, State University of New York at Fredonia. The program offers flute masterclasses, lessons, flute  ensemble, wind ensemble, improvisation, jazz ensemble, composition, music theory, African drumming, preparation for college auditions, and other activities such as an afternoon at a park on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. All students are housed in the newly renovated dorms at SUNY Fredonia. Tuition with housing $750, tuition alone $395. 6/28-7/4. 15 flutists, 1 teacher. Contact: 716-673-4628, [email protected]

  S   French Woods Festival of the Per­forming Arts Music Camp, Han­cock. Working conductors and musicians are at the heart of the professional faculty for the camp, and the counselor staff consists of music students and young professionals. Auditions take place after students arrive. Students of all levels from 7 to 17 years of age are welcome. Staff give group and private lessons on all orchestral instruments, piano, drums, voice, and guitar. The classical symphony orchestra performs within two weeks of the start of the camp and students have the opportunity to play in the pit orchestra of a Broadway production for the Theater Camp. There is a youth symphony, concert band, jazz program, and a rock and roll camp. Students in the rock and roll camp work in five rehearsal studios and a 36-track professional recording studio, perform their own songs, and receive a CD of their work at the end of the summer. Camp offers four two-week sessions, which can be combined to make a four, six, or eight week camp session. Sessions offered during 6/28-8/23. Tuition varies. 200 students, 50 teachers. Contact: 800-634-1703, [email protected]

  S   Ithaca College Summer Music Aca­demy, Ithaca. Located within a beau­tiful private campus, this rich summer program is for students of many ages. Our High School Division provides a residential pre-college experience with offerings of music and non-music courses, taught by Ithaca College faculty and music educators from across the country. Electives help students interested in music careers hone and expand their talents and investigate new interests, whether they have a deep appreciation for music or are interested in a music career. High School Division programs (grades 10-12) include band, orchestra, voice, jazz, and classical guitar; Intermediate Division programs include band (grades 7-9), orchestra (grades 5-9), and a music theatre program (grades 5-9). High School session, tuition $1,925 7/12-25; Intermediate session $875 7/26-8/1. Con­tact: 607-274-3366, [email protected]

  S   Luzerne Music Center, Lake Lu­zerne, is a summer music camp and performing arts center in the New York Adiron­dacks that offers an international program for talented student instrumentalists ages 9-18. The Luzerne Music Center maintains special relationships with the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York City Ballet. Junior session students travel to performances of the New York City Ballet, while senior session students attend weekly performances of the Philadelphia Orchestra, all held at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in nearby Saratoga Springs, New York. Phila­delphia Orchestra members and visiting performing artists present masterclasses and sectionals for all instruments on campus throughout the summer. At Luzerne Music Center students have the opportunity to perform in a variety of large and small ensembles all while receiving weekly private lessons. Tuition with housing $2,424-$4,424. Junior sessions: 6/21-7/17; senior session: 7/20-8/15; six and eight-week sessions: 6/21-8/1, 6/21-8/15. 85 stu­dents, 25 tea­chers. Con­tact: 518-696-2771, [email protected]

  S   Skidmore Jazz Institute, Saratoga Springs. Since 1987 this has been a  premier program to study jazz in the summer. The institute provides a new generation of musicians the opportunity to intermingle with and learn from gifted educators and world-class performers in an intimate, supportive environment. Previous students have successful jazz-related careers. Faculty are Paul Bollenback, James Burton III, Bill Cunliffe, Michael Dease, Jimmy Greene, Antonio Hart, Sean Jones, Vic Juris, Dennis Mackrel, Mike Rodriguez, Doug Weiss, David Wong, and Todd Coolman, Director. Tuition with housing $2,687, tuition alone $1,875. 6/27-7/11. 55 students, 9 teachers. Contact: 518-580-5546, [email protected]

  S   Summit Music Festival, Purchase. This festival brings together an international faculty of the highest caliber, representing the finest traditions of Europe, Asia, and America. Each year students from all over the world assemble for concentrated study with these preeminent artists. We offer an instrumental and chamber music program for high school, college, and young professionals (14 and up). In addition, the Summit Music Festival features a daily array of special events, such as concerts, lectures, and masterclasses throughout the three-week music festival. Tuition with housing for one to three week sessions $1,425-$4,000; tuition alone $800-$3.000. 7/21-8/11. 150 students, 50 teachers. Contact: 914-747-2020, [email protected]

  S     Chataqua Music Festival, Chataqua, enrolls promising students ages 12-28 who are enrolled in or recently graduated from undergraduate or graduate studies. Advanced high school students are occasionally admitted. Orchestra, private lessons, and chamber music are vital components of the festival’s instrumental program. The orchestra rehearses daily and performs concerts in Chautauqua’s 4,000-seat amphitheater. Tuition with housing $4,105, tuition alone $2,290. 6/27-8/17. 82 students, 28 teachers. Contact: 716-357-6233, [email protected]

  S     Eastman School of Music Summer Pro­grams, Rochester.

     Residential Programs for High School Musicians: Music Horizons (grades 9-12); Summer Jazz Studies (grades 9-12); week-long institutes for organ, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and viola, as well as institutes in world music. Courses, Workshops, and Institutes: summer-only master’s degree in Music Education; Orff Schulwerk, levels 1 and 2; Dalcroze Eurhythmics for Performers and Teachers; Summer Conducting Institute with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra; Choral Artistry; Conducting; Vocal Pedagogy; Musicianship with Voices  choir-in-residence; Practical Vocal Pedagogy; World Music institutes. Contact: 800-246-4706 or 585-274-1400, [email protected] For more information on some of these camps, see below.

Eastman Student Programs
     Summer Jazz Studies is a rigorous two-week program that provides an intensive, performance-based experience for highly motivated students currently in grades 9-12 and is ideally suited for those considering collegiate jazz studies. Students work with the Eastman jazz faculty in a program designed to enhance improvisational and ensemble skills. Classes include: instrumental masterclasses, jazz performance workshops, jazz theory, large jazz ensembles, ensemble, jazz forum, jazz composition, and evening jam sessions. Tuition with housing $2,125, tuition alone $1,260. 6/28-7/10. 50 students, 25 teachers.
     Summer Saxophone Institute provides a taste of the Eastman saxophone experience in a one-week intensive program. Hosted by Professor Chien-Kwan Lin of the award-winning Eastman saxophone studio, this is a performance-oriented program, structured around private lessons and masterclasses in both solo and chamber settings. All private lessons are taught personally by Professor Lin and are also offered in Mandarin Chinese. Exceptional high school and international students are encouraged to apply. Applicants are encouraged to contact Professor Lin ([email protected]) before applying. Tuition with housing $1,840/1 credit, $1,185 noncredit, tuition alone $1,350/1 credit, $695 noncredit. 7/19-25. 20 students, 1 teacher. [email protected]   
     Summer Trumpet Institute addresses the needs of collegiate and high school players and is a fun-filled, highly motivating five-day clinic hosted by Douglas Prosser and Wes Nance. Master­classes, mock auditions, daily group warm-up sessions using buzzing techniques and ensemble playing. The program will provide students with daily performance opportunities and will focus on developing successful mental attitudes, styles, and techniques for great recital performances, orchestral playing, and audition success. Tuition with housing $1,857/1 credit, $1,032 noncredit; tui­tion alone $1,452/1 credit, $600 noncredit. 8/2-7. 12 students, 2 teachers.
     Summer Trombone In­stitute is an intensive, informative, and supportive environment for trombonists who wish to challenge themselves as they grow their musical skills and familiarize themselves with the many facets of performing and teaching. The institute includes daily masterclasses, trombone quartet coachings, trombone choir rehearsals, and special topic seminars such as solo playing, improvisation, orchestral section playing, recital and audition preparation, and doubling. Each student receives one private lesson with one of the faculty members. Tuition with housing $1,857/1 credit, $1,057 noncredit; tuition alone $1,425/1 credit, $625 noncredit. 8/2-7. 25 students, 4 teachers.
     Viola Work­shop offers six days of intensive exploration into fundamental instrumental techniques and musical interpretation skills. Partici­pants explore strategies that promote a healthy approach to building facility and work to solidify their musical voice in performance. Designed as an advanced basics course, this workshop is suitable for advanced high school students, conservatory musicians, and seasoned professionals. Through masterclasses and group/private lessons, as well as voice and movement classes, all participants should leave with greater insight and confidence toward the goal of instrumental mastery and open musical expression. Tuition with housing $1,857/1 credit, $1,132 noncredit; tuition alone $1,425/1 credit, $700 noncredit. 7/26-31. 12 students, 2 teachers.
     Music Horizons is for students currently in grades 9-12 who are seriously considering a career in music. Emphasis is on solo performance (all orchestral instruments, piano, organ, voice, classical guitar, or com­position). For mature, ad­vanced students who work well in a focused, collegiate environment. Students should have high-level musical skills, good organizational skills, and mature personal skills. Program includes two private lessons per week; weekly solo performance in repertory class; career seminar; three levels of theory and two levels of ear training; a choice of history and analysis of music courses; small ensembles; accompanying class for pianists; plus two creative components (composition, improvisation). Tuition with housing $3,435, tui­tion alone $1,923. 7/11-31. 50 students, 30 teachers.
     UR Connections. Design a full-day camp with pre-college courses at the University of Rochester and music classes at the Eastman School of Music.

Eastman Adult Programs
     Orchestral Conducting Fundamentals
is a course based on the technical, musical, and psychological fundamentals that lead to a deeper level of communication between conductor and orchestra. The course is designed to approach general conducting skills and issues that are applicable to all musicians who wish to develop conducting skills. New conducting students will receive a strong set of basic fundamentals and musical values, upon which they can then build. Tuition with housing $1,569 w/1 cr., tuition alone $1,425 w/1 cr. 7/8-10. 6 students, 1 teacher.
     American Saxophone Academy. Five American saxophone artists and teachers return to present this week-long program designed for advanced college students and above. Participants will work closely with the faculty in a variety of settings including lessons, masterclasses, and ensembles. Existing quartets and international students are encouraged to apply. Pre-screening required.  Applicants should send their resume via email to Dr. Chien-Kwan Lin ([email protected]) by April 1, 2015. Tuition with housing $1,425/1 credit, $710 noncredit. 6/25-7/3. 25 students, 5 teachers.
     Instrumental Methods and Tech­niques is for instrumental, vocal, and general music teachers at all levels who wish to improve their musicianship skills for teaching. This course is relevant for teachers addressing the National Stan­dards for sing­ing, performing on instruments, reading, composing, and improvising. The emphasis is on beginning instrumental study for recorder, winds, percussion, and strings from Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series –  Books/CDs 1 & 2. Tuition with housing $5,067/3 credits, $1,562/noncredit, tuition alone $4,275/3 credits, $770/noncredit. 7/20-31. 10 participants, 1 teacher.
     Orff Schul­werk Teacher Education Course Levels I and II. Helps educators develop an understanding of the teaching and learning process using the Orff Schulwerk approach to music and movement. The daily schedule for both levels includes focus on rhythm, melodic experience, Orff instrument technique and musicianship, movement, recorder playing, improvisation, Orff theory, orchestration, and special topics sessions. Level I must be completed to enroll in Level II. The AOSA level certificate is awarded for completion of the two-week course; there is no distinction between credit and noncredit enrollment in awarding the level certificate. Tuition with housing $5,067/3 credits, $1,577 noncredit; tuition alone $4,275/3 credits, $785 noncredit. 7/20-31. 40 students, 4 teachers. For more specific Orff Schulwerk information, contact Donna Brink Fox, program director, at 585-274-1020, or [email protected], or the Music Education Department Admin-istrative Assistant at 585-274-1540.

  S     Meadowmount School of Music, West­port, was founded in 1944 by master teacher Ivan Galamian. The school is the premier training ground for violin, viola, cello, and piano students ages 8 to 30+ who are looking for professional careers in classical music. Emphasis on solo and chamber music studies through private lessons, masterclasses, performance opportunities, guest artists, concerts, and workshops. School alumni include Joshua Bell, Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zuckerman, and more. Tuition with hou­sing $6,600, tuition alone $3,600. 6/27-8/15. 200+ students, 18 teachers. Con­tact: 518-962-2400, [email protected]

   Chautauqua Music Festival, Chau­tauqua, enrolls promising students ages 18 to 28 who are enrolled in or recently graduated from undergraduate or graduate studies. Advanced high school students are occasionally admitted. Orchestra, private lessons, and chamber music are vital components of the festival’s instrumental program. The orchestra rehearses daily and performs concerts in Chautauqua’s 4,000-seat amphitheater. 80 students, 28 teachers. Contact: 716-357-6233, [email protected] (2014 data)

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North Carolina
  S   Cannon Music Camp, Boone, is a three-week music-filled retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains that offers intensive college preparatory work in performance and music theory with daily ensemble rehearsals and music theory classes. Also included are weekly private lessons and masterclasses. Open to serious student musicians who are rising high school freshman to graduating seniors. Tuition with housing $1,525, meal plans extra. 6/27-7/18. 200 students. Con­tact: 828-262-4091, [email protected]

  S   Eastern Music Festival, Greensboro, is a five-week summer orchestra training program for musicians ages 14-23. Tui­tion with housing $5,625. 6/27-8/1. 200 students, 80 teachers. Con­tact: 877-833-6753, [email protected]

  S   FJM Clinics, Greensboro, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $290, tuition alone $200.6/21-6/24. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected]

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Charlotte, offers exceptional workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 7/17-21. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

  S   Glickman Popkin Bassoon Camp, Little Switzerland, is a ten-day summer gathering for bassoonists of late high school or early college age and above (18 and older) and all skill levels held at the Wildacres Retreat. Begun in 1978 by Loren Glickman and Mark Popkin, the camp meets annually and provides an opportunity for players to learn new methods and techniques for old excerpts and solos. There are daily masterclasses by Mark, Loren, and our guest artists as well as daily reed making classes and recital hours. The masterclasses are relaxed with no fixed order or selection of performers, and anyone may play who wishes to. Tuition with housing about $790. 5/25-6/4. Contact: [email protected]

  S   UNCG Summer Music Camp, Greens­­boro, is America’s most popular music camp and offers two one-week camps on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Greens­boro. Programs offered include senior, junior, and beginner band; senior and junior orchestra; senior mixed chorus; and piano camp. Students are typically drawn from 25 states and several foreign countries. Tuition with housing $460, tuition alone $370. Week one: 7/12-17; week two: 7/19-24. 915 students per week, 150 teachers. Contact: 800-999-2869, [email protected]

  S     Brevard Music Center, Brevard, provides a congenial summer community for young musicians of exceptional gifts. Four hundred students, ages 14-29, enroll each year. These students represent nearly every state in the U.S., as well as several other countries. All students and an artist faculty of 65 live and work on the Music Center campus, 180 wooded acres in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. Brevard presents 80 public concerts throughout its seven-week festival including major orchestral, chamber, and operatic repertoire. Tuition, room, and board $6,300. 6/19-8/2. 415 students, 65 teachers. Contact: 828-862-2100, [email protected]

  S     University of North Carolina School of the Arts Summer Music Programs, Winston-Salem, offers intensive programs of varying lengths to students in the following areas: Chamber Music (including piano and winds) (2 weeks), Voice (3 weeks), Composition/Music Technology (3 weeks), Strings (3 weeks), Collaboration/Pianist as Partner (3 weeks), Piano (2 weeks), Organ (1 week), Flute (1 week), Harp (1 week), and Guitar (1 week). Wonderful concert halls, an extensive music library, and a conservatory campus that brings together students in all of the arts make this a one-of-a-kind summer program. Tuition with housing $1,033 (1 week), $1,937 (2 weeks), $2,840 (3 weeks); tuition alone $647 (1 week), $1,164 (2 weeks), $1,682 (3 weeks). Audition required; audition deadline 4/15.  Sessions during 6/21-7/11. 7-40 students per session, 16 teachers. Contact: 336-770-3254, [email protected]

  S     Wildacres Flute Retreat, Little Switzerland, is a course open to professional flutists, teachers, students, and amateurs with each flutist designing a course of study appropriate for his level of attainment and interests. Tuition alone $485-$605, housing $325. 6/21-28. 20 performers, 20 performer-participants, 20 participants, 10 auditors. Masterclass teachers Göran Marcusson, Stephen Preston, Bradley Garner, Amara Guitry, Lea Pearson, Helen Spielman, Norman Thibodeau, Nora Kile. Contact: [email protected]

   Asheville Flute Vacation, Ashe­ville, is for adult amateur flutists, with a focus on small ensembles, flute choir, and private lessons. Housing is at a local bed & breakfast with private rooms and baths. Spouses and partners are welcome. 5/25-31. 12 students, 2 teachers. Contact: 828-650-6666, [email protected]

North Dakota
  S   International Music Camp, Dunseith. Located in the Inter-national Peace Gardens on the border of North Dakota and Manitoba, this camp was founded in 1956 and offers fine arts education programs for students age 10 through adult. The program includes band, orchestra, choir, jazz, world percussion, garage band, guitar, fiddling, mallet percussion, musical theatre, drumline, piano, organ. One-week camp sessions draw over 2,000 campers each summer from the United States, Canada, and many other countries. Tuition with housing $380/week if registered before 5/1, $395 after 5/1. Six one-week sessions from 6/14-7/28. 350 students, 180 teachers. Contact: 701-838-8472, [email protected]

   Professional Development for Edu­cators, Dunseith, of­fers guest conductors, professional artists, and teachers who are eager to share their expertise with you. Design your professional development experience schedule, which may be either a half-week or full-week professional development workshop. The program offers individualized learning and allows you to set up your schedule, which may include classes, rehearsals, lessons, and seminars. One graduate credit is available through the University of North Dakota for 15 hours of contact time (half week). Full-week, two-credit sessions for 30 hours are also available. Sessions run Sunday evening through Wednesday or Sunday through Sat­urday. Tuition with housing $225 if registered before 5/1 (1/2 week), $240 if registered after 5/1 (1/2 week); $380 registration if before 5/1 (full week), $395 if after 5/1 (full week). 6/14-7/25. 350 students, 180 teachers (5-10 educators each week). Contact: 701-838-8472, [email protected]

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  S   Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory Summer Intensive, Berea, is a two-week program for high school students considering studying music in college. This program allows students to step into the shoes of a Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory Music Major and work directly with the BW Conservatory of Music faculty. Areas of study include orchestra, wind ensemble, choral ensemble, chamber music, music theatre, keyboard, composition. Current high school juniors may also elect to participate in the Audition Preparation. Tuition with housing $1,200, tuition alone $1,800. 7/12-25. 100 students, 30 teachers.
String Camp is a residential or commuter camp for string players in grades 4-9, with a minimum of 4 months of playing experience. Tuition with housing $525, tuition alone $450. 6/13-18. Contact: 440-826-2365, [email protected]
     Band Camp is a residential or day camp for woodwind, brass, and percussion players in grades 4-9 with a minimum of 4 months of playing experience. 6/20-25.
    Music Theatre Camp is for students in grades 4-9 interested in improving their skills in movement, singing, and acting. Students will perform an “informance” on the last day of camp. The first 120 applicants will be accepted. 6/20-25. For all of the above camps, contact: 440-826-2365, [email protected]
  S   Bowling Green State University Sum­mer Music Institute, Bowling Green, offers week-long intensive music camps for students in grades 8-12. Session 1, featuring recording, double reed, string, and musical theatre, runs 6/14-19; Session 2, featuring flute, vocal arts, saxophone, and brass, runs 6/21-26. Tuition with housing $525 ($40 off if registered by 4/30), tuition alone $295($40 off if registered by 4/30). Contact: 419-372-2506.

  S   Cleveland Institute of Music. Sum­mer Sonata is a one-week program for pianists, ages 12-18, and it provides the ideal environment for young students to nourish and improve their musical and piano skills. This program for aspiring young pianists features multiple performance opportunities as well as group classes in theory, Eurhythmics, form, and composition, improvisation, piano literature, and more. Central to this experience will be daily masterclasses, regular private lessons, in solo and duet format, as well as supervised practice sessions. The 2015 program will feature special guest artist Antonio Pompa-Baldi who will teach a public masterclass and teach private lessons to selected students. Tuition with room/board $1,220, tuition alone $800 plus $45 non-refundable application fee. (Students under age 16 who request room and board will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.) 6/14-20. Application deadline: 3/20. 20-25 students, 10 teachers.
     Young Composers Program is a one-week experience that gives composition students ages 14-19 the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary music. YCP helps composition students learn about the field of new music while developing creative and professional skills. The 2015 program includes private composition lessons, daily listening sessions, and workshops on notating musical ideas. Perfor­mance of student compositions will take place at a final concert. Tuition with housing $1,250, tuition alone $820 plus $45 non-refundable application fee. 6/14-20. 14-18 students, 4 teachers.
Contact: Mary Ann Grof-Neiman, 216-791-5000, [email protected]

  S   Credo Music Festival is an unparalleled intensive and invigorating program of music study, service, and performance that brings students ages 11-25 from around the world. Students engage in musical growth through chamber groups, masterclasses, large ensembles, and private lessons. Credo Oberlin, Oberlin, is a three-week program of intensive chamber music study and performance for students ages 13-23. The world-class faculty includes Peter Slowik of the Oberlin Conservatory, Anne Williams of the Pittsburgh Symphony, and other conservatory faculty and orchestral players. Tuition and housing $3,380, tuition alone $2,130. 6/28-7/18. 70-75 students, 20 teachers. Contact: 440-774-3658, [email protected]

  S   FJM Clinics, Dayton, North Canton, Granville, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $290, tuition alone $200. Dayton 6/15-18, 7/12-15; North Canton 6/21-24; Granville 7/5-8. Con­tact: 800-444-3524, [email protected]

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Delaware, offers exceptional workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove their leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 7/11-15. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]
  S   Junior High Band Camp, Akron. For students entering grades 7-10, this program features band rehearsals, technique classes with faculty from the University of Akron, and recitals by faculty and students. Students perform a closing concert on the final day for family and friends. Tuition with housing $475, tuition alone $250. 6/22-26. 50 students, 12 teachers. Contact: 330-972-6919, [email protected]

  S   Oberlin Flute Academy, Oberlin, is designed for high school students who wish to devote a week to intensive work on flute-playing skills during an exhilarating program of masterclasses, lessons, performance classes, and recitals. Masterclasses and performance sessions with Alexa Still will be held for six hours daily. Each participant will be taught in a masterclass session, perform in a public performance class, and receive one half-hour private lesson. Participants may work on any repertoire of their choice, including orchestral excerpts; however, it must be understood that the shorter the pieces chosen, the more opportunity participants will have to present different styles. Tuition with housing $750, tuition alone $500. 6/22-26. 18 students, 1 teacher. Contact: 440-775-8044, [email protected]

  S   Ohio State University Clarinet Academy, Columbus, for students entering grades 9-12 in the 2015-16 school year, as well as 2015 high school graduates, this five-day festival provides high school clarinetists with a unique opportunity to work directly with clarinet faculty Caroline Hartig in group activities and private lessons, and benefit from additional instruction from current Ohio State graduate and undergraduate clarinet students. Activities include private lessons; masterclasses; technique, literature, and theory classes; daily coached chamber ensembles; and performance opportunities. Tuition with housing and meals $450. 6/21-25. 40 students, 7 teachers. Contact: 614-292-4280, [email protected]

  S   Ohio State University Double Reed Camp, Columbus, is for students entering grades 9-12 in the 2015-16 school year, as well as 2015 high school graduates. The camp is designed to assist students in developing skills unique to the double reed instruments. Students will work directly with double reed faculty Karen Pierson and Robert Sorton. Sessions will cover the fundamental elements of good tone production, overcoming technical obstacles, essentials of reed-making, and effective interpretation of music. Activities include individual and small group instruction, as well as large ensemble experiences – while enjoying the college experience at Ohio State. Tuition with housing and meals $450. 6/28-7/1. 25 students, 6 teachers. Contact: 614-292-4280, [email protected]

  S   Ohio State University Flute Workshop, Columbus, is for students who are entering grades 10-12 in the 2015-16 school year, as well as 2015 high school graduates. Now entering its 30th year, this five-day flute workshop provides high school flutists with a unique opportunity to develop as musicians, engage with peers, work with faculty, and enjoy the college experience on campus. Participants work directly with Professor Katherine Borst Jones and benefit from additional instruction with current graduate and undergraduate flute students and alumni. Activities include private lessons; masterclasses; flute choir; daily coached chamber ensembles; and performance opportunities. Tuition with housing and meals $425. 6/14-18. 50 students, 15 teachers. Contact: 614-292-4280, [email protected]

  S   Ohio State University Jazz Camp, Columbus, is for students who are entering grades 10-12 in the 2015-16 school year, as well as 2015 high school graduates; intermediate to advanced jazz students who have had at least one year of school instruction or participation in a jazz ensemble. Intermediate to advanced high school jazz students receive a comprehensive experience working side by side with jazz faculty and current jazz students to enhance and improve skills such as sightreading, improvisation, and technique. Each day is filled with exciting class work, informative masterclasses, energetic combo sessions, big band rehearsals, and unique concert-going experiences. The noncompetitive, educational environment allows for individual growth and collaboration. Students may opt to enjoy the full experience by residing on campus during the week or may commute from home. Tuition with housing and meals $475, tuition alone $375. 6/14-18. 40 students, 10 teachers. Contact: 614-292-4280, [email protected]

  S   Ohio State University Morning String Student Workshop, Columbus, is for students who are entering grades 4-9 in the 2015-16 school year with at least one year of playing experience. The workshop meets daily and offers two weeks of hands-on training with the faculty and students of one of the largest and most extensive string pedagogy programs in the nation. Students receive motivational and creative instruction in technique and aural skill development, participate in chamber music ensembles, and rehearse as a large orchestra – all in a fun and non-competitive atmosphere located in the Ohio State Marching Band facilities in Ohio Stadium. Program director: Robert Gillespie. Tuition $260. 6/15-7/1, Mon.-Fri., 9:30 a.m. to noon. 80 students, 12 teachers. Contact: 614-292-4280, [email protected]

  S   Ohio State University Student Leadership Intensive, Columbus, is for students entering grades 10-12 in the 2015-16 school year who are current members of their school’s marching band, and is open to all instrumentalists (brass, woodwind, and percussion). This is a four-day program designed to enrich leadership and musicianship skills for students in high school marching bands. Instruction consists of marching fundamentals, technique for all conducting styles, personal discipline, and group dynamics. Sessions for non-conductors emphasize team-building, problem solving, and effective rehearsal techniques. In addition to renowned guest clinicians from around the country, instructional staff includes Ohio State music education faculty and Ohio State Marching Band student leadership. Program director: David Hedgecoth. (This program does not include a color guard unit of instruction, but guard leaders are encouraged to attend for leadership development.) Tuition with housing and meals $400, tuition alone $300. 7/15-18. 100 students, 10 teachers. Contact: 614-292-4280, [email protected]

  S     Creative Strings Workshop, Delaware. Our full program includes intermediate to advanced players with beginner to expert improvisation skills ages 15-75. If you’re a pro, amateur, teacher (graduate credit available), fiddler, jazzer, teenager, retiree, or future rock star looking for 16+ hour days full of music. To be hosted at the Ohio Wesleyan University, near Delaware, Ohio. The nearest airport is Port Columbus International Airport (CMH). We will provide transportation to and from the airport. Tuition with housing $1,295 (shared room) $1,430 (single room), tuition alone $975 (adult) $125 (youth). 6/28-7/4. 9 teachers. Contact: 614-332-8689, [email protected]

  S     Oberlin Percussion Institute, Oberlin. The Oberlin Conservatory of Music is pleased to announce the 15th summer Percussion Institute to be held on the spacious campus of Oberlin College. Students are invited to attend a stimulating and exciting week of masterclasses, clinics, hands-on workshops, recitals, and lectures in a relaxed and productive environment. This promises to be a comprehensive curriculum covering the full range of the percussionist’s and timpanist’s art and will prove to be both musically as well as intellectually stimulating. Our faculty this year represents the finest talent and the widest breadth of experience in the  world of percussion. Students at all levels can look forward to a busy, yet relaxed, productive atmosphere where there will be opportunity for personal attention by the distinguished faculty. The clinics and workshops promise to be in-depth examinations of percussion and timpani in every detail. Participants who want to perform in masterclasses are invited to audition on the day of registration with no pressure to perform. Private lessons with the faculty will be available for an additional fee, and students are welcome to share lessons. 7/26-8/1. Tuition with housing $1,095, tuition alone $700. 20 students, 3 teachers. Contact: 440-775-8044, [email protected]

  S     Oberlin Trombone Workshop, Oberlin, is an intensive five days of masterclasses, individual and group coaching sessions, trombone choir, and faculty and group recitals. Designed for high school and college-aged students, the workshop will cover solo and etude preparation/performance, orchestral excerpts, performing under pressure, fundamentals/warm-up routines, and audition preparation. Professor Lee Allen, Professor Brad Kerns from the University of Kentucky, and Clint Woltering, a tenor and bass trombonist with the United States Naval Academy Band will serve on the faculty for the workshop and will give 30-minute lessons to all participants. Tuition with housing $925, tuition alone $600. 6/21-26. Application deadline 5/1. 20 participants, 3 teachers. Contact: 440-775-8044, [email protected]

  S     Oberlin Trumpet Work­shop, Oberlin, is designed for high school, college, professional, and amateur trumpet players and teachers who wish to invest intensive time in trumpet fundamentals, solo trumpet playing, and pedagogical skills. The 10-day workshop features daily masterclasses, private lessons, performance classes, and recitals. The program is designed to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the interests of the individual participants. Tuition with housing $1,375, tuition alone $800. 6/21-7/1. 20 participants, 2 teachers. Contact: 440-775-8044, [email protected]

   Summer Institute for Music Teaching and Learning, Berea. Intermediate Guitar Skills for Educators. 6/15-17, 1 credit/$185. West African Drumming, Song, and Dance; An Introduc-tion to Afro-Centric Music. 6/15-19, 2 credit/$315. Creating, Performing, and Responding to Music with Technology. 6/22-25, 2 credit/$315. The iPad in Music Education. 6/29-30, 2 credit/$315. Creating and Measuring Learning Objectives in the Kodaly-Inspired Classroom. 2 credit/$315. Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education Course Level I. 7/6-17. 4 credits/$610. Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education Course Level II. 7/6-17. 4 credits/$610. Gordon Institute for Music Learning, Early Childhood Music Level 1. 7/20-31, 4 credits/$710. On-campus housing is available during Orff-Schulwerk and Gordon Institute for Music Learning. 10-25 participants per session. Contact: 440-826-8065, [email protected]

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  S   Oklahoma State University Summer Woodwind Institute, Stillwater, is a chamber music camp and instrumental seminar that provides masterclasses, clinics, chamber music rehearsals, music theory classes, and a final recital for students in grades 8-12 who play flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, or saxophone. Exceptional music students in grades 6 and 7 will be considered through an audition process. Tuition with housing $395, tuition alone $290. 7/23-26. 50 students, 4 teachers. Contact: 405-744-3964, [email protected]

  S   Red River Drum & Auxiliary Camp, Ardmore, is a week-long summer camp for drumline, color guard, and drum major students in grades 7-12. The camp is held at beautiful Lake Murray State Park. Optional private lessons are also offered. Recreation and activities each day and night. Tuition with housing $250. 7/13-17. 330 students, 17 teachers, including nine drumline instructors, six color guard in­structors, and two drum major instructors. Contact: 580-745-2014, [email protected]

  S     2015 Bassoon Bonanza!, Tulsa, will be held at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. It is a five-day workshop for junior high and high school bassoonists, in addition to interested adult players. Resident artists will be Richard Ramey,  Susie Brown, and Charlotte Blakely, the bassoon section of the Tulsa Symphony, Tulsa Ballet, and Tulsa Opera. Participants will have the chance to perform in a massed bassoon ensemble known as the Barking Basset Bassoon Ensemble. Daily rehearsals and a final concert will present the selections worked on during the week. Masterclass subjects include coaching of All-region/All-State audition material, “Winning Auditions: Strategies for a Great Performance,” and daily reedmaking sessions. Tuition alone: $125. 6/8-12. 3 teachers. Con­tact: 918-445-0101, [email protected]

  S   Summer Music Camps at Univer­sity of Oregon, Eugene, includes the Marching & Leadership Camp, Concert Band and Orchestra Camp, and Jazz Improvisation Camp, which are dedicated to the developing high school musician (incoming 9th graders through graduating seniors). Come join us for the opportunity to work with University of Oregon School of Music & Dance faculty, make life-long friends, and reach a higher level of musicianship. Tuition with housing $595, tuition alone $395. 7/6-11, 7/13-18, 7/19-24. Contact: 541-236-2393, [email protected]

  S     Flute Extremes Workshop, Eugene, is a workshop where flutists gain experience in Baroque and modern flute styles. Tuition with housing $675 performers, $475 auditors, tuition alone $400 performers, $200 auditors. 6/17-21. 16 performers, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teachers Molly Barth, Kim Pineda. Contact: [email protected]

   Band Camp for Band Directors! Bring your instruments and join the band, again, for four days of practice rehearsal techniques, clinics, and a concert with a world-class faculty brought to you by Jupiter Band Instruments, Mapex Percussion, Majestic Percussion, Hal Leonard, Grand Mesa Music, and Focus on Music. All participants will have frequent opportunities to engage the faculty in rehearsal settings for discussions about their own program’s improvement. Tuition with housing $695, tuition alone $395. 6/16-19. Contact: 501-317-0151, [email protected]

   Flute Spa & Flute Choir Retreat, Portland, is a participatory masterclass for flutists aged 18 through adult designed to improve your flute playing and enhance chamber music performance skills. Flute Choir Reading sessions will focus teaching and performing a variety of flute choir repertoire. Tuition alone $275, early bird $250. Housing available. July 24-26. 25 participants. Masterclass teachers Patricia George, Phyllis Avidan Louke. [email protected], [email protected], www.fabulousflute.com

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  S   Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Music Program, Pittsburgh, hosted by the Carnegie Mel­lon University School of Music, provides a conservatory environment where prospective performers, composers, conductors, and teachers prepare for professional careers in music. Application deadline: 5/1. Session dates: 6/27-8/7.

  S   The Consummate Flutist 2015, Pittsburgh, is an inspirational week of masterclasses, lectures, and workshops for advanced high school, college, and professional flutists. Masterclass teachers Alberto Almarza, Jeanne Baxtresser, Soo-Kyung Park, Stephen Schultz, Jim Walker. Daily masterclasses focus on standard repertoire and orchestral excerpts. The flute faculty also presents lectures and workshops focusing on various aspects of flute performance and career planning, including performance and audition techniques, Baroque and extended technique exercises, and strategies for becoming a successful student and performer. The program is designed for advanced high school, college, and pre-professional flutists. Tuition alone for performers $600, participants $425, and auditors $50/day, $120/entire class. 6/16-20. Contact: [email protected]

  S   FJM Clinics, Greensburg, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $290, tuition alone $200. 7/19-22. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected]  

  S   Lebanon Valley College Summer Music Camp, Annville. Calling all junior high and high school age musicians and vocalists. Share your love and passion for music with other students from all over the East Coast. You choose your own camp experience by selecting a primary and secondary concentration, electives, and private lessons. Per­formance areas include concert band, string ensemble, piano, guitar/bass, jazz band, choir, and musical theatre. Register online by 5/15. Tuition with housing $595, tuition alone $395. 7/7-12. 100 students 14 teachers. Contact: Cherie Van Zant, 717-867-6383, [email protected]

  S   The Performing Arts Institute, King­ston, is an international summer program for serious students of music, theater, and dance, ages 12-18. Enrollment is by audition, and performance standards are very high. Offerings include two orchestras, two choirs, wind ensemble, big band, chamber music, jazz combos, academic classes, masterclasses, guest artists, and prestigious faculty and conductors. 150 students, 57 teachers per session. Contact: 570-270-2186, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   Susquehanna University High School Choral Institute, Selinsgrove, offers a unique summer performance experience for singers. This week-long residential program focuses on improving musicianship, vocal technique, and choral performance skills. Susquehanna voice faculty provide group vocal instruction, and students will have the opportunity to perform in the institute choir and take lessons in music theory, conducting, diction, and vocal science. High school students entering grades 9-12 may apply. Tuition with housing $560 (if online application completed on or before 5/1), $660 (if application completed after 5/1). 7/5-11. 50 students, 5 teachers. Contact: 570-372-4536, [email protected]

  S   Susquehanna University High School Wind Ensemble Institute, Selinsgrove. Susquehanna University offers a unique summer performance experience for high school musicians. The week-long, residential program focuses on chamber music and symphonic wind ensemble performance. Students also have lessons with distinguished Susquehanna faculty members. The university reviews audition recordings and invites 54 gifted woodwind, brass, and percussion players who are entering grades 9-12. Selection is competitive; rolling applications and fees. Tuition with hou­sing $660. 6/21-27. 54 students, 11 tea­chers. Contact: 570-372-4396, [email protected]

  S   Vivace Productions – Band & Leadership Camps, West Chester and Kutztown, offer four-day residential skill and leadership camps for all high school marching band students. Tracks include Colorguard, Percussion, Brass & Woodwind, taught by college professors. The Drum Major track is by the GNP Drum Major Academy. 2015 features Carolina Crown as corps in residence! The program also includes one- and two-day leadership workshops featuring Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and Dr. John Villella. Sessions are also available in Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah. Tuition with housing $525 (4 day)/ $295 (2 day); tuition alone $350/$265/$65 (1 day). July 2015. Contact: 800-264-1121, [email protected]

  S   West Chester University High School Sum­mer Music Institute, West Chester, offers students in grades 9-12 a comprehensive summer music camp experience. We offer instrumental, piano, and vocal tracks as well as an honors track (audition required). Students participate in a variety of large and small ensembles and perform at the end of the week, and all concerts are open to the public. Auditions for a solo recital are held at the start of the week. The faculty consists primarily of WCU music professors. Each student receives two, 30-minute private lessons. Students participate in a theory/ear-training course and college preparation classes. Tuition with housing $685, tuition alone $595. 7/6-11. 70 students, 15 teachers. Contact: 610-430-4177, [email protected]

  S     Curtis Summerfest at Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia. Chamber Music and Orchestra for Adults. Join us and enjoy making music with others who love playing classical music as much as you do. There are three ways to participate: Set aside three evenings for inspiring orchestra sessions; immerse yourself in intensive chamber music coaching in the mornings; and join us for chamber music coaching in the mornings, plus orchestra or piano study class at night. Whichever schedule you choose, you will learn from distinguished faculty and play side-by-side with select Curtis students. Pianists can receive personalized instruction through studio class. Register as an individual or a pre-formed ensemble. Chamber Orchestra: 5/21-23. Chamber Music: 5/22-25.
    Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class. Flutists are encouraged to enjoy a week of interactive courses and masterclasses with Jeffrey Khaner, principal flute of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and Mimi Stillman, founder of the Dolce Suono Ensemble. Limited number of students play several times during the week in masterclasses featuring individualized instruction from Jeffrey Khaner. Register to participate as an auditor, taking part in all courses and attending masterclasses. 6/23-27.
    Young Artist Summer Program. Experience conservatory-style living in an intimate, challenging, and supportive learning environment. The three-week course features personalized attention from celebrated faculty. Students rehearse and perform alongside their musical peers and select Curtis students. 7/19-8/8. 54 teachers. Contact: 215-717-3193, summerfest

   Summertrios, Bryn Mawr. Summertrios Ensemble Week, Chambersburg, is a completely individualized program, playing with all professionals. Geared toward adult amateur musicians, held at Bryn Mawr College and Wilson College, repertoire choices are available for duos to large ensembles, including string quartets, piano trios, and wind ensembles (pianists choose their repertoire). Programs include sightreading classes and workshops. All participants are scheduled for playing time with faculty. Scheduling in compatible peer groups addresses each player’s individual needs. Performance is optional. Private lessons available. Tuition with housing for piano $1,600; for winds, French horns, and strings $1,240. Session dates: 6/7-14; 6/28-7/5. 75 participants, 25 faculty. Contact: [email protected]

   Vivace Productions – Director Sessions, West Chester. Held during the same time as our student workshops, this program is for directors, staff, and college students interested in becoming band directors and who seek to build their own curriculum. The program offers courses in drill design, rehearsal technique, show writing, and more, taught by a national panel of college and drum corps instructors. 2015 West Chester camp will feature staff from our DCI corps in residence: Carolina Crown. Eligible for graduate and professional development credit.  Tuition with housing $500, tuition alone $350. 7/6-9 & 7/27-30. 30 participants, 12 teachers. Contact: 800-264-1121, [email protected]

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Rhode Island
  S   Music Institute at Rhode Island College, Providence. Celebrating its tenth year in 2015, the Music Institute at Rhode Island College is a week-long intensive musical honors program run by RIC music faculty, and it is open to wind, percussion, and voice students entering ninth grade through graduating seniors. Daily rehearsals in chamber groups and full ensembles are supplemented with classroom music offerings, masterclasses, faculty re­citals, and guest performances to provide a musical experience unlike any other. Special recreational and cultural events will be planned throughout the week, and the week culminates in a public  performance by all student ensembles on the stage of Sapinsley Hall in the Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts at Rhode Island College. Tuition with housing $750, tuition alone $500. 7/5-11. 60 students, 11 teachers. Contact: 401-456-8205, [email protected]

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South Carolina
  S   Charleston Southern University Summer Music Camp, Charleston. Campers elect senior, junior, or beginner band; senior or junior chorus; or piano camp. The program offers a week-long nonstop mix of en­sembles, masterclasses, private lessons, re­creation, and social activities. Saturday eve­ning concerts feature performances by all campers. Tuition with housing $340, tuit­ion alone $280. 6/22-27. 250 students, 50 teachers. Contact: 843-882-7762, music [email protected]

  S   Furman Band and Orchestra Camp, Greenville, is a compact, one-week camp that offers talented young musicians exceptional opportunities to perform in a variety of ensembles: a full symphony orchestra, string orchestra, two concert bands, wind symphony, jazz ensemble, and several chamber groups. The atmosphere for young musicians is stimulating, combining the challenge of performing with other motivated musicians, the experience of daily rehearsals, and the opportunity for individual and group instruction. There are classes in musicianship for all levels, optional private lessons, and daily recreational activities, all within the beautiful setting of the Furman campus. The week offers a memorable experience of musicianship and camaraderie for students ages 12-18. Middle school students must be completing their second full year of band or orchestra to attend. High school students must have minimum of three years of ensemble experience. Tuition with housing $495 w/boarding (includes all meals), $380 commuting (includes lunch, dinner). 6/14-19. 220-250 students, 25 teachers. Contact 864-294-2086, [email protected]

South Dakota
  S   University of South Dakota Sum­mer Music Camp, Vermillion. The Uni­ver­sity of South Dakota’s music camp is a six-day experience of learning and music making open to students who have completed grades 5-12. Activities include instrumental and vocal ensembles as well as a variety of other musical activities. Op­portunities for private lessons on a specific instrument or voice are also available. Tuition with housing $425, tuition alone $275. 7/13-18. 200 students, 50 teachers. Con­tact: 605-677-5275, [email protected]

   USD Directors Institute, Vermillion, is an intensive program designed to expose music teachers to the best in current and standard literature, in addition to teaching methods and materials. The institute includes large ensemble reading sessions, masterclasses, and clinic sessions that focus on a wide variety of teaching subjects for music educators. This year’s clinicians are Jerry McCoy and Michael Sweeney. Tuition $125, housing approx. $45 per night. 6/17-19. 150 students, 10 teachers. Con­tact: 605-677-5274, [email protected]

  S   Carson-Newman Summer Music Camp, Jefferson City, offers senior honors band, junior band, beginner band, mixed vocal ensembles, theater ensemble, and piano and organ camp. The college is acclaimed annually in national publications as one of the best liberal arts schools in the South; it is fully experienced in summer camp operations, hosting over 8,000 students annually in summer camps and other events. Leading music educators from across the state and region join the C-N music faculty and music camp staff to provide a quality musical experience and a fun week for all campers. Tuition with housing $420, tuition alone $360. 6/22-27. 150 students, 30 teachers. Contact: 865-471-3496, music [email protected]

  S   Lee University Music Camp 2015, Cleveland, is for students entering grades 9-12 and rising college freshmen who are vocalists and instrumentalists desiring an in-depth study of music. Five tracks of participation are offered: music lovers, college prep, piano, jazz, and worship leader. In each track campers participate in an ensemble, study music theory and history, and take private or specialized study in their performance area. Members of the Lee University faculty and visiting professionals serve as faculty for the camp. Tuition with housing $495, tuition alone $325. 6/22-27. 60-75 students, 25 teachers. Contact: 423-614-8263, [email protected]

  S   Sewanee Summer Music Festival, Sewa­nee, is an orchestral and chamber music training program for musicians age 12 through graduate school. Daily schedule includes orchestra rehearsals, private lessons, chamber music study, concerto competition, and other classes. Tuition with housing $4,200. 6/20-7/19. 200 students. Contact: [email protected]

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  S   FJM Clinics, San Antonio and Arlington, offers an all-inclusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $310, tuition alone $200. San Antonio 6/22-25, Arlington 6/28-7/1. Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected].

  S   George N. Parks Drum Major Academy, Denton, offers exceptional workshops for drum majors, those who aspire to be a drum major, and band members who wish to im­prove leadership skills and be a stronger asset to their band programs. 7/5-9. Contact: 781-874-9728, [email protected]

   Round Top Festival Institute, Round Top, offers six weeks (no absences permitted) of intensive training for young talented musicians (born before December 31, 1996) seeking a transition from conservatories and universities to a professional career. Program includes symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, chamber music, and solo repertoire study. 90 participants, 40 teachers. Contact: 979-249-3129, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   Kinhaven Music School, Weston, offers a two-week junior session for students in grades 4-7, and a six-week senior session for students ages 13-18. Both offer classical musical experiences with an emphasis on  chamber music in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. Daily schedule may in­clude private lessons, chamber groups, practice time, singing, larger ensembles, and full symphony performances as well as afternoon recreation, arts and crafts, folk dancing, and special events. Tuition with housing $6,700 senior, $3,100 junior. 6/26-8/9 senior, 8/15-30 junior. 90 senior students, 70 junior students; 20 teachers. Contact 973-378-5854, [email protected]

  S     Vermont Guild of Flute Making, Richmond. A series of three one-week classes in four sessions progressively teach flutists of all ages how to maintain a Boehm flute, repair and overhaul the flute, build a new head joint, and then after completion of these three courses to actually build a new sterling silver flute using traditional tools and methods that have been practiced by flute technicians for many years. The ability to play the flute is not essential, but it would help a lot to know the basics. Tuition with housing $2,125 for the first two weeks, $3,125 for the third week, $26,150 for weeks 4-10. Tuition alone, $1,600 padding, $1,600 overhaul, $2,600 Build a Head Joint, $23,000 Build a Flute. Session dates: Padding 4/6-10, 6/8-12, 7/6-10, 8/24-28. Overhaul (the next week). Head Joints (the next week). Build a Flute 9/14-10/23. 4 students, 1 teacher. Contact: 802-434-4317, [email protected]

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  S   PVI Summer Band Camp, Fairfax. Concert Band Camp, two levels – Cub division is 5th/6th grade band; Panther division is 7th-9th grade band. Daily schedule includes full band rehearsal, masterclass sectional, and leadership mini-lesson. T-shirts provided, concert and reception potluck on last day. Eligibility requires one or more years of experience on the instrument. Optional jazz elective offered as well. Tuition alone $125, optional jazz elective +$60. 6/22-26, mornings. 8 teachers. Contact: 703-352-0925, [email protected]

George Mason University Sum­mer Music Programs,
Fair­fax. Ovations Chamber Strings Academy offers a unique chamber music and string orchestra experience for young string students (rising 7th graders through 12 grade). Program directors Glenn Dewey and Alex Morrison invite you to take part in this challenging and enriching summer music experience. Participants work closely with the guest conductor, along with award winning area string educators and professional musicians, on challenging string literature in small chamber ensembles and full string orchestra. Tuition $425. 6/21-26. 100 students, 12 teachers.
    Kodály Teacher Training Program. Change the way you think about teaching music forever! Music teachers for grades K-8 can participate in engaging training sessions in musicianship, pedagogy, Kodály materials, and choral music-making. 7/13-24. 25 participants, 4 instructors.
    Mason Summer Brass Academy. Attention brass players ages 13-18. We are proud to introduce the new Mason Summer Brass Academy, featuring outstanding Mason faculty and guest artists. Middle and high school brass players will enjoy a week of masterclasses, clinics, brass ensemble, composition/arranging sessions, career development, college audition prep, and much more. Tuition alone $396. 7/27-31. 30 students, 4 teachers.
    Summer Music Composition Workshop. Work with outstanding composition instructors from the Mason arts community, including nationally recognized composer Mark Camphouse, to explore your full composing potential. Sign up for 1, 2, or 3 weeks! Tuition $198 per week. 7/6-24. 15 students, 1 teacher, per session.
    Mason Summer Percussion Academy. Percussion students ages 13-18 will enjoy exciting clinics, masterclasses, and percussion ensemble. Masterclass topics include solo marimba, timpani, snare drum, orchestral percussion, world percussion, drumset, accessory instruments, career development, college audition prep, and much more. Tuition alone $396. 7/27-31. 25 students, 4 teachers.
    Orff Schul­werk Teacher Education Program. Celebrating 30 years of excellence, we have developed a comprehensive and authentic curriculum taught by experienced and enjoyable Orff Specialists. Certification is awarded upon completion of Level III. 7/13-24. 80 participants, 7 instructors.
    Rolland String Pedagogy Workshop is an exciting, internationally acclaimed program for innovative string teachers, players, and students. Learn the lauded playing and teaching techniques of the late Paul Rolland from professionals who studied with him. (Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass covered with classroom tips included.) Tuition alone $396. 7/27-31. 30 students, 8 teachers. Contact: 703-993-9889, [email protected]

  S   Cornish Summer Music Program, Seattle, offers students ages 12-19 the opportunity to study with the re­nowned Cornish music faculty and guest artists in a series of one-week intensive workshops de­signed especially for aspiring young musicians. Students can hone their skills, learn new techniques from working musicians, and meet other students passionate about music. With a variety of scheduling options, the summer music program at Cornish provides a perfect platform to expand knowledge, grow as an individual, develop strong audition pieces, and get a real taste of college life. We offer a variety of workshops open to middle school and high school students as well as a few workshops open to adults. Tuition with housing $895-$1,800, tuition alone $295-$1,200. 6/16-8/22. 275 students, 60 teachers. Contact: 206-726-5030, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S   Marrowstone Music Fes­tival, Bell­ing­ham, founded in 1943, is the largest and most comprehensive summer orchestra training program in the Pacific North­west. Every summer over 200 musicians ages 14-25 come from over 30 states and several countries to study with our internationally acclaimed faculty at the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham. During this intense two-week program students are immersed in orchestral and chamber music rehearsals, masterclasses, and repertoire building professional performance opportunities. 7/26-8/9. 170 students, 26 teachers. Con­tact: [email protected]

West Virginia
  S   The Mountaineer Music Leadership Academy at West Virginia University, Morgantown. With the resources of the West Virginia University School of Music and College of Creative Arts, this program provides the finest experiential musical leadership training for all interested instrumental and vcal students entering grades 10-12. Participation in the Academy is appropriate for section leaders, student conductors, drum majors, and those who do not currently have a formal leadership position or title but desire to be leaders in their music programs. Tuition with housing $380 (before 4/30); tuition alone $272 before 4/30. Session dates: 6/22-26. 50-100 students, 15 teachers. Contact: 304-293-4389, [email protected]
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  S   Birch Creek Music Performance Center, Egg Har­bor (Door County), offers two-week resident instrumental summer sessions for advanced music students ages 13-19. With student-to-faculty ratio of 2 to 1 and performance-based curriculum, students are closely mentored by faculty and perform with faculty in eight to ten public concerts during their stay. Sessions offered in Per­cussion/Steel Band, 6/14-27; Symphony, 6/28-7/11; and Big Band Jazz, 7/12-25 and 7/26-8/8. Tuition with housing $2,000 instrumental sessions, $1,000 vocal session. 30 students (vocal), 64 students (instrumental), 33 teachers. Con­tact: 920-868-3763, [email protected]

  S   FJM Clinics, Whitewater, offers an all-in­clusive program for color guard, dance teams, drum majors, student leaders, majorettes, and baton twirlers. Students gain strong technical skills, leadership skills, motivation and positive attitude tools, and teamwork experience in a professional, energetic atmosphere. Classes and sessions also available for directors. Private clinics can be scheduled at your school. Tuition with housing $290, tuition alone $200. 7/19-22 . Contact: 800-444-3524, [email protected]

  S   Lawrence Academy of Music Band Camp, Appleton. Perform in a band, study with faculty from the Lawrence University Con­servatory of Music and Academy of Music, and attend concerts and recitals at a residential band camp for middle and high school woodwind, brass, and percussion players. A day at band camp in­cludes full band and sectional rehearsals, music theory, an elective arts-related class, and a rehearsal with the camp choir. Elective classes may include beginning guitar, chamber music, composition, gamelan, instant musical theatre, jazz ensemble, percussion superclass, performance masterclass (for advanced students), and world dance. Tuition with housing $589. 7/19-25. Con­tact: 920-832-6632, [email protected]

  S   University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Summer Music Camps, Green Bay, includes several student camp programs. The Middle School Band, Orchestra, and Choral Camp is for students entering grades 6-9 for band and grades 7-9 for orchestra and choral. It offers two hours of option classes in addition to rehearsals, masterclasses, and sectionals. Students play a short placement audition upon arrival. 200 students, 20 teachers. The Senior High Band, Orchestra, and Choral Camp is for students entering grades 9-12. 200+ students, 20 teachers. Rock Academy is for students in grades 8-12 who have played guitar, bass, keyboard, or drums for at least one year. Many musical styles including jazz, classical, blues, singer/songwriter, and rock will be taught. With the addition of rhythm players, students practice rehearsing for gigs, playing together, and making their own music. Limited to six drum set players. 60 students, 6 teachers. Con­tact: 800-621-2313, [email protected] (2014 data)

  S     Shell Lake Arts Center, Shell Lake, is a premier arts camp in northwestern Wisconsin. Established in 1968, this program is the oldest continuous jazz camp in the nation. The wide range of music camps include jazz, rock, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, vocal, dance, show choir, concert choir, musical theatre, acting and play writing, filmmaking, pottery, painting, concert band, and piano. This will be the 48th year of this summer camp. Tuition with housing $575, tuition alone $455. Week-long camps run during 6/14-8/2. 120 students, 10 teachers. Contact: 715-468-2414, [email protected]
    Annual Adult Jazz Weekend at SLAC, Shell Lake. Over the past five years we have added our acclaimed Adult Jazz Workshop in mid-June. It is a great opportunity for adults to play in a jazz big band, as well as study jazz soloing, history and instrumental techniques, all in an adult-friendly and relaxed environment. Whether you are an instrumentalist who played in high school or college and now wants to get your jazz techniques together, or someone who played classical but wants to explore the world of jazz, this weekend workshop is for you. The Adult Jazz Weekend Workshop begins on Friday afternoon, June 12, and concludes with a one-hour lakefront pavillion concert at noon on Sunday, June 14. Tuition alone $300 (non-credit), $425 (graduate credit). 6/12-14. 15 participants, 6 teachers. Contact: 715-468-2414, [email protected]
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Outside the United States
  S   16th Varna International Chamber Music Workshop, Varna. As part of the 16th Varna International Music Academy, students accepted into the program will study, rehearse, and perform chamber music in a variety of instrumental combinations. Groups will focus on refining their rehearsal and ensemble skills and receive coaching in preparation for performance in the Chamber Music Concert on June 3, 2015. All students will receive two lessons on their instrument with one of the artist-faculty and may prepare a solo work to be performed in an instrumental showcase concert at the discretion of the teacher. The Varna Music Academy is open to musicians of any age and phase in the development of their career, but the intensity and rigor of the schedule is most appropriate for the serious college-aged musician. Tuition: $1,800 early bird, $2,400. 5/26-6/7. Students should submit an audio or video recording, along with application, by January 15, 2015. Students should also agree to play in the Academy Orchestra, featuring Haydn’s Creation, to qualify for the early bird tuition. For students wishing to apply for the Chamber Music Workshop, the tuition is $2,400. Contact: [email protected]

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  S   Le Domaine Forget International Music and Dance Academy, Saint-Irénée, Quebec. This music and dance academy is internationally recognized for its pedagogical excellence. Nestled in the heights of Charlevoix but only a few steps from the St. Lawrence River, le Domaine Forget offers an exceptional setting conducive to creativity and musical practice, far from the madding crowd. Program includes masterclasses and private and group classes, as well as conferences and concerts. Chamber Music 5/31-6/14, Brass & Percussion 5/31-6/14,  Woodwinds 6/14-27, Dance 6/28-7/11, Guitar 6/28-7/12, Jazz 7/6-13, Strings 7/12-8/8 (see description below), Choir 8/10-17, Collaborative Piano 7/19-8/8, Solo Piano 8/9-22, Voice & Vocal Accompaniment 8/9-22, Choir 8/9-16, Jazz Singing – Solo 8/16-23, Jazz Singing – Choir 8/19-23. Tuition with housing $345-$2,250. Contact: 418-452-8111, [email protected]
    String Session. Designed for intermediate, advanced, and semi-professional students ages 15 or older, this program provides violinists with a tailored pedagogical approach in a strong collaborative environment. It also offers young students an opportunity to benefit, each week, from the combined expertise of internationally renowned teachers. The balance between private lessons, masterclasses, and group lessons results in a unique learning experience.
Tuition with housing for Canadian applicants $3,060 CDN; for international applicants $3,215 CDN. 7/12-8/8. 35 teachers. Contact: 418-452-8111, [email protected]

  S     CAMMAC Music Centre, Harrington, Quebec. Seven weeks of music making for all tastes, ages, and levels, seven weeks with a range of styles: early music, chamber music, jazz, Broadway, choral music, Celtic music, orchestra, etc. Make music in a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere, meet people who share your interests, learn from passionate teachers, and discover new repertoire both in class and in concert. Tuition with housing $397-$1,344. 6/28-8/16. 100 students, 20 teachers. Contact: 819-687-3938, [email protected]

  S     Vancouver Symphony Orchestral Institute at Whistler, Whistler, BC, is a one-of-a-kind orchestral institute that offers young musicians ages 15-23 an experience and education like no other, joining together the Grammy’s and Juno Award-winning VSO with Whistler, one of the world’s finest mountain resorts. Students will be immersed in a collaborative musical environment alongside and mentored by a world class symphony orchestra, under the direction of the VSO’s internationally acclaimed music director, Maestro Bramwell Tovey. Entire VSO is in residence for concerts during the institute. Participation in the Whistler Institute Orchestra, chamber music, individual and group coachings, as well as a variety of unique performance opportunities, will fill students’ warm summer days and cool, refreshing evenings in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia in Canada. Tuition with housing $1,250. 6/28-7/5. 100 students, 25 teachers. Contact: 604-684-9100, [email protected]

  Whole Musician, Toronto, Ontario. Whole Musician retreats aim to empower each individual flutist through learning that encompasses mind, music, and movement, delivering a completely holistic experience which facilitates authentic self expression. The retreats feature masterclasses, yoga, the Feldenkrais method, life coaching, and much more. All levels, amateur and professional, are welcome. (Under 18 requires parental permission.) Housing available in the dorms of the retreat venue, St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, for as low as $50 a night. Come for the Canadian Flute Convention the previous weekend and stay in the same beautiful venue for our 5 day retreat! Tuition with housing $700/$745, tuition alone $450/$495. 6/23-27. 25 students, 5 teachers. Contact: 214-727-5508, [email protected]

  S     Summer Music Academy Sinaia, Sinaia. Participants are musicians between the ages of 10 to 35 of any nationality and all levels. Masterclasses for violin, viola, cello, flute, and conducting. Course aims include enhancing young artists’ musical knowledge and performance skills under the direction of professors and professional musicians of outstanding international reputation, experiencing various methods of teaching and learning music, stimulating the interpretative capacity of young artists, and intercultural communication between participants from different countries. Students are given the opportunity to participate in an international seminar of instrumental and conducting training of highest standards: customized training, coaching and mentoring, rehearsals and hours of study assisted by professor, orchestra auditions, public concerts. Tuition: 970 Euro, which includes accommodations, meals, and transfer from airport to Sinaia. 7/16-29. Pierre-Yves Artaud, well-known international artist and professor. Application deadline: 6/15. Contact: + 40 720 31.61.62; email [email protected]

  S   Berklee’s Summer Performance Program in Spain, Valencia. Berklee College of Music’s international campus in Valencia, Spain, offers a comprehensive summer music performance program for two weeks. The program features world-class Berklee faculty, visiting artists, state-of-the-art facilities, and a chance to study a variety of contemporary music styles, including jazz, Latin jazz, fusion, pop/rock, R&B, and Mediterranean music. Students from over 30 countries and all skill levels attend to focus on performance skills and enjoy the vibrant summer life on the Mediterranean coast. For students minimum age 15 years old who have at least six months of instrument or voice experience. Tuition 2,000 EUR. 7/20-31. Contact: [email protected]

  S   26th Annual Galway Flute Festival, Weggis. This festival includes daily warm-ups, vocal training, and personal masterclasses focusing on all aspects of flute playing with emphasis on studies, recital, and concerto repertoire. Evening concerts performed by international flutists, including Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway. Full list of performers on website. 20 performers and unlimited auditors accepted. Tuition TBA. Session 7/24-8/2. Contact: [email protected]

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