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Help Wanted Flute Technician. Minimum of 2-3 years of experience on the bench. Graduate in Flute Performance. Call Sherry at 970-242-9364 or email at [email protected]  (7/16)

Industry News 
Powell Flutes Joins Buffet Crampon
As of April 1 2016, Verne Q. Powell Flutes will join the Buffet Crampon family of instrument makers. There will be no change in the production or location of the Powell workshop. Stephen Wasser will continue to be involved in various projects. The new president is Francois Kloc who has been with Buffet Crampon for over 20 years. All contact information for Powell Flutes will remain the same. (9/16)

New Products
New Music Theory Program
The Royal Conservatory has launched Celebrate Theory. “The study of theory is an essential component of music education. It enhances a student's aural awareness, analytical skills, and creativity. Celebrate Theory has been carefully written to enhance those skills, enabling students of any instrument to gain a deeper understanding of the music they hear and play,” says Elaine Rusk, Vice-President, The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. The series is based on the requirements of The Royal Conservatory’s Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition to ensure student success in preparing for the examinations of The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. For information: celebratetheory.com. (10/16)

New Powell Headjoint

Verne Q. Powell Flutes has introduced a new and unique Handmade Custom Headjoint called Lumina. The headjoint is described as “acrobatic” in nature freeing the player to move smoothly between octaves and over large intervals while producing a solid, centered, sophisticated core sound. The Lumina is available in every standard combination of metals. www.powellflutes.com

Honors and Appointments

Galway Receives Honorary Doctorate
Birmingham City University named Sir James Galway Doctor of the University (DUniv) during his May 2016 UK residency. (10/16)

MUSACOR (Musicians As A Community Resource) is a new website developed by Pittsburgh Symphony violist Penny Brill. It is designed to support musicians as they develop programs addressing community concerns through music. Brill writes, “Those of us who work in and for orchestras realize the need to create programming for both large and small groups; programming that strengthens and enriches communities in areas that the community considers to be important. We can use music to address community concerns, and we can adjust how we present the music in accordance with the diversity of interests and experience of our musicians and our potential audiences.” musacor.com (10/16)

Festivals and Competitions
The Kentucky Flute Society will present a Flute Festival on March 24-25, 2017 at Campbellsville University. Troy Paolatonio will be guest artist. Check the website for information about competitions. fskentucky.org
The National Flute Association will hold 15 competitions for flutists, composers, publishers, and scholars at the convention in Minneapolis. Competitions open December 1, and the deadline for most is February 10, 2017. For more information: www.nfaonline.org (2017 Competitions page).

New Jersey Flute Society Flute Society will present a Flute fair at Montclair University on October 16 with Marco Granados as guest artist. For details: go to NJFluteSociety.org

The Flute Society of St. Louis will host its annual College Young Artist and High School Young Artists competitions on Saturday, February 11, 2017 on the campus of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Deadline: January 10. For information and requirements: flutesocietyofsaintlouis.com/flute-day

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