Annual Index of Articles
(September 2015-July 2016)

The Importance of Always Doing One’s Best, T. Kane (Sept./2)
Rehearsal or Practice, Which Is It?, V. Jicha (Oct./2)
Relaxation and Breath: A Masterclass with Renée Fleming, P. Hansen (Nov./2)
Making It Your Own, N. Esposito (Dec./2)
In the Blink of an Eye, P. George (Jan./2)
About Memorizing, J. Choi (Feb./2)
Having It All, H. Álvarez (Mar./2)
The Key to C Sharp, M. Sparks (April/2)
Cloudy With a Likelihood of Mozart, M. Sparks (May/2)
Trouble on the High C’s, M. Sparks (July/2)

A Conversation with Katherine Borst Jones, P. George (Sept./10)
Regina Helcher Yost, P. George (Oct./14)
From Auditions to Assistant Principal, A Conversation with Leah Arsenault, P. George (Nov./10)
Talking with Baroque Flutist Wilbert Hazelzet, L. Breithaupt (Jan./10)
Helen Blackburn, Commuting Flutist, P. George (Feb./14)
Talking with Laurie Sokoloff, P. George (Mar./10)
Reader Profile: Judith R. Thoyer, P. George (April/10)
Bülent Evcil: Turkey’s Musical Ambassador, P. George (April/14)
Music For Everyone, Developing a Studio in a Clock Factory, A Conversation with Sue Gillio, P. George (May/12)
Creative and Innovative Teaching, An Interview with Cristina Ballatori, P. George (July/14)

Performance Guides
Tchaikovsky #4 – The First Time, S. Tartamella (Sept./32)
Quintet Technique, K. Kraber (Nov./25)
Teaching Students the Mendelssohn Scherzo, P. George (April/20)

First Lessons for the Beginning Flutist, Part 1, P. Louke (Sept./16)
Teaching a Homogeneous Sound, P. George (Sept./24)
Teaching Informed Movement, P. George (Oct./34)
First Lessons for the Beginning Flutist, Part 2, P.Louke (Oct./38)
Movement Exercises: Down/Up, P. George (Nov./20)
Flute Choir Programming, P. George (Dec./12)
Partner Practice, S. Thornton, C. Bardawil (Dec./36)
Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, P. George (Jan./26)
A Listening Project, P. George (Feb./22)
Ready to Go, P. George (Mar./18)
Strategies for Teaching Fingerings, P. George (May/22)
Preparing for Competitions: Process over Results, J. McMurtery (May/26)
Achieving Even Fingers, P. George (July/33)

Piccolo, Irish Flutes
Piccolo Cross-Training, Benefits for Your Flute Playing, G. Milliren (Oct./42)
The Piccolo’s Role, C. Ellis (Nov./40)
Piccolo Tuning, K. Jones (Dec./40)
Using Irish Flute Techniques in Traditional Flute Choirs, K. Melago (Jan./40)
Q&A with Jennifer Gunn (Feb./32)
Q&A with Greg Milliren (Mar./48)
Q&A with Walfrid Kujala (April/32)
Q&A with Nicole Esposito (May/32)
Q&A with Jennifer Bouton Schaub, (July/40)

Advice for Future College Students, C. Bardawil, R. Bernardi, M. Caceres, C. Chen, S. Tartamella, (Oct./20)
Brain Research and Practicing, M. Gebrian (Oct./29)
Running a Successful Student Competition, S. Abderhalden, (Nov./16)
The Lost Art of Comportment, A. Dombach (Nov./29)
Flute Choir Programming, A Round Up of Favorite Concerts, (Dec./14)
Nuance Tapers in Phrasing, W. Kujala (Dec./24)
Paris Conservatory Solos de Concours, A Look at five Pieces by Female Composers, C. Massoud (Dec./28)
Voicing for Expression, M. Sparks (Jan./16)
Relocating Your Studio, R. Geier (Jan./20)
Flute Talk Classic: Practicing As A Way of Life, S. Baron (Feb./20)
Incorporating Improvisation into Your Practice Routine, A. Bean (Mar./22)
Building Your Own Music Festival, M. Hoover (Mar./25)
The Benefits of Summer Study, S. Thornton (Mar./28)
As the Composer Intended, J. Oberbrunner (April/24)
NFA 2016: San Diego, J. Bailey (July/22)
Brain Research and Practicing, Part 2,  M. Gebrian (July/28)

Personal Perspective
Reflections on Orchestral Playing, J. Fridkis, (Sept./27)
Thoughts on Auditioning, E. Beynon, (Oct./48)
How to Play Nicely with Others, R. Maurer (Mar./45)

Directory of Competitions, (Nov./32)
Directory of Competitions, (May/28)
Directory of Summer Masterclasses, Camps, & Festivals (Mar./32)

Robin Fellows, (Dec./6)
Walter Mayhall, (Feb./27)
Frank Scelba, (Feb./27)

Index by Author
Abderhalden, Stephanie: (Nov./16)
Álvarez, Heidi: (Mar./2)
Bailey, John: (July/22)
Bardawil, Cosette: (Oct./20), (Dec./36)
Baron, Samuel: (Feb./20)
Bean, Alana: (Mar./22)
Bernardi, Riley: (Oct./20)
Beynon, Emily: (Oct./48)
Breithaupt, Leela: (Jan./10)
Caceres, Madeleine: (Oct./20)
Chen, Cindy: (Oct./20)
Choi, Jasmine: (Feb./2)
Dombach, Amy Sue: (Nov./29)
Ellis, Cynthia: (Nov./40)
Esposito, Nicole: (Dec/2), (May/32)
Fridkis, Jake: (Sept./27)
Gebrian, Molly: (Oct./29), (July/28)
Geier, Rachel Taylor: (Jan./20)
George, Patricia: (Sept./10), (Sept./24), (Oct./14), (Oct./34), (Nov./10), (Nov./20), (Dec./12), (Jan./2), (Jan./26), (Feb./14), (Feb./22), (Mar./10), (Mar./18), (April/10), (April/14), (April/20), (May/12), (May/22), (July/14), (July/33)
Gunn, Jennifer: (Feb./32)
Hansen, Polly: (Nov./2)
Hoover, Michael: (Mar./25)
Jicha, Victoria: (Oct./2)
Jones, Katherine Borst: (Dec./40)
Kane, Trudy: (Sept./2)
Kraber, Karl: (Nov./25)
Kujala, Walfrid: (Dec./24), (April/32)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan: (Sept./16), (Oct./38)
McMurtery, John: (May/26)
Massoud, Caity Piccini: (Dec./28)
Maurer, Ruth A.: (Mar./45
Milliren, Gregory: (Oct./42), (Mar./48)
Melago, Kathy: (Jan./40)
Oberbrunner, John: (April/24)
Schaub, Jennifer Bouton: (July/40)
Sparks, Mark: (Jan./16), (April/2), (May/2), (July/2)
Tartamella, Samantha: (Sept./32), (Oct./20)
Thornton, Schuyler: (Dec./36), (Mar./28)

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