William Kincaid taught this vocalise to generations of flutists. It first ran in the November, 2007 issue. When I studied with  Kincaid (Principal Flute, Philadelphia Orchestra and Flute Professor Curtis Institute), he began each lesson by having me play as many harmonics as I could get from a low-C fingering.  Then I centered on one of the harmonics and held it  as long as possible.  The next exercise was this Praeludium. Sometimes he called it "The Prelude," or "the V7 Warm-up."  After I could execute this execise well,  he encouraged me to create variations on the descending major/minor chord. The last long note was for practicing a decrescendo. Because the decrescendo lasts for twelve counts,  Kincaid suggested changing the dynamic every two counts to match the six levels of dynamics:  ff, f, mf, mp, p, pp.  I heard him play this warm-up many times before concerts on stage at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.  Because we students were poor, we sat at the very top of the top balcony.  His sound and decrescendos were truly remarkable.   
Kincaid's Praeludium

Kincaid's Praeludium, page 2       

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