2014 Masterclasses by Date

2/3-7 Padding Techniques
2/7-21 Build Your Own Head!
2/10-14 Overhaul & Mechanical Techniques

3/30 Bart Feller Masterclass

4/7-11 Padding Techniques
4/11-13 Gary Schocker Flute Retreat Weekend
4/14-18 Overhaul & Mechanical Techniques
4/21-25 Build Your Own Head!

5/7-11   Atarah's Advanced French Fluting Adventure
5/20-6/2 Alba Music Festival
5/24-25 UC Santa Barbara Flute Summit
5/26-6/1 Asheville Flute Vacation
5/27-6/7 Nief Norf Summer Festival Performance Workshop
5/28-31 Panoramic Flutist Seminar

6/1-21 Sarasota Music Festival
6/3-6 Iowa Piccolo Intensive
6/6-8 Flute! Pre-College Camp Session I
6/7-10 Amy Porter's Anatomy of Sound
6/8-12 Flutes by the Sea Masterclass
6/8-13 4th Annual Texas Summer Flute Symposium
6/9-13 Asheville Chamber Music Retreat
6/9-13 Inspiration and Praise Flute Masterclass
6/9-13 Flute! Fundamentals for Teachers
6/9-13 Padding Techniques
6/9-15 2014 Baylor Flute Seminar
6/10-22 Junior Student Seminars at Rocky Ridge Music Center
6/11-15 Whole Musician Retreat
6/12-13 TCU Summer Flute Workshop
6/14-20 Interlochen Summer Flute Institute
6/15-19 Ohio State University Flute Workshop
6/15-21 St. Olaf Summer Music Camp
6/15-22 Pender Island Flute Retreat
6/15-29 University of Denver, Lamont School of Music Summer Academy
6/16-20 Dr. Cate's Flute Camp Burr Ridge
6/16-20 2014 UTSA Flute Camp
6/16-20 Overhaul & Mechanical Techniques
6/16-21 Floot Fire-Dallas Metroplex
6/17-21 Passion Flute VI
6/18-22 The Consummate Flutist
6/18-27 Play Music in Italy
6/19-22 Flute Extremes Workshop
6/19-23 Alto and Bass Flute Retreat
6/19-24 Now and Present Flute Seminar with Patricia Spencer
6/20-22 Flute! Repertoire and Performance Masterclass
6/21-28 Wildacres Flute Retreat
6/21-29 Soiva International Music Camp
6/21-7/20 Sewanee Summer Music Festival
6/21-8/4 Interlochen Arts Camp
6/22-27 Central Michigan University Summer Music Institute
6/22-27 East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute International
6/22-28 16th Annual Summer Flute Retreat
6/22-28 University of North Carolina School of the Arts Flute Institute
6/22-29 (TN) William Bennett Summer Flute Academy
6/23-27 Areon Summer Flute Institute
6/23-27 Build Your Own Head!
6/23-27 Floot Fire-Houston
6/23-27 Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class
6/24-28 Long Beach Flute Institute Summer Day Camp
6/24-28 Florida Flute Workshop
6/24-7/27 Young Artist Seminar at Rocky Ridge Music Center
6/25-30 Marina Piccinini International Summer Master Class
6/25-30 Marina Piccinini International Summer Master Class – Piccolo
6/26-29 Northeastern State University Flute Workshop
6/27-29 Flute! Pre-College Camp Session II
6/28-8/9 Bowdoin International Music Festival
6-29-7/5 Fredonia Summer Music Festival
6/29-7/5 University of North Carolina School of the Arts Flute Institute
6/29-7/6 Camilla Hoitenga Masterclass
6/30-7/7 Santa Fe Flute Immersion

7/1-3 Floot Fire-Brownsville
7/2-14 InterHarmony International Music Festival
7/4-13 ARIA International Summer Academy
7/5-6 Effective Teaching for Effective Learning
7/6-11 Flute with Keith Underwood
7/6-11 Jazz Flute  with Ali Ryerson
7/6-12 Flute Steps Summer Camp
7/6-12 University of North Carolina School of the Arts Flute Institute
7/6-19 Mpulse Flute Institute
7/7-11 20th Annual Summer Course in the Alexander Technique
7/7-11 Floot Fire-Austin
7/7-11 Flute/Baroque Flute/Recorder Workshop
7/7-11 Jonathan Snowden's High School Summer Flute Workshop
7/7-11 Padding Techniques
7/7-14 Preparing for Success
7/7-11 Summer Flute Class with Patricia Harper
7/10-12 (PA) KinderFlute Teacher Training Classes
7/10-14 Flute!in Crested Butte
7/11-19 Northern California Flute Camp
7/13-27 Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival-Flute Masterclass
7/14-18 Dr. Cate's Flute Camp Oswego
7/14-18 Floot Fire-Oklahoma City
7/14-18 Overhaul & Mechanical Techniques
7/14-26 Da Capo Paris Flute Class
7/15-27 Inter Harmony International Music Festival
7/15-18 Body Mapping Summer Course, Guildhall School of Music
7/15-20 Gary Schocker Summer Masterclass
7/15, 17, 22, 24 The Flutist as Soloist and Chamber Musician
7/15-27 Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival
7/15-27 InterHarmony International Music Festival
7/16-20 International Flute Symposium at West Virginia University
7/17-20 13th Annual New England Conservatory Summer Metropolitan Flute
7/17-21 ARIA International Summer Academy
7/17-22 3rd International Summer Student Masterclass
7/17-26 ARIA International Summer Academy
7/17-26 Flauti al Castello
7/19-23 Dublin Flute Workshop
7/19-8/8 Asian Youth Orchestra
7/20-26 Bemidji State University Summer Musicamp
7/20-26 Jim Walker's Beyond the Masterclass VII
7/20-27 Netherlands Flute Academy
7/21-25 Build Your Own Head!
7/21-25 Floot Fire-Clear Lake
7/21-26 2nd International Flute Seminar Bruges
7/21-27 Bernard Goldberg Flute Seminar on Virtuosity for the Flute
7/22-26 ARIA International Summer Academy
7/23-26 Oklahoma State University Summer Woodwind Institute
7/23-27 Cape Cod Flute Institute
7/23-27 Concordia Flute Camp
7/24-30 23rd Flute Summer Course "For the Contemporary Flutist"
7/25-27 Flute Spa & Flute Choir Retreat
7/25-8/3 25th Annual James Galway International Flute Festival
7/25-8/3 26th Forum International for Flute and Piano
7/27-8/2 Westminster Flute Camp
7/27-8/10 Marrowstone Music Festival
7/27-8/10 Lucca Chamber Music Festival
7/28-8/1 Flute Workshop (ME)
7/28-8/2 White Mountain Flute Conservatory
7/28-8/2 Rarescale Summer School
7/28-8/10 Youth & Muse Boston International Summer Music Festival
7/29 Long Beach Flute Institute Adult Flute Day
7/29-8/10 InterHarmony International Music Festival
7/30-8/3 ARIA International Summer Academy
7/30-8/5 Summer School in Italy

8/1, 2 Flute! Camp at TAMU
8/2-6 Midwest Young Artist Flute Workshop
8/2-8 ARIA International Summer Academy
8/4-6 ARIA International Summer Academy
8/9-16 Dartington International Summer School
8/10-17 Winter Harbor Music Festival
8/11-15 Flute Workshop (ME)
8/11-23 Masterclass for Flute (AU)
8/14-19 Summer Flute Workshop (CA)
8/16-24 British Isles Music Festival
8/17-22 Oxford Flute Summer School
8/17-23 International Flute Course (UK)
8/18-21 Flute! in Hawaii
8/18-23 Interlochen Adult Flute Camp Choir
8/20-24 Early Music Festival & Workshop at Rocky Ridge Music Center
8/25-29 Overhaul & Mechanical Technique

9/1-5 Build Your Own Head!
9/8-10/17 Build Your Own Flute!

January 2015
1/9-12, 2015 Chamber Music for Flute and Piano
1/16-19, 2015    Chamber Music for Flute and Harp

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