2014 Masterclasses, Camps and Festivals

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Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival-Flute Masterclass, Fairbanks, offers classes in all art disciplines including opportunities in flute. July 13-27. Masterclass professors Dorli McWayne, Domenica Fossati. [email protected], www.fsaf.org

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Areon Summer Flute Institute, Los Altos, offers a variety of classes with emphasis on chamber music performance. Tuition alone. $370, $395. June 23-27. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers Jill Heinke, Sasha Launer, Kassey Plaha. [email protected], www.areonflutes.com

Flute with Keith Underwood-Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Carmel Valley, is for advanced flutists with breakout sessions with jazz flutist Ali Ryerson. Tuition w/housing $1,050, Tuition alone $850. July 6-11. 20 participants. Keith Underwood, Ali Ryerson. [email protected], www.hiddenvalleymusic.org

Flute Steps Summer Camp, Escondido, focuses on ensembles, technique classes, solo preparation and performing in a non-competitive, nurturing environment. Tuition alone $365. Housing available with host families. July 6-12. 50 participants. Masterclass teachers Gerald Carey, Sue Gillio, Renee Tresko, Sunah Jong. [email protected],

Flutes by the Sea Masterclass, Half Moon Bay, is an intensive course with flute choir participation, business of music lectures, mock audition, concerts, flute market, meditation for performers classes, and more. Tuition alone $495, Auditors $295. June 8-12. 10 participants, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teachers Gary Schocker, Viviana Guzman. www.Viviana.org, http://www.FlutesbytheSea.com
Jazz Flute with Ali Ryerson-Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Carmel Valley, is for advanced players focusing on jazz technique and performance. Tuition w/housing $1,050, Tuition alone $850. July 6-11. 20 participants. Masterclass teacher Ali Ryerson. [email protected], www.hiddenvalleymusic.org.

JimWalker’s Beyond the Masterclass VII, Los Angeles, presents daily masterclasses focusing on student performance covering topics such as improvisation, orchestral auditions and building a career in music. Tuition $1000 with optional housing. July 20-26. 24 performers, 12 auditors. Master-class teachers Jim Walker, Catherine Ransom Karoly, Elise Shope, Richard Beene, Diana Morgan. [email protected]
gmail.com, www.beyondthemasterclass.com.

Long Beach Flute Institute Adult Flute Day, Long Beach, is for the adult amateur and recreational flutist. The day includes body mapping, warm-up and pedagogy, masterclasses, faculty recital, flute choir sightreading session, and flute choir performance. No housing available. Tuition $125. Masterclass teachers John Barcellona, Ben Smolen, Rena Urso-Trapani. [email protected], www.renaurso.com

Long Beach Flute Institute Summer Day Camp, Long Beach, is for flutists age 12-18. The week includes daily warm-up classes, body mapping, pedagogy, technique and scale classes, masterclasses, recitals, chamber music, and flute choir. No housing available. Tuition $375. June 24-28. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers John Barcellona, Renée Bhatia, Ben Smolen, Darrin Thaves, Rena Urso-Trapani. [email protected], www.renaurso.com

Northern California Flute Camp, Carmel Valley, is a one-week program for serious students ages 11-19. Curriculum includes solo performance, flute choirs, masterclasses, chamber music, electives, and seminar classes on flute-related topics. Tuition w/housing $1,350. July 11-19. 50 students. Masterclass teachers Guest Artist Paula Robison, Michelle Caimotto, Karen Johnson, Tomiko Tsai, Karen Van Dyke. [email protected], www.flutecamp.com

Summer Flute Class with Patricia Harper, Marshall, is a residential course for flute players (age 16-70) of all levels of proficiency and teachers interested in a focused week of flute study and ensemble opportunities. Tuition w/housing $1375, Tuition alone $975. July7-11. 10 students. Master-class teacher Patricia Harper. [email protected]

UC Santa Barbara Flute Summit, Santa Barbara, presents masterclasses, seminars and recitals. Tuition alone Performers $350, Auditors $275. May 24-25. 10 performers, 20 auditors. Masterclass teachers Jill Felber, Marianne Gedigian, Bradley Garner, Angeleita Floyd, Claudia Anderson, Nicole Molumby, Naomi Seidman, Shivhan Dohse, Tracy Harris. [email protected]

Whole Musician Retreat, Big Bear Lake, aims to empower each individual flutist through learning that encompasses mind, music and movement delivering a completely holistic experience which facilitates authentic self-expression through masterclasses, Yoga, Feldenkrais method, life coaching and much more. Tuition w/ housing $975, Tuition alone $475. June 11-15. Approximately 20 participants, auditors welcome. Masterclass teachers Meg Griffith, Megan Lanz, Rik Noyce, Christopher Lee, Niall O’Riordan. [email protected], www.wholemusician.net

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20th Annual Summer Course in the Alexander Technique, Boulder, will work on how to improve your movement and thinking while in activity, recover from injury, and discover new possibilities. Tuition alone $400-$350, July 7-11, July 12 (one day intensive), James Brody, Ed [email protected], http://www.colorado.edu/music/musicians-wellness-initiative/summer-alexander-technique-course-and-intensive

Alto and Bass Flute Retreat, Boulder, features duets, trio, quartets and quintets on alto and bass flute culminating in a public performance. Workshops on tone development, intonation, excerpts from the flute choir repertoire, and alternate fingerings.Tuition w/housing $455 double, $635 single. Tuition alone $275. June 19-23. 25 participants. Masterclass teacher Christine Potter. [email protected] 

Early Music Festival & Workshop at Rocky Ridge Music Center, Estes Park, focuses on the study of Renaissance and Baroque performance. Tuition w/housing $785.
Aug 20-24. 6 performers. Anna Marsh. [email protected], http://rockyridge.org

Flute! in Crested Butte, Mount Crested Butte, will focus on artistic phrase development/practice techniques/audition preparation. Tuition w/housing $695. July 10-14. 10 students. Masterclass Teacher Mary Karen Clardy. [email protected], www.mkclardy.com

Junior Student Seminars at Rocky Ridge Music Center, Estes Park, inspire students ages 10-15 through music, nature, and community with opportunities for private lessons, chamber ensembles, orchestra, choir, concerto competition, performances, hiking, horseback riding, and more.Tuition w/housing $1,800.2 sessions: June 10-22, July 29-Aug 10. 60 participants. Master-class teacher Cobus du Toit. [email protected], www.rockyridge.org

The Panoramic Flutist Seminar,
Boulder, will delve into the practice, study, and performance of our instrument with creative workshops and sessions designed to address the whole musician: body, mind, and artistry. Tuition w/housing $450-600, Tuition alone $135-155. May 28-31. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers Christina Jennings, Lisa Garner Santa, Carol Wincenc. [email protected], www.colorado.edu/music/studio/flute-studio/panoramic-flutist

University of Denver, Lamont School of Music Summer Academy, Denver, is a summer music camp for pre-college instrumentalists, singers and composers ages 14-18. The Academy provides students with a broad spectrum of music study as well as a healthy approach to all facets of the aspiring musician’s life. Tuition w/housing $1995, Tuition alone $1525 (includes two meals daily & recreation). Merit scholarships and combined merit/financial need available. June 15-29. 85 students. Master-class teachers Pamela Endsley, Paul Nagem. [email protected], www.du.edu/lamont/summeracademy

Young Artist Seminar at Rocky Ridge Music Center, Estes Park, is for high school and college flutists and offers private lessons, chamber ensembles, orchestra, concerto competition, performance classes, masterclasses, recitals, and panel discussions. Tuition w/housing $3,850, June 24-July 27. 70 performers. Masterclass teacher Claudia Anderson. [email protected], www.rockyridge.org

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Florida Flute Workshop, DeLand, is an intense, weeklong event focusing on building performance and musicianship skills including technique classes, flute choirs, small ensembles and private lessons, with additional classes in rhythm, theory and music history. Tuition w/housing $450, Tuition alone $375. June 24-28. Jean West, Lindsay Hager, Deborah Heller, Susan McQuinn, [email protected], www.stetson.edu/music-workshop

Sarasota Music Festival, Sarasota, focuses on chamber music performance with seminars, lectures, masterclasses, and orchestral concerts. Tuition w/housing $865. June 1-21. 3 participants. Masterclass teachers Leone Buyse, Thomas Robertello, Carol Wincenc. [email protected], www.sarasotamusicfestival.org

UCF Flute Boot Camp, Orlando, is a three-day intensive program designed to educate and inspire young middle and high school flutists. Pilates and Yoga, daily master-classes and individual coaching appointments provide continual and concentrated input from faculty. In addition to the daily curriculum, guest artists will give classes to the students.  Tuition alone $150. Housing (optional) is $100. June 16-18 or June 20-22. Masterclass teacher: Dr. Nora Lee Garcia-Velázquez, [email protected]www.music.ucf.edu/flute.

UCF Summer Flute and Piccolo Institute, Orlando, is a one-week intensive flute performance program for high school and middle school flutists. Each member will be placed in a flute choir, including full instrumentation (C flute, piccolo, alto, and bass flute) that will help flute students to read repertory, develop intonation, rhythm, and ensemble skills. Daily master-classes and individual coaching appointments provide continual and concentrated input from the faculty. At the end of the week, each student will take part in a final recital. Tuition alone $375. Housing (optional) is $200.  June 23-27. Masterclass teachers: Dr. Nora Lee Garcia-Velazquez, Paige Dashner Long, Ashley Mudge, [email protected],

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FLUTISSIMO!, Athens, offers private lessons, masterclasses, and performance opportunities for advanced high school, college and professional flutists. Tuition alone $450, Room and Board $125. June 22-25. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers: Nicole Esposito, Katherine, Isbill-Emeneth, Angela Jones-Reus, Carol Wincenc. [email protected], http://flutissimo.uga.edu

Flute! in Hawaii, Honolulu, will focus on artistic phrase development/practice techniques/audition preparation. Tuition w/housing $695. August 18-21. 10 students, Masterclass teachers Mary Karen Clardy, Sabrina Saiki-Mita. [email protected] global.net, www.mkclardy.com

Passion Flute VI, Boise, focuses on enhancing your individual skills through inventive workshops and masterclasses, allowing you to nurture the artist within. Develop your artistic personality through creative foundations and fundamentals, the art of practicing, morning warm-ups, repertoire development, stage presentation, flute choir, and chamber ensembles. Tuition w/housing performer $743, participant $643, auditor $543. Tuition alone performer $550, participant $450, auditor $350. June 17-21, 30 participants. Masterclass teachers Angeleita Floyd, Jill Felber, Claudia Anderson, Nicole Molumby. [email protected], http://nicolemolumby.com/about/passion-flute-vi/

16th Annual Summer Flute Retreat, Peru, is a masterclass for all ages including adults and ability levels featuring warm-ups, technique class, flute choir, and small ensembles. Tuition $323-350. Housing TBA. June 22-28. Unlimited number of students. Masterclass teachers Gerald Carey, Sue Gillio, Shanna Gutierrez, Darcie Fleming. [email protected], www.musicsuite408.com

Dr. Cate’s Flute Camp, Burr Ridge, is for flute students entering 7th-10th grades with at least one year of band experience and/or private lessons. Activities include small ensembles, flute choir, technique class, lessons, special guests and a different ethnic flute each year. Tuition $400, housing TBA. June 16-20. 30 students. Masterclass teachers Cate Hummel, Leighann Daihl, Stefanie Abderhalden, Marina Nir. [email protected], www.fluteline.com

Dr. Cate’s Flute Camp, Oswego, is for flute students entering 7th-10th grades with at least one year of band experience and/or private lessons. Activities include small ensembles, flute choir, technique class, lessons, special guests and a different ethnic flute each year. Tuition $400, housing TBA. July 14-18. 30 students. Masterclass teachers Cate Hummel, Leighann Daihl, Stefanie Abderhalden, Marina Nir. [email protected], www.fluteline.com

Midwest Young Artist Flute Workshop, Highwood, will focus on a warmup class, masterclasses, chamber music and flute choir for flutists 12-20 years old. Tuition w/housing TBA. Tuition alone $550. Aug 2-6. 25 participants. Masterclass teachers Jim Walker, Patricia George, Jonathan Keeble, Eugenia Moliner, Hideko Amano. [email protected], http://mya.org/summer/flute.php

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Iowa Piccolo Intensive, Iowa City, is designed for the serious flutist who would like to strengthen and develop his skills on the piccolo. The class will cover a wide variety of piccolo topics such as orchestral and opera excerpts, concerti, and solo repertoire. Tuition for performer $495, auditor $280. Housing $48 per night. June 3-6. Masterclass teachers Nicole Esposito, Jim Walker, Sarah Jackson. [email protected], www.iowapiccolointensive.com

Bowdoin International Music Festival - Woodwind Fellowship Program, Brunswick, is designed to provide mature, high-level players with the insight and experience necessary to pursue a performing career. Two highly accomplished players in each instrument, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn, will be provided with full tuition, room, board, and fees. Woodwind fellows will perform in quintets, mixed ensembles, as soloists; in the Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music; and in limited orchestral performances. Tuition Full Fellowship. June 28-Aug 9. 2 students. Masterclass teacher Linda Chesis. [email protected], www.bowdoinfestival.org

Flute Workshop, Lubec, provides a Maine Coast Flute Vacation with a private lesson with reserved practice time plus group and ensemble classes. Tuition w/housing $920-1270. Tuition alone $620. Aug 11-15. 6 participants. Masterclass teacher Andrea Maurer. [email protected],

Flute Workshop, Lubec, provides a Maine Coast Flute Vacation with a private lesson with reserved practice time plus group and ensemble classes. Tuition w/housing $920-1270. Tuition alone $620. July 28-Aug 1. 6 participants. Masterclass teacher Suzanne Gilchrest. [email protected],

Flute/Baroque Flute/Recorder Workshop, Lubec, provides daily private lessons, reserved practice time, group classes, and performance opportunities. Tuition w/housing $920-$1270, Tuition alone $620. July 7-11. 6 participants. Masterclass teacher Eve Friedman. [email protected], www.summerkeys.com

Winter Harbor Music Festival, Winter Harbor, is a chamber music workshop with daily coachings and lessons. Tuition w/housing $1400, Tuition alone $1000. Aug. 10-17. 10 performers, 5 auditors. Masterclass teachers Carol Wincenc, Evangeline Benedetti, Gena Raps, Deirdre McArdle. [email protected], www.winterharbormusicfestival.com
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Marina Piccinini International Summer Master Class, Baltimore, is open to flutists of all ages. The class is focused primarily on advanced to professional level flautists in different stages of their careers and studies but also embraces high school students (14 years old through 2014 high school graduates) looking to pursue a future in music, as well as serious amateurs. Each participant will perform at least three times during the week. Tuition alone $900 performers, $350 auditors. Housing $60 per night single, $35 per night double. $170 for 17 meals. June 25-30. 25 students, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teachers Marina Piccinini, Kristin Bacchiocchi-Stewart. Brook Ferguson, Laurie Sokoloff. [email protected], www.peabody.jhu.edu/piccininimc

Marina Piccinini International Master Class – Piccolo Division, Baltimore, is designed for mastering piccolo orchestra audition skills for aspiring piccoloists and for flutists wishing to sound like piccolists at auditions. Participants may also audit Marina Piccinini’s masterclasses and enjoy all additional lectures and movement classes. Tuition alone $900 performer. Housing $60 per night single, $35 per night double. $170 for 17 meals. June 25-30. 12 performers, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teacher Laurie Sokoloff. [email protected], www.peabody.jhu.edu/piccininimc

13th Annual New England Conservatory Summer Metropolitan Flute Festival Orchestra, Boston, is an intensive weekend for teachers and students at the intermediate through advanced levels concluding in a concert at NEC Jordan Hall. Tuition $240. July 17-20. 40 participants. Masterclass teacher Paige Dashner Long. [email protected], www.necmusic.edu/met-flute

ARIA International Summer Academy, South Hadley, provides three intensive 10-day boot camp sessions for intermediate and advanced students, ages 16-28. Tuition w/housing per session $1,750. Tuition alone $925 per session. July 3-14, July 16-27, July 29-Aug 9. 20 participants per session. Masterclass teachers Bonita Boyd, Alexa Still, Jonathan Keeble, Judith Mendenhall, John Thorne, Christina Jennings Keith Underwood, Linda Toote, Donna Shin. [email protected] www.ariaacademy.com

Cape Cod Flute Institute, Woods Hole, is for advanced high school, college and professional flutists. Curriculum will include standard solos and small ensembles, orchestral excerpts and extended techniques plus Venezuelan music. Tuition alone $450, participant $400, auditor $350 or $100 per day. Housing available. July 23-27. 15-20 students. Masterclass teachers Marco Granados, Stephanie Jutt, Conor Nelson, Michelle Stanley. [email protected] www.capecodfluteinstitute.com

Effective Teaching for Effective Learning, Boston, is for all dedicated teachers of the flute. Material to be covered will include posture, pitch control and nuance, methods, playing with piano, interpretation/style, competitions, auditions, flute shopping. Tuition alone $400. July 5-6. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teacher Trevor Wye. [email protected], www.trevorwyebostoncourse.com

Preparing for Success, Boston, is an 8-day intensive masterclass for flutists. Tuition w/housing: $750-950, Tuition alone $400-600.July 7-14. 16 performers, 10 participants, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teachers Trevor Wye, Linda Toote, Meghan Jacoby (teaching assistant) [email protected], www.trevorwyebostoncourse.com

Youth & Muse Boston International Summer Music Festival, Boston, offers masterclasses, workshops, chamber music coachings and private lessons. Masterclass topics include audition preparation and breathing. All students will have the opportunity to perform a concerto with an orchestra. Tuition w/housing $1750 (Concerto), $975 (Solo/Chamber Music). July 28-Aug 10. Masterclass teachers Alex Conway, Marco Granados. [email protected],

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Amy Porter’s Anatomy of Sound, Ann Arbor, presents an opportunity for adult flutists of all ages to participate in masterclasses, and join in-depth discussions about the study of flute tone, breathing and body awareness both in flute practice and in performance. Tuition alone $600. June 7-10. 15 performers. Masterclass teachers Amy Porter, Trudy Kane. [email protected] www.music.umich.edu/adultprograms

Central Michigan University Summer Music Institute: Flute Intensive, Mt. Pleasant, includes masterclasses, technique and interpretation classes, special topics, music theory, flute choir, and chamber music. Tuition w/housing $425, Tuition alone $275. June 22-27. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teacher Joanna Cowan White. [email protected], https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/CCFA/CCFASchoolofMusic/CCFASOMAbouttheSchool/SOMASNews/Pages/2013-Summer-Music-Institute.aspx

Concordia Flute Camp, Ann Arbor, is for intermediate through advanced flutists of all ages including adults featuring daily warmups, technique classes, private lessons, small ensemble coaching, flute choir, and guest speakers. Tuition alone $310, $325. Housing TBA. June 23-27. 30 participants. Masterclass teachers: Holly Clemans, Deborah R. Ash, Michele, Boulet, Ashley Smith, Jessica Peltz. [email protected],

Interlochen Adult Band Camp, Interlochen, will host 70 adults who will experience the joy of ensemble performance in a challenging, supportive, fun, and friendly environment. Tuition w/housing $500. August 4-10, 70+ performers. Masterclass teachers TBA. [email protected], http://college.interlochen.org/program/adult-band-camp

Interlochen Adult Chamber Music Camp, Interlochen, will provide a week of instruction and performances with a faculty of leading string, keyboard, and woodwind musicians. Tuition w/housing $500. August 11-17. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers TBA. [email protected], http://college.interlochen.org/program/adult-chamber-music-camp

Interlochen Adult Flute Choir Camp, Interlochen, offers a fun and instructional week for players of all instruments in the flute family. Flute choir rehearsals, repertoire-reading sessions, and collaborations with others in chamber music duos, trios, and quartets. Tuition w/housing $500. August 18-23. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teacher Jane Berkner, Robert Johnson [email protected], http://college.interlochen.org/program/flute-choir-camp

Interlochen Arts Camp,
Interlochen, provides an opportunity for young artists from around the world to learn, create and perform alongside leading artists and instructors for grades 3-12. Tuition w/housing $8,115. June 21-August4. 20 flute participants. Master-class teachers Alexa Still, Philip Dikeman, Christopher Chaffee, Jill Heyboer, Virginia Crabtree. [email protected], http://camp.interlochen.org/

Interlochen Summer Flute Institute, Interlochen, provide daily masterclasses for flutists who have completed grades 9-12 focusing on artistry, technical skills, holistic musicianship, warm-up and practice technique workshops, stretching and Pilates for flutists, flute chamber music ensembles, and performances.Tuition w/housing - $1,075. June 14-20. 20 participants. Masterclass teacher Nancy Stagnitta, Judith Mendenhall. [email protected], http://camp.interlochen.org/

MPulse Flute Institute, Ann Arbor, is a residential 2-week program on the University of Michigan Campus designed for the serious high school flutist. Instruction includes daily structured warm-ups, one private lesson per week, daily masterclasses on tone, technique, intonation, and vibrato, body awareness, performance anxiety, productive practice techniques, chamber music coaching, college preparation, flute choir, theory/musicianship classes, and individual practice time. Tuition w/housing $1820. July 6-19. 15 students. Masterclass Teacher Amy Porter. [email protected], www.music.umich.edu/mpulse

Bemidji State University Summer Musicamp, Bemidji, includes individual instrumental instruction, chamber ensembles, and large group performance experiences. In addition to performance opportunities, students will participate in classes such as music theory, electronic instruments, conducting, ear training, and music technology. Tuition w/housing: $250-$275, Tuition alone $100-125. July 20-26. 100-200 participants. Masterclass teacher Susan Nelson. [email protected], www.bemidjimusicamp.org

Soiva International Music Camp, Moorhead, is a camp for flute, violin, clarinet and piano. Students and teachers from the US and Finland collaborate together featuring private lessons, chamber music and concerts. Tuition w/housing $650. Tuition alone $450. June 21-29, 40 students, Masterclass teachers Deb Harris, Heli Talvitie. [email protected], www.finlandiafoundation.org/soiva

St. Olaf Summer Music Camp, Northfield, offers lessons, classes, rehearsals, practice, faculty recitals, student recitals and performances, and social and recreational activities for students grades 9-12. Music campers participate in band, choir and/or orchestra. Tuition w/housing $610. Additional set of two private lessons $65. June 15-21. Flute masterclass teacher Catherine Ramirez. [email protected], http://wp.stolaf.edu/conferences/summer-camps/music-camp/

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New Hampshire
White Mountain Flute Conservatory, White Mountains, is designed for serious junior and senior high school flutists. The week includes masterclasses, private lessons, flute choir and small ensembles plus beginning Baroque and Pan classes. Tuition w/housing $850. July 28-Aug 2. 10-15 performers. Judy Braude, Beverly Pugh. [email protected], www.judybraude.com

New Jersey
Westminster Flute Camp, Princeton, offers a curriculum to strengthen your flute technique, learn new solo and small-ensemble repertoire, hear faculty recitals, and gain performing experience. Tuition w/housing $875, Tuition alone $575. July 27-Aug 2. 30 Participants. Masterclass teachers Gerald Carey, Sandy Olson, Sue Gillio, Diana Charos-Reilly. [email protected], http://tinyurl.com/WestminsterFluteCamp

New Mexico
Santa Fe Flute Immersion, Santa Fe, is an intensive flute class titled “Getting Ready: Audition Preparation and Performance Skills,” with emphasis on getting rid of performance anxiety. Tuition for performers $750, auditors $400, Daily rates available. Scholarships and housing available. June 30-July 7. 12 college and young professionals and 5 high school students, and up to 100 auditors. Masterclass teachers Bart Feller, Susan Levitin, Linda Marianiello. [email protected]

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New York
Fredonia Summer Music Festival, Fredonia, features masterclasses, lessons, large ensemble and chamber music, music theory, and jazz for students grades 9-12. Tuition w/housing $730, Tuition alone $390. June 29-July 5. Masterclass teacher Susan Royal. [email protected], http://www.fredonia.edu/music/festival/

Gary Schocker Summer Masterclass,
West Park, includes Feldenkrais and yoga workshops. Tuition w/housing performers $885, auditors $645. Tuition alone performers $575, auditors $385, daily auditors $115. July 15-20, 22 performers, 4 auditors. Masterclass teacher Gary Schocker, ju[email protected], www.garyschocker.com

Gary Schocker Flute Retreat Weekend, West, includes Feldenkrais and yoga workshops.Tuition w/housing performer $375, auditor $285. Tuition along performer $255, auditor $155. April 11-13. 18 performers, 4 auditors. Masterclass teacher Gary Schocker. [email protected], www.garyschocker.com

Now and Present Flute Seminar with Patricia Spencer, Annandale-on-Hudson, offers flutists the opportunity to explore the language and expression of today's newest flute repertoire, discovering methods for “getting it,” building skills for handling extended techniques, and deepening musical understanding. Everyone plays two class performances and a closing concert. June 19-24. Tuition alone performers $400, auditors $175 or $50 per day, Room/Board $90 per day. 12 participants. Masterclass teacher Patricia Spencer. [email protected], www.patriciaspencerflute.com

The Flutist as Soloist and Chamber Musician, Brookville, is a series of four master classes in conjunction with the 33rd Annual LIU Post Chamber Music Festival. Tuition w/housing TBA, Tuition alone performers $300, auditors $200.July 15, 17, 22, 24. 12 performers, 15 auditors. Masterclass teacher Susan Deaver. [email protected], www.liu.edu/post/chambermusic 


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North Carolina
Asheville Chamber Music Retreat, Asheville, is designed for adult amateurs (woodwinds and horns), who wish to enhance their chamber music performance skills. Individuals or preformed groups age 18 or older may apply. We also have space for a limited number of pianists. Tuition w/housing $900-990. Tuition alone $450. June 9-13. 15-30 students. Faculty: Kate Steinbeck, flute; Brian Hermanson, clarinet; Rosalind Buda, bassoon; Cara Jenkins, oboe; Jennifer Merrell, horn. [email protected], www.pan-harmonia.org/chamber-music-retreat/

Asheville Flute Vacation,
Asheville, is for adult amateur flutists to focus on small ensembles, flute choir, private lessons. Housing local B&B. May 26-June 1. 12 students. Masterclass teachers Lea Kibler, Deborah Heller. [email protected], www.ashevilleflute.com

University of North Carolina School of the Arts Flute Institute, Winston-Salem, is an intense flute experience. The program of study includes warm-ups, technique classes, clinics covering how to practice, college auditions, orchestra auditions, intonation, breathing techniques, and stage presence. Tuition w/housing $1,010 per week, Tuition alone $645 per week. 3 Sessions: June 22-28, June 29-July 5, July 6-12. 15 performers, 10 auditors. Masterclass teacher Tadeu Coelho. [email protected], http://www.uncsa.edu/summersession/music.htm  

Wildacres Flute Retreat, Little Switzerland, is a course open to professional flutists, teachers, students, and amateurs with each flutist designing a course of study appropriate for his level of attainment and interests. Masterclasses are offered on solo flute literature, orchestral excerpts, technique classes, private lessons, and classes in flute repair, extended techniques, traverso playing, bodymapping, flute choir, and performing confidently, as well as daily concerts. Tuition w/housing $795-$915, Tuition alone $470-$590. June 21-28. 30 performers, 20 participants, 10 auditors. Masterclass teachers Göran Marcusson, Stephen Preston, Bradley Garner, Amara Guitry, Lea Pearson, Helen Spielman, Nora Kile, Norman Thibodeau, Nora Kile. [email protected] www.wildacresflute.com

Flute Camp at the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond,  offers individual and small group instruction, coached small ensembles, music theory/composition classes and faculty and student recitals for flutists aged 12-16. Tuition alone $125. June 16 -19. Discount with early registration. Masterclass teacher: Emily Butterfield. www.ocae.net

Flute Fire,
Oklahoma City, is dedicated to educating and inspiring young flutists. The daily schedule includes classes in breathing, tone, articulation, intonation, vibrato, practice habits, performance tips, Body Mapping, Alexander Technique, and stage presence. Tuition alone $325, July 14-18, Unlimited participants. Check web for masterclass teachers. [email protected]
flootfire.com, http://www.flootfire.com

Northeastern State University Flute Workshop, Tahlequah, is a four-day flute workshop featuring repertoire classes, techniques clinics, daily warm-ups, and flute ensembles for high school and college flutists, teachers, and amateurs. Tuition w/housing Performer $375, Auditor $250.Tuition without housing Performer $250, Auditor: $125. June 26-29. 20 performers, 10 auditors. Masterclass teachers Patricia Surman, Nicole Esposito. [email protected], www.nsufluteworkshop.com

Oklahoma State University Summer Woodwind Institute, Stillwater, is a chamber music camp and instrumental seminar that provides masterclasses, clinics, chamber music rehearsals, music theory classes, and a final recital for students in grades 8-12, who play flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone. Exceptional music students in grades 6 and 7 will be considered through an audition process. Tuition w/housing $395, Tuition alone $290. July 23-26. 20 flutists. Masterclass teacher Virginia Broffitt Kunzer. [email protected], www.woodwindinstitute.okstate.edu

Ohio State University Flute Workshop, Columbus, offers coached small ensembles, masterclasses, private lessons, theory, jazz, solo night, closing concert, and faculty recitals. Tuition w/housing $395. June 15-19. 50 participants. Masterclass teacher Katherine Borst Jones. [email protected], music.osu.edu/outreach/ysmp/flute-workshop

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Flute Extremes Workshop, Eugene, is a workshop where flutists gain experience in Baroque and modern flute styles. Recital, lesson, group classes and seminars are available. Tuition w/housing $656.50, Tuition alone $400. June 19-22. 16 students. Masterclass teachers Molly Barth and Kim Pineda. [email protected], www.fluteextremes.blogspot.com

Flute Spa & Flute Choir Retreat, Portland, is a class for flutists aged 18 through adult designed to improve your flute playing and enhance chamber music performance skills. Flute Choir Reading sessions will focus teaching and performing a variety of flute choir repertoire. Tuition alone $260. Housing available at Fairfield Inn, 6100 SW Meadows, Lake Oswego, OR, near the interchange of I-5 and Hwy 217. Registration includes a copy of The Flute Scale Book: A Path to Artistry by George & Louke. July 25-27. 25 participants. Masterclass teachers Patricia George, Phyllis Avidan Louke. [email protected] www.fabulousflute.com 

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Bart Feller Masterclass, Mansfield, will celebrate Christine Moulton’s 10th year as flute professor at Mansfield University. Tuition alone $40, Auditors Free. Unlimited participants. March 30. Masterclass teachers Bart Feller, Christine Moulton. [email protected]

The Consummate Flutist, Pittsburgh, is an inspirational week of masterclasses, lectures and workshops. Tuition Performer $525, Participant $375, Auditor. $40-70. For housing suggestions see website. June 18-22, Masterclass teachers Alberto Almarza, Jeanne Baxtresser, Soo-Kyung Park, Stephen Schultz, Jim Walker. [email protected], www.cmufluteforum.com

Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class, Philadelphia, features masterclasses, individualized instruction, flute choir. June 23-27.Tuition w/housing $1,610 performers, $1,185 participants. Tuition alone performers $1,185, participants $760. Jeffrey Khaner, Mimi Stillman. http://summerfest.curtis.edu/programs/flute-workshop/

KinderFlute Teacher Training Classes, Gibsoni, will offer instruction in teaching tone production, technique, theory, rhythm, composition and improvisation through active group classes for children ages 4 through 12. Many games and movement activities are used to maximize learning potential. Tuition with housing $825, Tuition alone $675. July 10-12. 12 participants. Masterclass teacher: Kathy [email protected], http://www.blockiflute.com/KinderFlute-Certification-Class-Deposit-and-Registration_p_51.html

Rhode Island
Flute By the Sea Masterclass, Matunuck, is a masterclass for advanced flutists. Tuition alone $500, Housing TBA. June 11-13. 12 performers. Janet Arms, Abigail Walsh. [email protected]

South Carolina
Inspiration and Praise Flute Masterclass, Greenville, is open to all flutists grade 9 and above. Traditional masterclass format taught from a Christian perspective. Tuition alone for participants $400, auditors $200. June 9-13. 16 performers, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teachers Tadeu Coelho, Irna Priore, Amanda Barrett. [email protected],

Nief Norf Summer Festival Performance Workshop, Greenville, offers a concentrated chamber music experience for winds, strings, piano and percussion. Tuition w/housing $1700. May 27-June 7. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teacher Molly Barth. [email protected], http://www.niefnorf.org/performance

East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute International, Johnson City, features classes for Suzuki teachers and students. Tuition alone Registration $85, Student $350, Teacher $480, Beginning Teacher-Training course $850. Housing Double $165 per person, Single $270, Family $360. June 22-27. Masterclass teachers Toshio Takahashi, Rebecca Paluzzi, Laurel Maurer, Wendy Stern, Joyce Bennett, Whitney Reagan. [email protected], www.etsu.edu/suzuki

Sewanee Summer Music Festival, Sewanee, is an orchestral and chamber music training program for 200 musicians ages 12 through graduate school. Daily schedule includes orchestra rehearsals, private lessons, chamber music study, concerto competition and other classes. Tuition w/housing $3950. Scholarships are available. June 21-July 20. 200 students. Masterclass teacher Patricia George. [email protected], [email protected]

William Bennett Summer Flute Academy, Clarksville, is an intensive flute course with daily masterclasses, warmup and technique classes, recitals, and supplemental classes in Body Mapping and Flute Choir. Tuition with housing: Artist $635, Performer $585, Participant $565, Auditor $535. Tuition alone: Artist $495, Performer $445, Participant $425, Auditor $395. June 22-29. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers: William Bennett, Lisa Wolynec,  Rhonda Cassano, Josephine Bossenberger. [email protected], www.apsu.edu/music

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2014 Baylor Flute Seminar, Waco, is a masterclass designed to maximize your flute playing and development for serious high school and college flutists. Tuition w/housing TBA. June 9-15. Number of students varies by category. Masterclass teachers Mark Sparks, Damarre McGill, Walfrid Kujala, Francesca Arnone. [email protected],

2014 UTSA Flute Camp, San Antonio, will feature daily sessions on tone, technique, literature, sightreading and flute ensemble playing. Open to middle and high school flutists with at least one year playing experience. Tuition w/housing $450 (high school only) Tuition alone $200. June 16-20, unlimited participants. Mariselda Cyr, Jeanne Gnecco, Kristin Hayes, Rita Linard, Megan Martin. [email protected], music.utsa.edu/

4th Annual Texas Summer Flute Symposium, Commerce, will present masterclasses, chamber music, electives, and performances. Tuition w/housing performer $523, participant $498 Tuition alone performer $325, participant $250 auditor $75 per day. June 8-13. 10 performers, 100 participants. Masterclass teachers Bonita Boyd, Demarre McGill, Elizabeth McNutt, Conor Nelson, Julee Kim Walker. [email protected], http://www.tamuc.edu/academics/colleges/humanitiesSocialSciencesArts/departments/music/fluteSymposium.aspx

Flute! Camp at TAMU, College Station, will feature classes in tone/technique/vibrato/articulation studies to develop confidence and artistry in performance. Tuition TBA. Aug 1 for middle school aged flutists. Aug 2 for High School aged flutists. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers Mary Karen Clardy, Mariana Gariazzo. [email protected], www.mkclardy.com

Floot Fire, five Texas locations, is dedicated to educating and inspiring young flutists. The daily schedule includes classes in breathing, tone, articulation, intonation, vibrato, practice habits, performance tips, Body Mapping, Alexander Technique, and stage presence. Tuition alone $325, except for Brownsville $50. Dallas Metroplex June 16-21, Houston June 23-27, Brownsville July 1-3, Austin/Round Rock July 7-11, Clear Lake July 21-25. Unlimited participants. Check web for masterclass teachers at each location. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], http://www.flootfire.com

Flute! Fundamentals for Teachers, Denton, will focus on fundamentals of tone/technique/teaching, with daily chamber music sessions to develop/reinforce concerpts. Daily schedule includes chamber music, including all members of the flute family, with a final concert by members of the class. Tuition w/housing $650, Tuition alone $250. June 9-13. 15 students. Masterclass teacher Mary Karen Clardy. [email protected], www.mkclardy.com

Flute! Pre-College Camp Session I, Denton, focuses on tone/technique/vibrato/articulation studies to develop artistry and confidence in performance. Tuition w/housing $395, Tuition alone $125. June 6-8. 15-20 students. Masterclass teachers Mary Karen Clardy, Kristyn Son. [email protected],
Flute! Pre-College Camp Session II, Denton, focuses on tone/technique/vibrato/ariticulation studies to develop artistry and confidence in performance. Tuition w/housing $395, Tuition alone $125. June 27-29. 15-20 students. Masterclass teachers Mary Karen Clardy, Jennifer Rodriguez. [email protected],

Flute! Repertoire and Performance Masterclass, Denton, will offer classes in artistic phrase development/practice techniques/audition preparation. Tuition w/housing $425, Tuition alone $150. June 20-22. 15-20 students. Masterclass teacher Mary Karen Clardy. [email protected],

Texas Christian University Summer Flute Workshop, Fort Worth, will focus on solo and orchestral repertoire plus masterclasses and flute choir. Tuition w/housing $165. Tuition alone $100. Auditors $65 per day. June 12-13. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teacher Shauna Thompson. [email protected], http://www.music.tcu.edu/smi.asp

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Build Your Own Flute!, Richmond, is a hands on class where beginning with a silver body and footjoint ready for keys, each student learns the skills necessary to build the keys for his/her own flute. Skills covered include: Soldering and brazing, filing, grinding, scraping, burnishing, filing and assembling keys, pinning, etc. The course ends at the point where each student’s flute is ready for pads. The flute becomes the property of the student. Each student receives course notes and a certificate for framing. Tuition alone $22,000, housing available. September 8-Oct17. 2 students. Masterclass teacher Jonathon Landell. [email protected], www.landellflutes.com/courses

Build Your Own Head!, Richmond. Students make a flute headjoint from beginning to end, while developing the skills of filing, sanding, scraping, burnishing, silver and lead soldering, polishing, cleaning, basic tool making, and lathe operation. Important design characteristics of the headjoint will be discussed. Students leave with a handmade silver headjoint for their flute. Each student receives a certificate for framing. Tuition alone $2600, housing available. Session dates Feb 7-21, April 21-25, June 23-27, July 21-25, Sept 1-5. 4 students. Masterclass teacher Jonathon Landell. [email protected], www.landellflutes.com/courses

Overhaul & Mechanical Techniques, Richmond. Participants learn many of the skills needed to overhaul fine flutes including removing dents and scratches, stretching worn keys, repairing solder joints, polishing and cleaning the flute, re-pinning, replacing broken springs, etc. Time will be devoted to the techniques of making special tools, operating a lathe, hardening steels, and important machine shop tips. Tuition alone $1600, housing available. Session dates Feb 10-14, April 14-18, June 16-20, July 14-18, Aug 25-29. 4 students. Masterclass teacher Jonathon Landell. [email protected], www.landellflutes.com/courses

Padding Techniques, Richmond, is a class where students are guided through the process of disassembly and reassembly procedure; pad installation and leveling; replacing corks, felts and connections; making final adjustments; and oiling the mechanism. Students should bring their own flute to pad. Tuition includes a Tune-Up Tool Kit, Pin Driver and Instruction Manual. Each student receives a certificate of excellence for framing. Tuition alone $1600, housing available. Session dates Feb 3-7, April 7-11, June 9-13, July 7-11. 4 students. Masterclass teacher Jonathon Landell. [email protected], www.landellflutes.com/

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Jonathan Snowden’s High School Summer Flute Workshop, Winchester, is designed for students 9th -12th grade looking to sharpen their flute skills in a caring and challenging environment. The week will focus on large ensemble experience with flute choir, smaller groups of chamber music, individual attention with masterclasses, student recital opportunities, music theory, and other activities that will culminate in a set of final performances. Tuition alone $450, $50 deposit, $75 for private lesson. Optional meal plan $150. Dorm room double $150, single $225. July 7-11. Unlimited participants. Masterclass teachers Jonathan Snowden, Rebecca Collaros. [email protected], www.jonathansnowden.com

Marrowstone Music Festival, Bellingham, is an orchestra and chamber music camp. Tuition TBA. July 27-Aug 10. 8 performers. Masterclass professors Jill Felber, Jeffery Zook. [email protected], marrowstone.syso.org

West Virginia
Bernard Goldberg Flute Seminar on Virtuosity for the Flute, Bethany, is a program encompassing all aspects of the baroque, classical, 19th century and contemporary flute repertoire. Tuition w/housing $850 performer, $650 auditor. July 21-27. 16 performers, 16 auditors. Bernard Goldberg, Wendell Dobbs, Laurie Glencross. [email protected], www.bernardzgoldberg.com

International Flute Symposium at West Virginia University, Morgantown, is for flutists ages 12 through adult amateur/professional. Classes and events include Body Mapping, performance through movement, competitions, flute choir, flute repair classes, daily concerts and masterclasses. Tuition alone Youth Division $190; Collegiate/Amateur/ Professional Division Workshop performers, $425; Masterclass performers, $500, Auditors, $350; Day pass auditors, $100. Housing $130 double, $285 single, Breakfast/lunch $17 per day. July 16-20, Masterclass teachers Nina Assimakopoulos, Stephanie Jutt, Alberto Almarza, Matej Grahek, Wendy Kummer. [email protected],

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Around the World
Masterclass for Flute, Salzburg, is for advanced students and professionals. Aug 11-23. Peter-Lukas Graf, [email protected], www.moz.ac.at/german/soak

2nd International Flute Seminar Bruges is designed for flutists of all ages who are professional, students, or advanced amateurs. The seminar will include masterclasses, workshops, individual lessons, flute choir, Junior Day and teacher’s training plus piccolo. Tuition w/housing €610, by day €105. Junior €50. July 21-26. Masterclass teachers Aldo Baerten, Peter Verhoyen, Robert Pot, Annemie Verhoyen.

Pender Island Flute Retreat, Poets Cove Resort and Spa, features work on body and mind awareness when performing and teaching. Tuition alone $1,545 performer, $1,339 auditor, Room/Board $600. Scholarships available. June 15-22. 14 performers, 10 auditors. Masterclass teachers William Bennett, Lorna McGhee, Gwen Klassen. [email protected], [email protected]

Summer Flute Workshop, Victoria, BC, will explore new projects, new skills, new repertoire, and new practice techniques. Tuition alone $495 Canadian. July 14-19. 20 participants. Masterclass teachers Mary C. J. Byrne, Richard Volet. [email protected], http://vcm.bc.ca/flute-academy

Asian Youth Orchestra, Hong Kong, is an intense three-week rehearsal camp with masterclasses and sectional coaching. Tuition with housing free if invited to participate. July 19-Aug 8. Aug 9-31 performance tour. 4 participants. Masterclass teacher Thomas Robertello. [email protected], http://www.asianyouthorchestra.com

Camilla Hoitenga Masterclass, Savonlinna, features masterclasses with group and individual lessons. Tuition with housing TBA. June 29 - July 6. 10 performers. Masterclass teacher Camilla Hoitenga. [email protected], [email protected], www.savonlinnankesayliopisto.net

3rd International Summer Student Masterclass, Juillac Dordogne, offers intensive masterclasses and ensemble playing for flutists aged 16 and older plus the opportunity to improve language skills. Tuition w/ housing €600, Tuition alone €400. July 17-22. 18 participants. Masterclass teachers Sam Coles, Atarah Ben-Tovim. [email protected], www.atarah.tv

Atarah’s Advanced French Fluting Adventure,
Juillac Dordogne, offers advanced flute ensembles, solo repertoire with pianist and the opportunity to explore French food and historical culture. Tuition w/housing €650. May 7-11. 14 participants. Masterclass teacher Atarah Ben-Tovim. [email protected], www.atarah.tv

Da Capo Paris Flute Class, Paris, features masterclasses and instruction with a focus on French repertoire and pedagogical heritage. Tuition w/housing $2200, Tuition without housing performers $1600, auditors $1000. July 14-26. 25 performers, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teachers Linda Chesis, April Clayton, Nicolas Duchamp. [email protected], www.dacapoalliance.org


InterHarmony International Music Festival, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Bavaria, offers the opportunity to spend up to six weeks in Europe to develop musical abilities, achieve artistic growth, and network with fellow musicians. Tuition w/housing $2650 double, $2950 single. July 29-Aug 10. 150 participants. Masterclass teachers Nicole Rabata, Krysia Tripp, Laurel Zucker. [email protected], http://www.interharmony.com/

Dublin Flute Workshop, Dublin, features masterclasses and chamber music coachings culminating in the European premiere of Elliott Schwartz’s AERIE for six flutes. Tuition w/housing €1,750, Tuition alone €700. July 19-23. 5 performers, 5 auditors. Masterclass teachers Deirdre McArdle, Elliott Schwartz. [email protected]


11th Annual Robert Aitken Masterclass and Workshop,
Treviso, will focus on sound, intonation, breathing, and tonguing. Tuition with housing $1070. July 24-31, 15 participants. Masterclass teachers: Robert Aitken, Jan Junker. [email protected], www.RobertAitkenFlutist.com

Alba Music Festival, Alba Festival Flute Choir,
Alba, will feature flute choir rehearsals and concerts. Tuition with housing $2500. May 20-June 2. Masterclass teachers: Giuseppe Nova, Karen Johnson and guest artists TBA. [email protected], amfyoungartistprogram.com

Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival, Maiori, provides an intensive training and performance program featuring masterclasses, lessons, and chamber music coachings with distinguished international faculty. Tuition w/housing - $2,650 (hotel), $2,175 (hostel), July 15-27. 6-8 participants. Masterclass teacher Nancy Stagnitta. [email protected], www.musicalstudies.com

Chamber Music for Flute and Harp, Belveglio Castle, Asti, offers a masterclass studying the interpretation of concert repertoire of the 17th-20th centuries. Tuition w/housing €270 double, Tuition alone €150. Jan 16-19, 2015. 6 participants. Masterclass teachers Marlaena Kessick, Fernanda Saravalli. www.enteconcerticastellodibelvegio.com

Chamber Music for Flute and Piano, Castelnuovo Don Bosco,Asti, offers preparation for competitions encompassing repertoire from Bach to Maderna. Tuition w/housing €270 double, Tuition alone €150. Jan 9-12, 2015. 6 participants. Masterclass teachers Marlaena Kessick, Anna Maria Cigoli. www.enteconcerticastellodibelvegio.com

First International Piccolo Summer Camp, Grado, will focus on aspects of piccolo playing and the life of a professional musician. Tuition alone 200 Euros. July 22-24. 12 participants. Masterclass teachers: Nicola Mazzanti, Matjaz Debeljak. [email protected]

Flauti al Castello,
Anghiari, Tuscany, features masterclasses, concerts, and conversations. Tuition w/housing $1750, July 17-26. 19 performers, auditors unlimited. Masterclass teachers Leone Buyse, Sergio Pallottelli. [email protected], www.sergiopallottelli.wordpress.com/flauti-al-castello/

InterHarmony International Music Festival, Arcidosso, Tuscany, offers the opportunity to spend up to six weeks in Europe to develop musical abilities, achieve artistic growth, and network with fellow musicians. Tuition w/housing $2650 double, $2950 single. July 2-14, July 15-27. 150 participants. Masterclass teachers Session: Elizabeth Buck, Patricia Creighton, Christina Guenther, Brian Luce, Session 2: Carla Copeland-Burns, Jayn Rosenfeld, Michelle Stanley, Laurel Zucker. [email protected], http://www.interharmony.com/

Lucca Chamber Music Festival (Flute and Strings), Lucca, Tuscany, is for all levels of flute playing through advanced featuring repertoire for solo, orchestral, and chamber music. Tuition alone €300 performer, €300 auditor. Room and board £300. 20 performers, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teacher Linda DiMartino Wetherill. [email protected], http://www.Counterpoint-Italy.com

Play Music in Italy, Assisi and Rome, is a week of masterclasses focusing on chamber music for flute and guitar. Tuition w/housing $1,150. Tuition alone $1150, June 18-27. Masterclass teachers Jane Berkner, Salvatore Lombardi. [email protected], www.playmusicinitaly.com

Summer School in Italy, Liguria, is for all performance levels. Tuition alone €250, Room and Board €150. July 30-Aug 5. Masterclass teacher Luba Benediktovitch. [email protected], http://www.comune.rocchettaligure.al.it

26th Forum International for Flute and Piano, Diekirch, will feature private flute lesson, chamber music, technical group lessons, yoga, flute ensemble, orchestral excerpts and concerts. Tuition w/housing €650, Tuition alone €425. July 25-Aug 3. 60students. Masterclass teachers. Carlo Jans, Sanqing Chen, Qiling Chen, Davide Formisano, Wally Hase, Gaby Pas-Van Riet, Sergej Tikhonov, Peter Verhoyen (piccolo), Alan Weiss. Daniel Blumenthal, piano. [email protected], www.forumflutepiano.com


Netherlands Flute Academy, De Steeg,near Arnhem & Amsterdam, offers a full programme, from group warm-ups, to individual lessons, masterclasses, technical clinics, workshops, ensembles, attention to physical awareness while playing and concerts, performing in the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Tuition w/housing €700, July 20-27. 27 participants. Masterclass teachers Emily Beynon, Jeroen Bron, Wieke Karsten. [email protected], www.neflac.nl

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23rd Flute Summer Course “For the Contemporary Flutist” by Wil Offermans, Malaga, features classes and performance coachings. Tuition w/housing €495. July 24–30. 18 participants. Wil Offermans. [email protected], www.flutesummercourse.com

25th Annual James Galway International Flute Festival, Weggis, includes daily warm-ups, vocal training and personal masterclasses focusing on all aspects of flute playing with emphasis on studies, recital, and concerto repertoire. The flute choir is open to all students. Evening concerts performed by international flutists, including Sir James and Lady Galway. Exhibitors. Tuition TBA, July 25-Aug. 3. 20 performers, unlimited auditors. Application deadline for participants April 30. Masterclass teachers Sir James Galway, Lady Jeanne Galway, [email protected], http://www.sirjamesgalway.com/flutefestival

United Kingdom
Body Mapping Summer Course, Guildhall School of Music London, will help the participant learn how to use self-awareness (Feldenkrais), practical anatomy (Body Mapping) and Alexander Technique to become better performers. Tuition alone £365. Housing TBA. July 15-18. 30 participants. Masterclass teachers Philippa Davies, Amy Likar, Patricia Morris, Sarah Newbold, Joseph Sanders. [email protected], http://www.gsmd.ac.uk/youth_adult_learning/music_summer_school/body_mapping/

British Isles Music Festival, Ardingly College, West Sussex, is an international chamber music and masterclass course for advanced woodwind, strings, piano, harp and voice students. Tuition w/housing £925. August 16-24. 80 participants. Masterclass teachers Susan Milan, Nina Robertson. www.bimf.co.uk

Dartington International Summer School, Totnes, Devon, features daily masterclasses and concerts for amateurs, students and professionals. Tuition w/housing TBA. Aug 9-16. 12 participants, unlimited auditors. Masterclass teacher Thomas Robertello. [email protected], http://www.dartington.org/summer-school

International Flute Course, Tonbridge, nurtures and inspires both advanced and beginner flutists with warmup classes and masterclasses. Tuition w/housing £695-755, Tuition alone £325-455, Aug17-23, Masterclass teachers Trevor Wye, Julie Wright. [email protected], www.flutesenvacances.co.uk

Oxford Flute Summer School,
Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, is an international course for flutists of all ages focusing on playing, career building and performance. Tuition w/housing £810, Tuition alone £650. Aug 17-22. 45-60 performers. Masterclass teachers Robert Winn, Katherine Kemler, Kate Hill. [email protected], www.oxford-flutes.co.uk

Rarescale Summer School,
Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire, specializes in masterclasses, individual lessons and ensemble playing opportunities with an opportunity to specialize on low flutes and collaborate with contemporary composers. Tuition w/housing £525. Tuition alone £350. July 28-Aug 2. 10 students. Masterclass teachers Carla Rees, Anne Hodgson. [email protected], www.rarescale.org.uk

Camp titles in color indicate a current or recent advertiser in one of our publications. If your summer event was omitted, please email us at [email protected] to be included in an addendum in April.

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