Annual Index of Articles
(September 2013-July 2014)

Tuning and Coloring Tone with Different Fingerings, M. Debost (Sept./2)
Syrinx Gone Wild, W. Kujala (Oct./2)
On Competitions, M. Sparks (Nov./2)
The Building Blocks of Music, V. Jicha (Dec./2)
Humor in Music, W. Kujala, (Feb./2)
Are You Professional?, V. Jicha (Mar./2)
Have You Got the Moves?: Leading in Chamber Music, M. Sparks (April/2)
Don’t Forget the Audience, V. Jicha (May/2)
Recorder Rant: A Practice Invitation, M. Sparks (July/2)
Where Legal Meets Musical, The Unexpected Path of Flutist Linda Mintener (Sept./14)
A Conversation with Composer Katherine Hoover (Oct./16)
An Interview with Nicole Esposito (Nov./10)
An Interview with Yoobin Son (Dec./10)
New Sounds on the Flute, A Conversation with Matthias Ziegler, C. Potter (Jan./8)
Achieving Balance: A Conversation with Elizabeth Buck (Feb./8)
A Conversation with the Minnesota Orchestra Flutists (Feb./24)
Expression Drives Technique: An Interview with Aralee Dorough (Mar./10)
A Conversation with János Bálint (April/10)
Teaching at Texas State University: A Conversation with Adah Toland Jones (May/12)
Success From Hard Work and Passion: A Conversation with Julien Beaudiment, C. Ellis (July/12)
A Conversation with Daniel Dorff, C. Broz (July/24)

Performance Guides
Vibrato from the Start, M. Sparks (Sept./8)
Telemann’s Methodical Sonatas: Gateway to Ornamentation, E. Whitman (Dec./17)
Preparing a Baroque Sonata for Performance, J. Braude (May/18)

Sound Advice, P. George (Sept./20)
The Best Lesson Ever: What You Do Is Good, A. Porter (Sept./26)
The Art of Inflection, P. George (Oct./22)
Teaching Flute at the College Level, H. Small, J. Amox, D. Schultz, M.Clardy, T. Payne, P. Surman (Oct./12)
Trill Fingering Faults, D. Schultz (Oct./24)
Note Grouping, P. George (Nov./22)
Tone Solutions, J. White (Nov./28)
Teaching Pieces in Three, P. George (Dec./20)
Whistle Tone Warmup, L. Lentz (Dec./24)
Interval Practice, P. George (Jan./16)
Studying with Harold Bennett, J. Barcellona (Jan./25)
A Teacher or a Coach, P. George (Feb./16)
It’s in the Cookie, P. George (Mar./18)
Teaching the Flute Online, J. Ensley (Mar./16)
Preparing Young Students for Performance Success, P. George (April/22)
Clarity and Articulation: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions, N. Esposito (April/18)
Wake-up Call, P. George (May/23)
Five Weeks to Better Intonation, A. Dorough (May/26)
Jazz Improv 101: The Blues, A. Ryerson (July/28)
Be Prepared, P. George (July/30)

I Have to Practice, But..., C. Ellis (Sept./28)
Programming for a Recital, C. Ellis (Oct./32)
Starting Students on Piccolo: Develop a Beautiful Tone through Proper Embouchure, C. Beard (Nov./32)
On Playing Piccolo, P. Verhoyen (Dec./32)
Warming Up, C. Ellis (Jan./32)
Shhh...Time to Play Softly, C. Ellis (Mar./40)
Embouchure Tips: for Flexibility and Endurance, C. Ellis (April/32)
Piccolo and Flute: Similarities and Differences, J. Schaub (May/32)
Perfecting Intonation on the Piccolo, R. Yost (July/40)

Freshman Fear: Acing the Transition, E. Theobald (Sept./32)
Building a Network, J. Foutch (Oct./18)
Why Compete?, C. Ramirez (Nov./16)
Tips for Preparing Video Auditions, B. Hopkins (Dec./14)
Restoring the Palmer Delux Flute, D. Wechsler (Dec./26)
One Orchestral Flutist’s Journey, M. Sparks (Jan./12)
Let’s Talk Traditional Flute: Breathing New Life into an Old Flute, L. Gilbert (Feb./12)
Teaching in Dublin, J. Maisel (Feb./28)
How to Start and Maintain An Adult Flute Ensemble, M. Hubbard (April/14)
2014 NFA Convention Preview (July/16)

Personal Prospective
Resolutions, A. Clayton, (Jan./2)
Plan B, A. Dombach (July/32)

Annual Directory of Competitions, (Nov./19)
2014 Directory of Summer Masterclasses, Camps, & Festivals (Mar./22)

Sandra Leah Seefeld (1945-2014) (April/25)

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