Annual Index of Articles

(September 2017-July 2018)
Ask the Pro: Starting on Piccolo, R. Yost, (Sept./4)
Ask the Pro: The Role of the Section Leader, S. Sparrow (Oct./4)
Ask the Pro: Moving the Jaw, A. Likar (Nov./8) 
An Extra Hour, W. Kumer (Nov./40)
Ask the Pro: Selecting a New Flute, T. Kane (Dec./4)
An Extra Hour, L. Garrison (Dec./32)
Ask the Pro: Starting a Flute Choir, S. Gillio (Jan./4)
An Extra Hour, W. Kujala (Jan./40)
Ask the Pro: Articulation, J. Choi (Feb./4)
An Extra Hour, T. Kane (Feb./32) 
Ask the Pro: Only One Hour, E. Buck (Mar./4)
Ask the Pro: Practicing, E. Sanchez (April/6)
An Extra Hour, J. McMurtery (April/32)
Ask the Pro: Performance Nerves, J. Brown (May/June/4)  
Ask the Pro: Breathing, C. Ramirez (July/Aug./4)

On the Radio and Around the World, The Musical Journey of Natalie Schwaabe, P. George (Sept./10)
Staying Open to Every Opportunity, An Interview with Kelly Zimba, W. Kumer (Oct./10)
A Conversation with French Flutist Nicolas Duchamp, A. Clayton (Dec./14)
Finding Success on Piccolo, A Conversation with Erica Peel, P. George (Jan./14)
Seeking Connections to Beauty and Truth, An Interview with Claire Johnson, T. Sánchez (Mar./12)
Sound is the Heart of Every Lesson, A Conversation with Jonathan Keeble, E. Moles (April/10) 
Making the Most of Every Opportunity, A Conversation with Alice K. Dade, P. George (July/Aug./10)

Composing for the Flute, Thoughts from Jennifer Higdon, Katherine Hoover, and Carter Pann, J. Brown (Nov./12)
Forging New Paths Across Genre and Style, Taking Ensemble Performance in New Directions (Feb./12)
The Benefits of Summer Music Experiences (May/June/10) 

Performance Guides
Performing the Volière, A Tale of Two Tempos, P. George (Oct./30)
Embellishing the Bach Allemande Repeats, W. Kujala (Nov./20)

Developing a Studio in a Rural Area, C. Romano (Sept./18)
Things You Never Want Your Students to Hear, P. George (Sept./24)
25-Minute Practice Routine, P. George (Oct./36)
The Fall Slump, P. George (Nov./26)
Let the Judging Season Begin, P. George (Dec./27) 
Simple Scales, P. George (Jan./22) 
Advice for Students: Proper Etiquette in the Flute World, R. Yost (Jan./24)
Left Hand Only, P. George (Feb./20)
Assigning Etudes, P. George (Mar./24)
Sarah Jackson’s Piccolo Tips, P. Louke (Mar./20)
Taking Care of the Headjoint, P. George (April/26)
Trilling Tricks, P. George (May/June/22)
The Left-Hand Flute Project, J. Brinkmann (May/June/32)
Safety Margins for Musicians, A. Clayton (July/Aug./24)
Flute Choir Masterclasses, P. George (July/Aug./32)

Other Flutes (Piccolo, Alto, Bass, Traverso)
Piccolo Basics, J. Ranck (Feb./26)
Baroque Flute: Off to a Good Start, M. Lynn (April/19) 

The Australian Flute Festival, K. Murphy (Sept./28)
Deeper Articulation, M. Sparks (Sept./32)
Interpretation is Imagination and Grammar, M. Debost (Oct./40)
Lessons with a Master, Learning from Michel Debost, A. Dombach (Oct./20)
The College Process for Music Students, M. Stolper, (Oct./26) 
Flute Legends: Jacques-Martin Hotteterre, P. George (Nov./36) 
Giving Way, M. Sparks (Dec./22)
Performance Anxiety, J. Tatum (Jan./28)
Playing Tips: Second Flute Auditions: Myths, Questions, and Answers, M. Sparks (Feb./22)
Five Minutes a Day for Better Embouchure Flexibility, O. Schneor (Feb./31)
What Judges Want, W. Kumer (Mar./30)
Playing Tips, High F Sharp, Poetically, M. Sparks May/June/18) 
NFA 2018: Orlando: Thoughts from the NFA Program Chair, F. Arnone (July/Aug./18)
Becoming a Team Player, J. Baxtresser (July/Aug./28)

Personal Perspective
Lifelong Learning, E. Tucker (Nov./30)
Laying the Groundwork for Artistic Expression, L. Breithaupt (Jan./27) 

2018 Directory of Summer Masterclasses, Camps & Festivals, (Mar./32)
2018-2019 Directory of Competitions (May/June/24)

Fenwick Smith (Oct./8)
William Hebert (Dec./10)
Robert Willoughby (May/June/14) 




Index by Author


Arnone, Francesca (July/Aug./18)
Baxtresser, Jeanne (July/Aug./28)
Breithaupt, Leela (Jan./27
Brinkman, James (May/June/32
Brown, Jennie Oh (Nov./12), (May/June/4
Buck, Elizabeth (Mar./4
Clayton, April (Dec./14), (July/Aug./24)
Choi, Jasmine (Feb./4)  
Debost, Michel (Oct./40)
Dombach, Amy Sue (Oct./20)
Garrison, Leonard (Dec./32)
George, Patricia (Sept./10), (Sept./24), (Oct./30), (Oct./36), (Nov./26), (Nov./36), (Dec./27), (Jan./14) (Jan./22), (Feb./20), (Mar./24), (April/26), (May/June/22), (July/Aug./10), (July/Aug./32
Gillio, Sue (Jan./4
Kane, Trudy (Dec./4), (Feb./32
Kujala, Walfrid (Nov./20), (Jan./40)
Kumer, Wendy (Oct./12), (Nov./40), (Mar./30
Likar, Amy (Nov./8)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan (Mar./20)  
Lynn, Michael (April/19)
McMurtery, John (April/32)  
Moles, Elisa (April/10)  
Murphy, Kate (Sept./28)
Ramirez, Catherine (July/Aug./4)
Ranck, John (Feb./26
Romano, Charlene (Sept./18)
Sanchez, Eduard (April/6
Sánchez, Terri (Mar./12
Schneor, Ory (Feb./31
Sparks, Mark (S
tep./32), (Dec./22), (Feb./22), (May/June/18)  
Sparrow, Sharon (Oct./4)  
Stolper, Mary (Oct./26)
Tatum, Jesse (Jan./28)  
Tucker, Erich (Nov./30)
Yost, Regina Helcher (Sept./4), (Jan./24)


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