Annual Index August 2014-June/July 2015, vol. 69

Interviews and Profiles
The Art of Composing, A Look at Composers Featured at the 2014 Midwest Clinic (Part 1: 11/14, p. 22; Part 2: 12/14, p. 16)
The Art of Leadership, An Interview with Bobby Lambert by Marshall Forrester (2/15, p. 14)
The Art of Teaching Saxophone, An Interview with Timothy McAllister by John Seaton (10/14, p. 8)
Back to the Beginning, An Interview with Tony Garmoe by Dan Blaufuss (5/15, p. 24)
The Career of Colonel Palmatier by Beverly Benda (1/15, p. 32)
A Conversation with Eugene Migliaro Corporon by Anthony Pursell (12/14, p. 10)
Curiosity, Passion, and Joy, An Interview with Chris Gleason by Anthony Pursell (3/15, p. 10)
Mr. Paynter on the Podium by Stephen Peterson (3/15, p. 16)
A Passion for Teaching, An Interview with Dan L. Peterson by Justin Doss (9/14. p. 16)
Secrets of Magical Brass,
An Interview with Bluecoats Brass Caption Head Derek Gipson (6/15, p. 16)
Staying Young, One Year at a Time, An Interview with Diane Koutsulis by Dan Blaufuss (11/14, p. 10)

Conducting and Literature
Block M, An Interpretive Analysis of Jerry Bilik’s Classic March by Gary Stith (10/14, p. 14)
Emperata Overture Turns 50 (11/14, p. 28)
Fall Concerts for Young Bands by Jim Shaw (9/14, p. 34)
Great Repertoire for Young Orchestras by Carolyn Watson (5/15, p. 32)
Left Hand Independence by Craig Fuchs (1/15, p. 10)
On Memorizing by Walfrid Kujala (2/15, p. 26)
Podium Strategies: Craftsmanship and Artistry by F. David Romines (8/14, p. 10)
Programming with Purpose by Tom Lizotte (1/15, p. 29)

Teaching & Rehearsal Ideas
Battles Worth Fighting by Matthew D. Talbert (1/15, p. 14)
The Best Ensemble Sound by Chris Grifa (6/15, p. 8)
Common-Sense Rehearsal Techniques by Dale Engstrom (2/15, p. 22)
Concise Definitions of Basic Concepts by Matthew Temple (8/14, p. 8)
Crafting a Better Band Schedule by Mark Hosler (8/14, p. 32)
Ending the Year Well by Cara Froelich (5/15, p. 10)
Keeping Order in Rehearsals by Tom Lizotte (5/15, p. 48)
Leadership Training For Beginning Band Students by George Hayden and RoAnn Romines (6/15, p. 26)
A Manual of Style by Gerry Miller (5/15, p. 14)
Mastering Intonation and Balance by Stephen L. Rhodes (9/14, p. 10)
On Tempo by John Knight (8/14, p. 37)
Preparing for Student Teaching by Matthew Chapman (1/15, p. 22)
Shaping the Culture in High School Bands by Mark Hosler (5/15, p 18)
Students and Solos by Anthony Kirkland (3/15, p. 29)
Teaching in Small Schools by Timothy Heath (9/14, p. 30)
Teaching Middle School Lessons by Julianne Ensley (3/15, p. 26)
What Music Can Learn from Sports by Susanna Klein (4/15, p 10)
What to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do by Mary Land (2/15, p. 10)

Instrument Clinics
Cleaning Trumpets by Adrian D. Griffin (6/15, p. 20)
Comparing Classical and Jazz Trumpet Playing by Josh Rzepka (3/15, p. 20)
Mellophone Mouthpieces by Russell Greene (8/14, p. 24)
Quick Euphonium Tips by Micah Everett (9/14, p. 27)
The Right Words for Brass Players by Max Matzen (5/15, p. 28)
Tips for Beginning Tubists by Micah Everett (12/14, p. 30)
Tips from Trumpet Teachers (11/14, p. 16)

Demystifying Marching Percussion by Tracy Wiggins (8/14, p. 16)
Improving Percussion Sound Quality by Gene Fambrough (5/15, p. 36)
Mastering Snare Drum Rolls by Nathan Buonviri (1/15, p. 18)
The Three Aspects of Timpani Playing by Timothy Adams, Jr. (4/15, p. 28)
Three Timpani Grips by Dustin Woodard (12/14, p. 36)

Elements of Double Bass Shifting by Sydney A. King (4/15, p. 32)
Learning to Play Fast by Samantha George (10/14, p. 28)
Quick Guide to Violin Basics (6/15, p. 29)
Thumb Technique by Robert Jesselson (12/14, p. 33)

Balancing the Bassoon by Wai Kit Leung (10/14, p. 32)
A Classic Sax Sound by Patrick Jones (1/15, p. 35)
F Fingering Frustration by Allison Baker (8/14, p. 41)
Flute Vibrato in Minutes by Patricia George (12/14, p. 28)
A Guide to Doubling on Clarinet and Saxophone by Bret Pimentel (10/14, p. 24)
How to Choose a Piccolo Player for Band or Orchestra by Jennifer Bouton Schaub (9/14, p. 24)
Intermediate Solo Repertoire for Woodwinds by Andrew J. Allen (11/14, p. 34)
What Directors Should Know About Bassoonists in the Band by Richard M. Polonchak (6/15, p. 32)

Jazz Articles
Learning the Language of Improvisation by Gregory Dudzienski (4/15, p. 36)
Steps to Great Improvisation by Thomas Lizotte (9/14, p. 20)

Marching Articles
The Benefits of Being Small by Brett C. Tozer (4/15, p. 18)
Demystifying Marching Percussion by Tracy Wiggins (8/14, p. 16)
Mellophone Mouthpieces by Russell Greene (8/14, p. 24)
Planning Game Day by Heidi I. Sarver (8/14, p.28)
Woodwinds on the Field by Andrew J. Allen (4/15, p. 24)

2014 Directory of Music Schools (10/14, p. 40)
2015 Directory of Camps and Summer Music Programs (3/15, p. 34)
The Best Résumés by Mark DeGoti (2/15, p. 30)
Getting Gigs by Dan Wilensky (2/15, p. 36)
Hosting a Festival by Travis Weller (1/15, p. 38)
Midwest Clinic Preview: Thoughts from the Directors (12/14, p. 24)
See You in Chicago (Photo Gallery) (12/14, p. 48)
Strengthening the Hands by Terri Armfield (10/14, p. 18)
What’s in Your Bag? by Elizabeth Hicks-Kimmey (6/15, p. 41)
What It Takes by Dean Kravig (9/14, p. 48)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: A Dictionary of Success (8/14, p. 48); The Lazy, Hazing Days of Summer (9/14, p. 4); Now That’s Scary (10/14, p. 104); Things to Be Thankful For (11/14, p. 48); Characteristics of Success (12/14, p. 2); More Music Psychology (1/15, p. 48); Blurred Lines (by Trey Reely and Austin Taylor) (2/15, p. 48); When to Stir Up a Wasp Nest (3/15, p. 72); Brought to You By . . . (4/15, p. 48); Do Your Job (5/15, p. 2); Marching Madness (6/15, p. 48)

Notes from Northfield
Beethoven, Heiligenstadt, and the Zentralfriedhof by John Knight (11/14, p.2)
Blood, Sweat, and Tears by James M. Rohner (3/15, p. 2)
Gift to Be Simple by James M. Rohner (8/14, p.2)
Happy Birthday by Patricia George (2/15, p. 2)
A Letter to College Freshmen Everywhere by Victoria Jicha (10/14, p. 2)
Protecting Your Hearing by Matthew Temple (6/15, p. 2)
Secret Knowledge by Dan Blaufuss (1/15, p. 2)

Index of Authors
Adams, Jr., Timothy, Apr./28
Allen, Andrew J., Nov./34; Apr./24
Armfield, Terri, Oct./18
Baker, Allison, Aug./41
Benda, Beverly, Jan./32
Blaufuss, Dan, Nov./10; Jan./2; May/24
Buonviri, Nathan, Jan./18
Chapman, Matthew, Jan./22
DeGoti, Mark, Feb./30
Doss, Justin, Sep./16
Dudzienski, Gregory, Apr./36
Engstrom, Dale, Feb./22
Ensley, Julianne, Mar./26
Everett, Micah, Sep./27; Dec./30
Fambrough, Gene, May/36
Forrester, Marshall, Feb./14
Froelich, Cara, May/10
Fuchs, Craig, Jan./10
George, Patricia, Dec./28; Feb./2
George, Samantha, Oct./28
Greene, Russell, Aug./24
Grifa, Chris, June/8
Griffin, Adrian D., June/20
Hayden, George June/26
Heath, Timothy, Sep./30
Hicks-Kimmey, Elizabeth, June/41
Hosler, Mark, Aug./32; May/18
Jesselson, Robert, Dec./33
Jicha, Victoria, Oct./2
Jones, Patrick, Jan./35
King, Sydney A., Apr./32
Kirkland, Anthony, Mar./29
Klein, Susanna, Apr./10
Knight, John, Aug./37; Nov./2
Kravig, Dean, Sep./48
Kujala, Walfrid, Feb./26
Land, Mary, Feb./10
Leung, Wai Kit, Oct./32
Lizotte, Thomas, Sep./20; Jan./29; May/48
Matzen, Max, May/28
Miller, Gerry, May/14
Peterson, Stephen, Mar./16
Pimentel, Bret, Oct./24
Polonchak, Richard M., June/32
Pursell, Anthony, Dec./10; Mar./10
Reely, Trey, Aug./48; Sep./4; Oct./104; Nov./48; Dec./2; Jan./48; Feb./48; Mar./72; Apr./48; May/2; June/48
Rhodes, Stephen L., Sep./10
Rohner, James M., Aug./2; Mar./2
Romines, F. David, Aug./10
Romines, RoAnn, June/26
Rzepka, Josh, Mar./20
Sarver, Heidi I., Aug./28
Schaub, Jennifer Bouton, Sep./24
Seaton, John, Oct./8 (I, W)
Shaw, Jim, Sep./34
Smith, Claude T., Nov./28
Stith, Gary, Oct./14
Talbert, Matthew D., Jan./14
Taylor, Austin, Feb./48
Temple, Matthew, Aug./8, June/2
Tozer, Brett C., Apr./18
Watson, Carolyn, May/32
Weller, Travis, Jan./38
Wiggins, Tracy, Aug./16
Wilensky, Dan Feb./36
Woodard, Dustin, Dec./36

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