Annual Index of Articles

(September 2018-July 2019)

Ask the Pro: Beginning to Teach, A. Jones (Sept./4)
Learning to Listen, The Sound of Silence, K. Hoover (Sept./32)
Ask the Pro:  Playing Contra, C. Potter (Oct./2)
College Colleagues, W. Kujala (Oct./40)
Listening in Baroque Music, M. Lynn (Nov./32)
Personal Perspective: Listening is the Key to Improvement, E. Graf (Dec./32)
Ask the Pro: Practicing, E. Peel (Jan./4)
Learning to Listen, Creating an Aural Map, J. Amox (Jan./32)
Ask the Pro: Embouchure Tips, L. Akins (Feb./4)
Listening from the Heart, P. Dillery (Feb./32)
Ask the Pro: Tone Quality, O. Schneor (Mar./4)
Listening, Learning to Play Trad, J. Maisel (Mar./40)
Ask the Pro: Bb Mechanism, L. Böhm, April/2)
Developing Listening Skills, E. Buck (April/32)
Ask the Pro: Imitation, M. Kaufman (May/2)
A Day of Listening, J. McMurtery (May/32)
Ask the Pro: Speaking Confidently to an Audience, E. Tucker (July/2)

Exploring the Unknown with Flutist Eric Lamb, P. George (Sept./10)
Audition Advice from Randolph Bowman, P. George (Nov./10)
A Conversation with Jennifer Grim, P. George (Dec./6)
A Conversation with Finnish Flutist Sami Junnonen, P. George (Jan./10)
Talking Music, Teaching, and Art with Thomas Robertello, P. George (Feb./10)
Reaching for the Stars, A Conversation with Jennifer Amox, P. George (April/12)
Utah Symphony Flute Section On Creating a Unified Sound, A Conversation with Mercedes Smith, Lisa Byrnes, and Caitlyn Valovick-Moore, P. George (July/6)

Advice for Students and Teachers, Helping Students Progress from High School to College Programs, (Oct./12)
Running a Summer Flute Camp, (Mar./8)
Using Rejection to Become Stronger, (May/10)

Performance Guides
Reflections on Brahms Symphony No. 1, M. Sparks (Nov./26)

Teacher’s Studio: Improving Fast and Slow Playing, P. George (Sept./24)
Teacher’s Studio: Scholarship Matters, P. George (Oct./34)
Teacher’s Studio: Teaching the Mozart Concerto in G, K. 313 Exposition, P. George (Nov./18)
Teacher’s Studio: Solving the Problem of Rests, P. George (Dec./28)
Teacher’s Studio: Playing Quarter Notes Expressively, P. George (Jan./22)
Teaching in an El Sistema Program, M. Hoover (Feb./20)
Teaching Ideas: Sightreading Duet, C. Romano (Feb./28)
Teacher’s Studio: New Wine in Old Bottles, P. George (Feb./25)
Teacher’s Studio: Summer Masterclass Enrichment, P. George (Mar./20)
Teacher’s Studio: Tips for Flute Choir Players and Directors, P. George (April/24)
Teacher’s Studio: Drawing to Learn, P. George (May/26)
Teacher’s Studio: The Ictus, P. George (July/26)

Flute Choir and Other Flutes (Piccolo, Alto, Bass, Contra, Traverso)
Making the Switch, J. Zook (Sept./27)
Selecting Repertoire, S. Nichols (Dec./14)
Tips for Flute Choir Members, P. George (Dec./20)
Assigning Parts, K. Farmer (Dec. 24)
Everything I Know about Piccolo I Learned from Baroque Flutes, L. Pereksta (July/32)

Producing Guest Artist Events, P. Louke (Sept./18)
Creative Recital Programming, E. Tucker (Oct./24)
Keep Your Flute Safe, K. Jones (Oct./30)
Flute Talk Classic: The Living Heritage of Marcel Moyse, J. Baumann (Jan./18)
Maintaining Your Music, A. Dade (Jan./26)
Purposeful Music Memorization, A. Busby and S. Goodnight, (Mar./16)
Personal Perspective: Lessons Learned at Music Camp, R. Geier, (Mar./24)
Baroque Ornamentation: The Language of Expression, M. Lynn (Mar./20)
Basic Chamber Music Practices: When to Trade Places, M. Sparks (May/18)
Effective Studio Building, K. Emeneth (May/21)
NFA 2019: Salt Lake City, R. Johnson (July/16)
Planning a Flute Festival, D. Breisach (July/22)

2019 Directory of Summer Masterclasses, Camps & Festivals, (Mar./28)
2019-2020 Directory of Competitions (May/29)

A Tribute to Katherine Hoover, (Nov./2)
In Memoriam, Philip Swanson, (Feb./31)

Index by Author
Amox, Jennifer (Jan./32)
Baumann, Joan (Jan./18)
Böhm, Ludwig (April/2)
Breisach, Danielle (July/22)
Busby, Alexander (Mar./16)
Buck, Elizabeth (April/32)
Dade, Alice (Jan./26)
Dillery, Patrick (Feb./32)
Emeneth, Katherine Isbill (May/21)
Farmer, Kathy (Dec. 24)
Geier, Rachel (Mar./24)
George, Patricia (Sept./10), (Sept./24), (Oct./34), (Nov./10), Nov./18), (Dec./6), (Dec./20), (Dec./28), (Jan./10), (Jan./22), (Feb./10), (Feb./25), (Mar./20), (April/12), (April/24), (May/26), (July/6), (July/26)
Graf, Erich (Dec./32)
Goodnight, Sheryl, (Mar./16)
Hoover, Katherine (Sept./32)
Hoover, Michael (Feb./20)
Johnson, Rebecca (July/16)
Jones, Adah Toland (Sept./4)
Jones, Katherine Borst (Oct./30)
Kaufman, Mindy (May/2)
Kujala, Walfrid (Oct./40)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan (Sept./18)
Lynn, Michael (Nov./32), (Mar./20)
Maisel, Julie (Mar./40)
McMurtery, John (May/32)
Nichols, Sara (Dec./14)
Peel, Erica (Jan./4)
Pereksta, Linda (July/32)
Potter, Chris (Oct./2)
Romano, Charlene (Feb./28)
Schneor, Ory (Mar./4)
Sparks, Mark (Nov./26), (May/18)
Tucker, Erich (Oct./24), (July/2)
Zook, Jeffery (Sept./27)



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