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Theobald Böhm Competition
The aim of the competition is to keep the memory of Böhm alive. The winners of the 4th International Theobald Böhm Competition for flute and alto flute are:
1st Prize: Shangcong Lu, China
(5000 EUR, Donation Otto Eckart)2nd Prize: Wakizaka Fu, Japan(3000 EUR, Yamaha Europe)
3rd Prize: Guillermo Gonzalez Gonzalez, Spain
(2000 EUR, Donation Dr. Castringius)
Special Price for Alto Flute: Helen Dabringhaus
(headjoint by Sanford Drelinger)
Special Price for best participant under 20: Jakob Slavkov, Slovenia
(piccolo headjoint by Tobias Mancke)
Special Price for the second-best participant under 20: Jacopo Famà, Italy (200 EUR, Theobald Böhm Donation)
For information: 
https://latraversiere.fr/evenements/4th-international-theobald-bohm-competition/ (11/19)

Chicago Flute Club
    The Chicago Flute Club presents World of Flutes on November 8 and 9 at the Fourth Presbyterian Church, 126 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago. The guest artist is Demarre McGill and Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented to Katherine Borst Jones and Ervin Monroe. For information:  
www.chicagofluteclub.org/2019-CFC-Festival (11/19)
Chicago Flute Club Festival
    The Chicago Flute Club Festival will be held November 8-9, at the Fourth Presbyterian Church, 126 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago, Illinois. Chicago native Damarre McGill, principal flute of the Seattle Symphony and Visiting Assistant Professor of Flute at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, will be the guest artist. On Friday evening Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented to Katherine Borst Jones and Ervin Monroe. For registration and information: 
www.chicagofluteclub.org (10/19)

Burkart Flute Academy
    This four-day masterclass will be held October 24-27, 2019 at the Stony Brook University Campus Hilton Garden Inn, Stony Brook, NY. Teachers include Carol Wincenc, James Walker, and Cathy Ransom Karoly. The class is for advanced high school and college flutists. Tuition is $1,350 with scholarships available. Sponsored by Burkart Flutes & Piccolos and Flute Center of New York. 
www.burkart.com/burkartacademy (10/19)

Collaborative Emerging Artist Prize Winner
    Canadian flutist Lara Deutsch is the winner of the $125,000 Mécénat Musica Prix Goyer 2019-2020 for Collaborative Emerging Artist. The prize honors Jean-Pierre Goyer and his contributions to music, arts and culture in Montreal, Quebec and Canada. Deutsch grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and is a graduate of McGill University where she studied with Denis Bluteau and Timothy Hutchins of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Named one of the “Hot 30 Under 30 Canadian Classical Musicians” by CBC Music, she is a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician. Her debut album Origins with harpist Emily Belvedere was released in September 2019 on the Leaf Music Label. 
www.laradeutsch.ca (10/19)

Imani Winds 23rd Season
    Brandon Patrick George, Flute; Toyin Spellman-Diaz, Oboe; Mark Dover, Clarinet; Monica Ellis, Bassoon; and Jeff Scott, horn. 
www.imaniwinds.com (10/19)

Concert dates:
Oct 1: Moscow, ID
Oct 3-5: College Park, MD
Oct 19: Albany, NY
Nov 1-3: Detriot Area, MI
Nov 4-8: East Lansing, MI
Nov 12-18: Durham, NC
Jan 12: Washington, DC
Jan 26: Wooster, OH
Jan 30: Indiana, PA
Feb 6: Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 8: Lincoln, NE
Feb 10: Omaha, NE
Feb 11-12: Manhattan, KS
Feb 14-15: Fredonia, NY
Feb 22: San Jose, CA
Feb 23-24: Rohnert Park, CA
Mar 12: Fort Collins, CO
Mar 17-23: Durham, NC
Mar 31-April 1: Hanover, NH
April 2-3: Middlebury, VT
April 17: Hickory, NC
April 19: Washington, DC
April 24: Oneonta, NY
May 13-16: Houston, TX
May 31: Westfield, NJ

New Jersey Arts Education

    New Jersey has become the first state to provide universal access to arts education with nearly 1.1 million students participating. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy said, “I am grateful that my own education included exposure to the arts, and I know that I would not be where I am today without the skills theatre taught me.” According to a 2017 Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, 9 out of 10 residents say that receiving an education in the arts – which includes lessons in dance, music, theater, visual arts, media arts, and other forms of creativity – is “very” or “somewhat” important in the classroom (90 percent), through before or after school programs (93 percent), and through cultural organizations in their community (89 percent). 
artsednow.org/ (10/19)

Donald Peck Flute Competition

    The Chicago Flute Club will sponsor the Donald Peck International Flute Competition on November 8 from 4–6 P.M. at 126 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago. The competition is open to any flutist 18 years or older. The registration deadline is October 1.
www.chicagofluteclub.org/DPIFC. (9/19)

Flute New Music Consortium Competition

    The second bi-annual Flute Artist Competition will be held in January 2020 in conjunction with the New Music Festival at Stony Brook University. No age limit. Prize: $500. The deadline is October 15. www.flute
newmusicconsortium.com/flute-artist-competition.html (9/19)

Flute Dictionary 2nd Edition

    Rowman & Litterfield have published the second edition of A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist by Susan J. Maclagan. The 405-page work includes almost every topic imaginable relating to the flute. There are numerous illustrations to accompany the well-written, concise text. This new contribution to the literature will be useful to all flutists both professional and amateur. (www.rowman.com, available at online book sellers and flute specialty shops.) (9/19)

French Baroque Flute Class

Oberlin Conservatory Baroque flute professor Michael Lynn will teach a class Oct. 6-12 in Cajarc, France. The class will focus on style and techniques and is open to intermediate and advanced players. For information: 
www.moulindecajarc.com/courses/french-baroque-flute-with-michael-lynn/ or [email protected] (7/19)


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